I wonder what’s taking the Grand Jury so long?, Brian Garber was CLEARLY MURDERED!!!!!

8:15 pm announces has a gun, women safe across the street!!!!! – Parents were said to say he had a gun, yet DID tell Deputy’s they did not see it! What parents told me was he said “you won’t like what was under my shirt” – questioned each other wondering IF he could have a gun? This family didn’t own a gun, not a single firearm in the house!


8:22pm calls cops pussies, same time Zehner calls for radio silence? MNJ TIMELINE

8:23pm ambulance called?, those who defend these cops say…Problem Solved????

Seriously, what takes a Grand Jury this long to make a decision when they said on the record they took their time trying to call him out, REALLY???? It only takes one minute from the last message he makes to the time they call for an ambulance and we call this sufficient time? There was NO IMMINENT danger to anyone and they knew this, yet there are still people telling CONflicting stories on the streets who have no idea what the hell happened. I talked to the mother and father who were both there. They asked for help with their son and this is the help they get while these thugs friends stand in defense problem solved???

Sorry, but if this uncalled for act goes unpunished we are ALL doomed for what’s to come!

Post your thoughts on this process that’s taken over 8 months to this point! Surely lots of lies coming from this department that need sorted out sadly enough.

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