In case you missed the protest, the MP gives the needed ATTENTION to corruption in the case of Maurice King III – Read HIS flyer here!

MauriceKingIIISo much I have given him a page for ALL to comment where YOU WILL NOT BE CENSORED. Rumor has it that Maurice can’t find work? What I find odd is…He has Cassandra Mayer as counsel who is well connected and should have NO PROBLEM getting him a job somewhere in the County. After all her FIRED APA SUPERVISOR Uncle found a job as security even though he was fired by the State, so this simply amazes me if true?

I hope this is not simply a Political stunt to launch another crook into our midst, we have enough of that already! Maurice King III was passing out these flyers that I found compelling enough to read and share – MUST READ HERE!!!!!. Tell the MP your thoughts, that’s IF you don’t fear retribution. As I have seen this Attention on the Mansfield News Journal has already been flagged, cracks me up!, and we thought the News goes uncensored – lol!

Watch the Video the MNJ shared here – Maurice King III protesting 5/20/14

How ever the related story here has been REMOVED?

The saga of CORRUPTION IN RICHLAND COUNTY continues, share your thoughts here, or in the MP Group on facebook.

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