I wonder why super realtor on craigslist don’t like this WARNING and had it flagged?.

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Warning! – Realtors in this area don’t want you to know… (The truth about many of them)

Date: 2012-09-10, 8:23AM EDT
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I am not saying all realtors are sleezy money hungry thugs, but MANY of them are.

Make sure everything when buying a home is disclosed!. Just like this realtor that keeps defending them, this is IMPORTANT or what they are saying is true.

What do they mean by a typical Mansfield Mentality, does this mean you read Rotten to the Core, or what?. Many know if you don’t know a Republican or get a leg up like Obama said this is what they call you…”typical Mansfield Mentality”.

Surely EVERYONE has invested well, and has done well with their investments, after all they trusted in someone to do it for them.

Just saying…you can’t trust just anyone, ESPECIALLY REALTORS who pick and choose who wins and loses. This is what Mansfielders Know, why many are quiet, and crime runs rampant inside and out the justice system.

Like I said…IF you were so confident in your beliefs, you would one post who you are, or where you work – enough said!

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