Interesting find on craigslist – this weeks bombings are PROOF .gov holds the keys to terrorism.

Without a doubt, we Americans need to RETHINK Diplomatic immunity which has festered it’s ugly head into our legal system. They make us criminals while letting these thugs setup camp with immunity. Follow the money being sent to our University’s and we will find the root to all terrorism, we are seeing what this is doing to those who get deals when they get busted for a serious crime, they are pushed into a corner until they commit a crime like that we just saw in Boston.

If we want to question anything, we must question politics first!



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Posted:2013-04-05, 11:02AM EDT

Re: The TRUTH: Some Entity In Our Government Responsible for 911

This site has been gaining tons of steam from the day the towers were blown up…..the government blew up the buildings!!
Here is a rap song about Bush blowing up the buildings: Immortal Technique- Bin Laden
See, the ulluminati is the top 1% of the world and control everything, they have always had control of our government and use our money, military and troops to carry out the goal of a one world order/new world order:
Here is proof: The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi . 2min15sec    The federal reserve doesn’t own gold 17min10sec   New guns and ammo 18 min           MP80S Rockets, White Teacher/Instructor 21min40sec    How Gaddafi drives around compared to our president, hanging out of the truck without fear of shooting 24min15sec    Russina, Putin talks about attacking Gaddafi 27min10sec    65 wars since the start of the UN in 1945….non democratic in Gaddafi’s eyes 29min52sec    Gaddafi was in 4 decades of rule 31min            CIA in Lybia 32min55sec    Gadaffi is fighting the NEW WORLD ORDER 33min5sec      Memo leaked about taking 7 muslim countries, March 2, 2007 42min30sec     WACO TEXAS, where the government killed babies 44min40sec    James Madison talks about the legislature should be the only one to bring war, not the way it is today 48min20sec    It has been proven that there is no democracy 51min17sec    Good Gadaffi acheived in South Africa 55min30sec    The Rothchild family are estimated to own half of the world’s money
Once you understand what is going on you have to hear this: George Carlin talks abot what is really going on in America, “The American Dream”
Want more(try to watch all 15 parts):
Some real news media:

The TRUTH is…Our government has some responsibility in the latest bombings in Boston. Who and the hell watches people like this who reside here that are not citizens, and DO NOTHING with what they are finding on social media. I hold OUR GOVERNMENT and YES, OUR NO JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR THIS!

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