In Lucas one mother says the GPA requirement is unfair to students with learning disabilities – I tend to agree!


Parent Fights For Daughter’s Chance To Be On Homecoming Court

Monday September 16, 2013 5:31 PM
UPDATED: Monday September 16, 2013 6:40 PM
“Teague says this was not a district change but rather students from the 2011 graduating class who added the GPA requirement.

Teague says the district would never isolate certain students.

“I would hate for them to feel that way. There are so many ways to be involved here at the school. I would hate for them to think homecoming court is the end all be all,” said Teague.”

Then what’s the big huff Mr. Teague, this is what’s happening, SO CHANGE IT!
One can ONLY assume since you used the Graduated Class of 2011 as an excuse that it was something they were educated in thinking!  Time to RETHINK having a GPA on your Homecoming Court, or ANY requirements for that matter, the Class of 2011 should only choose their own requirements like any Class thereafter. Maybe if you would like to use students as a scapegoat you would like for them to vote whether you have a job or not. I for one believe kids have the same unalienable rights as adults.
Let the VOTE rule! – This MP believes in diplomacy, not excuses – DO WHAT’S RIGHT!

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