Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery to greatness! Thank you Drew Tyler and your band of fake accounts!


Yes, it is TRUE, my longtime nemesis and hater of TRUTH has created their own community of “REAL TRUTH” while simply just sharing more hate towards the Original that cant be duplicated. Just Google Mansfielders Perspective and see who comes up, yours truly! – The TRUTH is…yes they have been censored spelled correctly! There are RULES in many groups, this is NOTHING NEW! All I ask in my group is to focus on the issues and not the person, a simple concept if you ask me? Then who am I, I am not a doctor like the Allen Cline who in their group proclaims I have a psychological disorder and low self esteem? Wow! – Now that takes a special person to make such a proclamation without credentials. All I did is attempt to run for Commissioner, and this is what I get?

Dr Cline?

Dr Cline?

Dr. Clines facebook page , or is it this one? Allan Cline part time brain surgeon? – Hard to tell with what we have discovered so far in this community!

Here’s another scary thought by another fake account associate of this Community, hmm?

Izzy Bogart
Izzy BogartOnce Hillary gets in , your kind either accepts or get’ out! This is a great great country! My father fought for my rights and yours! Enjoy what he fought for! LGBTQ is a great organization that protects people that don’t have your homophobic beliefs. I love this country and it’s constitution! I believe you are old racist, bigoted and mentally unstable! Your unsolicited advise is not wanted or needed! PEACE!
Then we have the developer of this Community Drew Tyler who also hides behind a keyboard of hate and deception, and I have psychological issues? – WOW!!!!
Lets take a look at ones page here that has issues with certainty – DREW TYLER
TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS! – If I had a psychological issue or self esteem problem I would not share their perspectives of the one who keeps you informed via the ORIGINAL PERSPECTIVE. Lets take a look at their page shall we? The reason I copied and pasted is we all know full well how like the media they edit their stories to deceive their readers with less than stellar comprehensive skills, really WHY they hate this BLOG SITE, they can’t modify a thing here!

WARNING!!! – This is what happens when you speak the TRUTH, the local hide behind speaker of corruption will steal your facebook pics and post like they think their still on craigslist? Tick Tick Tick, its scary just to think when this stalker may snap? None the less unlike many others who will not speak up, THEY don’t scare me!

(2) Drew Tyler  Oddly enough you will find Dr. Cline likes this punks vitriol & hate speech?

To see what he shares with friends, send him a friend request.Request Sent.

This a post taken from ole Philly Dilly’s jokesite where he now has “doubts” as to whether or not ole Skidmark actually orchestrated the attack at the court house, which has landed his ass back in jail for not complying with orders of the court. But this is Philly’s MO, he always backpeddles with his bullshit. Here is the post to read for yourself:

Now that’s an interesting perspective that could be viewed as WHO really planned this attack being it only took 3 days to report this after the incident when NOBODY knew what in the hell just happened, including me and I was there! To say Mike Skidmore planned this is something and he just may have, to prove a point that guns CLEARLY in a building where it’s posted none are to be that this could be a dangerous situation. Not knowing IF he planned this for sure I would say in hindsight being he was well trained both in the Military and local Prison system there could be a lesson here none the less? People have noticed since the incident these same security people are now wearing uniforms with name tags displayed and no longer carrying guns the lesson has been learned and good has come from this? How ever, there is ONE PROBLEM! – What about the TRUTH in this where it CLEARLY SAYS Mike Skidmore refused to leave the building when the truth is he did without incident on that day, just as they said he was told to leave this meeting before a security guard came in and grabbed his camera as advertised which didn’t happen either! I believe there’s some misleading intel being shared among our local media to construe the public in believing something that didn’t happen. It was never proven in his trial that he planned this event without those who cam in support because what he feared would happen did, now that’s weird yet nobody in the media is questioning this with exception of those who were there? How does that look when the media was not there is believed more than those who were, maybe good reason this reporter who reported this crap has since relocated to Colorado just as anyone else who gets exposed, they leave? We can only hope their mouthpiece Drew Tyler will assume the same fate one day, cause this citizen journalist will continue the fight from a safe distance not taking the same risk Mike did to educate the people.

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It appears that ole PHilly Dilly and his band or morons are outnumbered on the Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored page. The people who comment there don’t have to worry about being blocked or sensored. Apparently ole Philly is now asking females posting on that page to meet him and show their identity. Sounds like he might be trying to move from servicing males to meeting women lol. If he does that to you…just ignore him bwhahahha

This picture speaks volumes of what a hypocrite ole Philly Dilly really is. He has the audacity to stand a salute a flag which represents freedom…and that freedom would include the freedom of speech. However, that comes with stipulations for him. If your speech is not in line with his demented way of thinking then he likes to block you from posting on his jokesite…but guess what…some things he can’t control and that makes him sooooo mad. Come on Philly….lets see you stop me bwhahahah and still ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

Drew Tyler's photo.

This is the convicted criminal Philly Dilly and he would want people to think he is stable enough to be a county commissioner. He can’t even get a real job making real money. He depends on people coming into his substandard store and spending more money than his products are worth all the while begging for a sale to make a few dollars. No wonder he wants to be in charge of the county checkbook…more than likely to pocket a few extra dollars.

Drew Tyler's photo.

This moron was trying to get 300 measly signatures so he could run in the last County Commissioner race. He couldn’t get them because people know he is nuts. He has a jokesite which nobody reads. He feels he is qualified to be a commissioner and bases it on these qualifications. 1. He is a washing machine slinger. 2. He is a convicted criminal. 3 He was kicked out of his house in Galion. 4. He has a jokesite which he says helps weed out corruption and make changes in Richland County yet all it does is give people a laugh. 5. His jokesite was hit with a cease and desist letter from the Mansfield News Journal because he was stealing their material and putting it on his jokesite as his own work…so now he is a thief too. So if this guy tells you he is qualified to do anything but dig ditches for a shit factory…don’t believe him.

