I wonder what Judge Reinbold thinks of this Vet?

Remember when we were told by local media that Mike Skidmore defied Judge DeWeese’s orders? Did they not know this Judge refused himself? Not in writing for all we know, there’s no record of our Elected Judge being taken off the case to be replaced by this Judge Reinbold, who by the way came from Canton out of retirement just to hear this case, odd don’t ya think? I wonder where in our lawbooks its said we can do this without dotting i’s & crossing t’s? Must be like how a magistrate can scribble on a Judgment Entry and we call it good? Its also funny how appeal case# 2016 0080 there can be a call for destruction of materials by the State prior to appeals outcome? Can’t this be used in another suit, after all EVERYONE in that meeting can still file up to 2 years which is not until July 15th 2017.

Yes, this Judge Reinbold here said Mr Skidmore was a disgrace to the Marines to his family, so what would he say about this patriot?

Tick tick tick – The trial continues….

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