In light of the “Largest Mass Shooting” on American soil what do we know?

We know hysteria is running rampant…Question everything people BEFORE we go to WAR because of this?

We need to know MORE about these Drew Tyler’s before decisions are made. It sounds like the media wants war, didn’t we just go through this locally when a citizen was said to have planned last July’s melee that happened here that drew a military like response when a security guard fired his weapon in a building where none are to be?

I know all of this news is hard to digest, but first we need to trust in our sources! As we saw in the County Courthouse / Administration building as the media called it sided mostly with the prosecution conspiracy theory than focusing on the facts. The deception in this Country is ever growing as a way to divide the people. I am not saying we are going to solve this here, what I am saying is we can’t afford anymore knee jerk reactions like the attack in Orlando or spin on citizens here to make ill informed decisions. We are being forced to digest so much going wrong that people want war or they tank into entertainment. My personal opinion in all of this is we need to save the very foundation that is being attacked here in both situations; American Freedom, as we are seeing a call to take away guns instead of sound solutions.

What I guess I am saying is are we going to let the Drew Tyler’s of the World, “self proclaimed puppet masters” CONtrol your thoughts and emotions and drive us into rash decisions that make no sense or will we as United We Stand Americans be smart on this? First we have to identify the Drew Tyler before we can do anything about them! In the meantime we as Americans need to hold onto the TRUTH of free speech to discuss what’s going on and to keep our yarns to back it up. I believe the “hysteria” is simply about CONtrol, how ever first and foremost we must control the CONS like Drew Tyler. As we have seen locally our Drew Tyler has been silenced by what is called a fair split decision? I am yet to be CONvinced it was fair, tick tick tick – Time will tell? July 27th to be exact?

Once we find out WHO OUR DREW TYLER is, we can find out who the Drew Tyler’s are everywhere else?

DREW TYLER = MOUTHPIECE OF DECEPTION its very clear in the profile picture Drew uses, rotflmao on that!


Drew Tyler’s the haters of the TRUTH, masters of deception? Not as long as there are people to refute them, Welcome aboard! – The debate starts now!, what have you heard in this that makes no sense?

What makes NO SENSE is…the FBI knew the man had terrorist ties, yet he was not under surveillance? Secondly know the media facts we sit in wait because we can’t TRUST the media and what they are reporting? What a dilemma???

What I believe Americans need to do…Don’t go where you are #1 not heavily protected or #2 go where you can’t protect yourself. It appears these nutjobs or terrorists have a strategy, hidden agenda if you will?




How soon “the people” forget 1983?


More on Waco here! –

Drew Tyler has proclaimed he/she is a master, a David Koresh wanna be or master of David Koresh still to be determined? Now that’s rotflmao!

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