Independent Tom Connors coming to Bellville October 12th 2016 @ 7:00pm

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Tom Connors2


I am proud to announce Mr. Tom Connors in his run for the U.S.Senate seat.
He is an Independent running against Rob Portman and Ted Strickland.

Please invite your family & friends to join Tom Connors this Wednesday evening,
October 12th at 7:00pm
at Darr Event Center St. Rt.13, Bellville, Ohio

Tom Connors supports:
Local Control of Education-NOT common core
Fiscal Responsibility-NOT unsustainable debt
Godly Marriage & Family-NOT their redefinition
Fair Trade-NOT imbalanced trade agreements
Limited Legal Immigration-NOT amnesty

Tom Connors is not paid off by Goldman Sachs or Monsanto.

He has been an attorney with a Canton law firm for 28years.
Mr. Connors served with the U.S. Naval Reserve, JAG Corps, retired as Commander.
He is a proud husband and father of 4 children.

Ohioans desperately need someone who will abide by & defend the Constitution.

Don’t live in Ohio any longer? Please forward to those who do and spread the word.

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