I wonder what Skip Frontz thinks now?

Deputy doesn’t deserve bad publicity he received

Well Mr Frontz do you think Donald Zehner deserved being thrown under the bus for 8 months because they were covering up the fact this man has killed again????? Sure the media scrutinized unfairly, ask your friend Drew Tyler, more than likely still ROTFLMAO on that one? I think you should do a follow up to this nonsense, maybe share your logic on backing now that he has KILLED again? 

There are plenty of stories or scrutiny if you will, its because the RCSO has plenty of secrets within. Like why the Gilbert Rush incident was kept a secret from the Grand Jury in the Brian Garber wrongful death? Sure you didn’t know these at the time of this old article, how ever this blogger would certainly like to know what you think now? Can’t draw a decision now, maybe read some of the scrutiny aka truth here? – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?s=Jeff+Frazier

Sure, THEY used to get away with plenty being covered up by the media, now you have a reminder or history if you will being kept by copy and paste themselves, just for those who like to forget these things that happened. With that said nearing a year and a half since your message, what do you say now? The public I know quite frankly thinks your man should not be working here, don’t like the scrutiny then LEAVE!!!! People are getting sick of “WHO’s NEXT?”


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When is the media going to stop unfairly scrutinizing local law enforcement? Specifically, Deputy Jeff Frazier. He has been the local whipping boy for quite awhile now.

If someone is arrested and files a complaint against the arresting officer, the witch hunt/investigation begins. It seems as though the media sensationalizes any complaint filed.

Where was the story when Deputy Frazier performed CPR on a heart attack victim for nearly one-half hour until paramedics arrived, saving this individual’s life? Deputy Frazier, as an officer of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, has been a diligent officer, as nearly all of our local law enforcement officers are.

Maybe we should take a look at the individual’s day-to-day work record and past accomplishments before we make the men and women who protect us out to be villains, based only on the protest of someone who has been arrested.

Just a thought.

Skip Frontz


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