I’ll respond to Anonymous from craigslist’s latest rant here since my reply was blocked?

 re: Let the TRUTH be known, I don’t play on craigslist

Again, Phil rears his head talking in the “third person” trying to make people believe he actually has someone else supporting him. You say more and more people are being driven “to the perspective” to join the fight against the real crimes…perhaps you can elaborate a bit on that. If you mean one more person then maybe…but I think your stretching it, as you always do, when you say people. Again, all anyone has to do is read one page of your website and they will see who all these people really are…they are but on person, perhaps 2, who makes posts there. And that is because they are the only two people you haven’t kicked off because everyone disagrees with you or realizes you are a nutjob. The one post about everything you say being credible is hilarious. Nothing you say is credible because it comes from a convicted criminal, who is a sociopath, and self-absorbed into thinking he is really making a change. As far as it being your 50th birthday…whoopee doo. Maybe your wife will spare some of her booze and make you a nice cake with it to celebrate. It is pretty obvious why she would drink. It must really piss you off that being the self proclaimed “top salesman” at ABC Warehouse that there are people there less than half your age who are making more money than you, who don’t have foodstamps, who haven’t been evicted or had a home foreclosed on, who have never been arrested and are in relationships that one, or both, members aren’t alcoholics. I saw in the paper today was the last day to sign up for the toy program, did you make sure and get your name in again this year? Maybe someday you will realize that you were a pussy punk in high school, your dad wasn’t captured he surrendered to avoid coming home to a gay son, and in your adult life, you are a loser. You can’t even take care of your family and depend on the government do provide for you. I reached 50 three years ago, and spent it with family and friends, not trying to make money for an employer. But hey, when you don’t have friends, and your family is ashamed of you, I guess work is the best option. If someone should bring you a cake, I hope you choke to death on it.
That’s pretty good,  now one would think you can advise who you are, you surely want people to “think” you were such a bad ass in High School? I’m curious though, IF you were the “bad ass” that you think you are, why do you hide here on craigslist?
Sincerely your nemesis,
Phil Sydnor

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