I thought the Mike Skidmore case was CLOSED?


Check Courtview yourself here – The Skidmore case IS NOT OVER?

Yesterdays hearing, Todays News buried deep…

***Judge hears Skidmore’s request for new trial or acquittal

Mansfield News Journal admits the case is not over?

***”Skidmore was transported from Allen Correctional Institution near Lima to Richland County Common Pleas Court on Friday for a hearing on the matter. Sporting a bushy beard, Skidmore gave two thumbs-up to a reporter as he was led into court by four guards.”

What we know from earlier reports after the case was supposedly over and sentence given it was found evidence was withheld from the Jury, so hell yes there should be a NEW trial, one against 3 Commissioners, the Prosecutor, and the Security guard who FIRED HIS WEAPON in a public meeting nearly killing a 15 year old boy who recorded the event. There should also be charges of Prosecutorial Misconduct in this case brought against Special Prosecutor Brad Tammaro for withholding this evidence!

It was shared with Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook , the Tell it like it is blog site, and Mansfielders Perspective website where Justice for Mike Skidmore is being proposed that there is MORE to this story than Elected Officials and OUTSIDE agencies are willing to tell, keep in mind MANY witnesses which include the 3 County Commissioners were not called to testify, maybe due to their involvement and cover up of the truth to not implicate them in racketeering and conspiracy to put this man in prison for simply being assertive at a public meeting, not disorderly as charged? As a PEER who was there along with each and everyone there from the public will surely agree Mr Skidmore was far from disorderly until provoked and attacked by this Tim Norris fella who as you see NEVER addressed Mr Skidmore or was he EVER told to leave during this discussion. This leaves the Prosecutors office as complicent as well by forwarding this lie in their media packet to start the lie as discussed on Fox 8 News.

Interesting FOCUS here…

***”Defense attorneys contend they did not receive exculpatory information, namely a notice of a pre-disciplinary conference involving security officer Tim Norris, during the discovery process.

“The issue goes to the heart and soul of our legal system,” Jaceda Blazef said.

Blazef said the defense did not get the notice until filing a second public records request.

Special Prosecutor Brad Tammaro said the notice was for a conference that never happened. He said he and law enforcement didn’t know about the notice until the public records request. – It didn’t happen Mr Prosecutor BECAUSE????? – That’s right!, because the ACCUSED resigned so his record would not be tarnished. That’s a different tune you and media played out earlier that Mr Norris retired due to injuries sustained in this fight, is that right, or is that just another lie my Drew Tyler friend?

“The prosecution did not withhold the document,” Tammaro said. – I promise as he’s CHARGED with misconduct!!!!

Blazef disagreed.”









Sorry these documents are not clear, I am looking for a copy of originals being these are poorly made screenshots. None the less this is a concern of evidence that was not shared with the Jury and had relevant in the case being Mr Norris and his BOSS aka Leitenberger is also the probation department head who Mike exercised his right to remain silent, not in defiance as this Visiting Judge proposed.

You say????


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