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Drew Tyler's photo.

This is the result of pure inbreeding

Drew Tyler's photo.

Welcome to Mansfielders Perspective where CONspiracies are debunked and the Truth prevails. Please join us on Facebook or the blogs where serious matters do not become the norm, forgotten that is. All lives matter, Community building since 2008. Thanks for Visiting

Please visit other pages which include Politics and how they affect you in Mansfield Ohio and surrounding Cities & Villages within Richland County, Ohio.

If you really want to get a good laugh, go to this jokesite and just read the shit ole Philly Dilly puts on there. He claims to “Debunk” his so-called conspiracies, when in fact, they are simply his own distorted versions of events. He claims the “truth prevails” when in fact, the only truth he knows is his own…and it’s always wrong. He is a convicted criminal and yet thought he had what it took to be a Commissioner in Richland County….guess the fact he couldn’t even get 300 signatures on a petition showed that he is a nobody…never was and never will be.

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I see that every day I still control ole Philly Dilly life. He recently got pussy hurt when I showed him proof that he was kicked out of his house in Galion when he didn’t pay his mortgage. Now he wants to claim the sale of his home was done under frand and that even the Clerk of Courts in Crawford County are corrupt and against HIM. He always blames everyone else for his piss poor life choices including that of his alcoholic wife. Yeah, I love ROTFLMFAO as I control him day after day after day.

I see poor ole Philly cried to FB about my post because he got pussy hurt. He cries to everyone he can think of hoping I will go away….and look I’m still here. Now that is ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. Now as I own your worthless bald headed ass, get back to slinging them washing machines loser boy

Lets start this by examining the posts that Ole Philly puts on his jokesite and then the real truth can be explained. Philly likes to twist his opinions and just make no sense. Lets start here:
Tamir Rice, Timothy McGinty result eerily similar to Brian Garber case?

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Phil

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Since apparently ole Philly Dilly thinks a person doesn’t exist unless they utilize a FB account, well I will do just that. He likes to come onto this page so here is a challenge for him….ask to join this page Philly, then lets see how much control you have. Lets see how well your opinion is “refuted” as you say. My guess, you don’t have the balls.

Drew Tyler's photo.
Drew Tyler updated his profile picture.
Drew Tyler's photo.
Drew Tyler updated his profile picture.
Drew Tyler's photo.

Drew Tyler commented on Tell it like it is…

Hmmmm, I wonder who the first person was to post on the rant and rave section of Craigslist? I am guessing that it was you throwing your bullshit into another media outlet hoping to generate some more hits for your joke of a website. I have to admit I did try and find some of your blubbering, but it was gone. When I came here to this jokesite, I did read a few of them and it seems that as of late, your getting your tit in a wringer. It appears that even your fellow employees are tired of your bullshit and you have been told to stop using your work in your posts. I wonder if your bosses took the time to read your stupid posts and perhaps are now thinking a mental evaluation might be in order for you. You claim that Mr. Mayer has his friends calling your job, is there anything that goes on in life that you don’t blame him or other people for? Have you ever once accepted responsibility for anything you have done? And you have a poll on who should leave Craigslist? And do you honestly think you have the stamina or the “pull of power” that you could get anyone off of any website you wanted? Wow, is there no end to you ego. By the way, before I left, you claimed that your boytoy Byron would be out in a couple of weeks, and that was a few weeks ago. Hmmm, guess that was another prediction you had that went where you head usually is, down the toilet. So what other wonderful, breaking news have you uncovered for the world to end corruption? Do you ever get news of your own to post or do you just like copying and pasting the MNJ news and then leaving your own twisted comments. And your boyfriend TimeSup, he is probably one of the stupidest jokes ever. Does he really think anyone takes him any more serious than they do you. I bet he don’t even have room in his trailer for a copy machine he claims the AG is bringing. How bout he takes a couple of pictures of these people in his trailer to prove what he says? My guess, he is just like you, full of shit. Well, as usual, your posts and whining like a bitch leave me roflmfao. Have a nice day at your soon to end job.

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Here is what THEY don’t want you to read or know. The Craigslist ploy is over when everytime you refute…

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Drew Tyler commented on

I heard that a certain person at ABC Warehouse is going to take part of his weekly commission checks and send them to his buddy Byron so that he can keep his commissary funds full. His friend promised some kind of HUGE surprise at sentencing but apparently the only surprise ole Byron got was locked the hell up lol. You can read his claim of something huge for yourself (although he doesn’t elaborate what it is) in his own words at his webside


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2 Responses to Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery to greatness! Thank you Drew Tyler and your band of fake accounts!

  1. Phil says:

    We have a moral dilemma friends, Drew Tyler vs Allen Cline.

    One says Drew Tyler owns the philly and proclaims to be a doctor indicating Drew Tyler is a figmentation of imagination?

    How ever Drew Tyler proclaims they are very real and can do many things the average man cannot. Interesting psychological dilemma.

    One by a very real person (Allen Cline), the other being a fictitious account made by a real person hiding behind a persona to CON its readers? I believe they are one of the same while Drew Tyler says prove it?

    Now lets think about that a minute shall we?

    The IRONY??? – Drew Tyler creates a copy site the refute the truth found on mine yet cant be real and prove who they are, now who is nuts?? One who can be proven real, or one that cannot?

    You say????

  2. Phil says:

    Poor Drew Tyler and their band of fake facebook accounts are banned for speaking behind unverified accounts, awwwwe.

    You want freedom of speech like philly you say?

    Do what philly does, use a REAL ACCOUNT! I bet looking at Dr Clines 2 accounts one of them are fake too! ?????

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