I’m personally perplexed once again after reading a less than informative article on the MNJ – Why?

You can read the article here – Ontario officer to return to work after suspension This should more than suffice for what Gannett said they would consider willful copyright infringement in an e-mail they sent me for showing folks what I am responding to since I am banned (censored) from commenting on their site. Here’s the doc they served me with noted as Mansfielder Perspective to depict why I will not do what they said was in violation of terms in which I was unaware in agreement with. My guess is since their site is a tracking site there’s some kind of auto agreement? Will have to wait until I need Counsel to find out since I’m not a huge advocate of needing an Attorney regarding a Constitutional issue.

None the less, here are my concerns with this particular article in which I will thank Lou Whitmire for reporting what she could in the first place. How ever there are a few more questions here I believe as a citizen that concerns me.

1) Did the friend who was driving the Mercedes get ticketed, or since he was following behind did they wind up with a FREE PASS as well?

2) I am all in favor of second chances, but to be a repeat offender like many we already have in Richland County is a HUGE mistake, and we wonder why folks don’t learn once they have been through our no justice system? I will quote because I have been threatened legal action (I assume) for sharing what I have discord with in our local paper. Is a rap sheet like this by one who enforces these laws acceptable?

“Bartolucci’s personnel file included other disciplinary actions, including an Oct. 7 incident in which he followed in his cruiser on U.S. 30 behind a friend who was driving Bartolucci’s Mercedes rental car at speeds reaching 92 mph at 1:40 a.m.”

“Bartolucci also was disciplined in 2012 for borrowing night vision equipment from METRICH without the knowledge or permission of his supervisors, according to a report.”

“On Nov. 22, 2012, Bartolucci was deemed to be operating his cruiser in a “reckless” manner, per an investigative report, traveling at speeds reaching 106 mph on Park Avenue West while responding to a request for assistance by officer Lt. Howard Thomas near the railroad underpass. As he passed the Chambers Road intersection just east of the railroad underpass, his speed was noted at 98 mph, according to the investigation handled by Capt. Dale Myers. The report stated Bartolucci did brake and his speed decreased to 77 mph as he traveled through the intersection against a red light for Park Avenue West. “Any vehicular traffic north or southbound on Lexington-Springmill Road would have surely resulted in a high-speed crash. …” ”

What disturbs me even more, there are defenders of this behavior. Hopefully sharing this comment which is public via facebook it is not a violation of the law. I am simply quoting what I disagree with!

Tim Theodorou · Top Commenter

I love how people think that they can use this as their “get out of jail free” card. Um, no, you can not.  Please know, law enforcement is given discretion with regard to traffic laws and various others. If you want the same discretion, go take a civil service test, go to the police academy and get hired on somewhere. Check out ORC 4511.03, 4511.041, and 4511.24 regarding the exemptions for emergency vehicles. All those sections state that emergency vehicles must use “due regard.” Lets not forget that officers are trained to operate at high speeds. The general public is not. OPD, like many agencies, has policies for high speed use. The Director of Public Safety has the final say and issued his directive and final opinion. I would say your job on the hook is worse then the speeding ticket. Now, if he had been involved in a crash, the result of the investigation would likely be citation(s) and/or termination. Please folks, stop with the stupidity of “well if this officer can do it then I want to be able to get away with it.” Maybe I am just a realist and know the rules are different so they can effectively do their jobs. I abide by the rules/laws that are enacted for me to follow.”
Is this how we justify bad behavior? It appears Tim is saying you should get a FREE PASS if you are trained – “If you want the same discretion, go take a civil service test, go to the police academy and get hired somewhere” – What the hell is that? I hope Tim can come here and explain?????   My guess is he remembers the deputy who got a free pass for a justified murder because the guy was intoxicated and crossing the road when the officer sped to another officers distress call who was involved in a drunken brawl on a golf coarse that wound up killing the man intoxicated or not just crossing the road. Thank God nobody got hurt this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish someone would eventually fill us in on this thing called professional courtesy & immunity that many officers/public workers get around here. Some of us would like to know, just where are those classes that will give us this free pass too? I PERSONALLY AS A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, until now (Considered a copyright infringer) because I have a voice they want to silence because I am a reminder to those with a short memory (my guess).
I am ok with this man being put back on the force, but like many like minded citizens; we will be asking for our pass when he pulls us over. Fair is fair?, but not with the unfair justice system which depends really on who you are, or like Tim says…IF you have been trained and have joined the club?
Let the debate begin!!!!!!!!

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