I stand with Karen Bloom of Mansfield – A MUST READ!!!!, especially the attached comments!

Well, the “people have spoken!”

What I fail to understand is what language they were speaking when they spoke. I, and many like-minded conservatives, were utterly dumbfounded by the election results.

There was no way Barack Hussein Obama, a president who not only hoodwinked America with Obamacare, had wasted unholy amounts of our tax dollars on cronyism paybacks, think Solyndra and whose policies were fraught with failure, would ever be re-elected.

We were gut-wrenchingly wrong. The political pundits came out of the woodwork and fatigued us to the Nth degree with their opining on the what-ifs and the wherefores.

None of it helped! They couldn’t analyze or trivialize the fact that the best man for the job, the most qualified candidate with a resume of proven expertise in business and governance, would be rejected by the American people.

How could Obama and his Chicago-style political machine manufacture the ridiculous “War on Women” and women with half a brain would buy into this? Then the reality of this political fiasco lifted the veil of incredulity and the language of greed was heard loud and clear.

It came down to the “gimmes” got up off their couches, stopped their journaling, rolled up their yoga rugs, put a stop to their lottery ticket-scratching and made a beeline to the polls to deliver a message to all of us.

“Obama’s our man and his ‘Bama Bucks’ help us keep our ducks in a row. So keep your noses to the grindstone ‘cause we still want our ‘Bama phones’ too.”

And “the beat goes on!” Well, slackers, you may have the rhythm for a while but the “Piper” will be knockin’ soon enuf for his due and your “tough-luck ticket” won’t have any punches left.

Karen R. Bloom


What they’re saying do far along with MY responses that can only be seen here…I am CENSORED from any speaking on the MNJ!



    Mary Wise · Top Commenter · Garfiel

    What an insulting letter about those of us who voted for President Obama. Could your attitude about Democrats be part of the reason you lost the election?
    Sorry Mary, but MANY of us do agree the election was flawed. We will surely pay for this!

    Joe Graham · Top Commenter · Bucyrus, Ohio 

    Bama phones? Is that tired old lie still being told? The author is apparently not aware that the cell phone program began under another president, and uses the voluntary contributions of the telephone companies to the so-called life line program to get telephones to those in need. 

    It’s private enterprise, doing that whole charity thing that we’re told will be the solution to our problems if we just let the markets fix everything for us.

    I realize that factcheck.org uses facts, those annoying things that get in the way of our dark political fantasies, but for any who would like to get informed instead of simply ranting, visit:


    It is a sad irony that the Republican party seems to be happier repeating the same half-truths that cost it this past election (and would have cost it…

    the House except for some skillful redistricting) than addressing the real reasons it lost. 

    There is a NEED for a party of opposition. There is a NEED for a party that actually represents the interests of those who believe in a smaller, well-tuned government, doing better for ALL Americans with fewer tax dollars, intruding less in our lives. The Republican Party no longer meets that need.

    “More conservative?” “More pure?” Let’s see another presidential candidate run who believes as does this letter’s author, that the majority of Americans are shifty do-nothings who sit on their rear ends waiting for hand-outs. Maybe the Republicans can climb out of their self-imposed decline by 2020? 2024? How quickly can they really get honest and learn their lesson?

    And by the way, back in 2009 I promised steak dinners to anyone who had their guns seized by Presidential Decree over the past four years. I still have mine. 🙂 It’s sad, yet somehow gratifying to get to eat alone this time. 🙂


    Hey Joe, funny how the party of knowing what’s good for us is now blaming Reagan???? – Hello!

    Jeannette Ruckman · Ohio University 

    Good letter, Karen! You tell it like it is! – I’ll second that! – “Tell it like it is” – that’s what I’m talking about, you can’t do that on the MNJ.

    Stan Montgomery · Retired Deputy Sheriff at Richland County Ohio Sheriff’s Office 

    Sorry for your loss Karen LOL – Sorry to you too Stan, you’re bennies are next when the stock market folds!

      Gregory Klang · Driver at Conway Truckload 

      She’s right. Why are you so smug about other people paying your way? Ha ha Obama won now keep paying taxes so the welfare crowd can keep being bums … ha ha so funny!!!

      Stan Montgomery · Retired Deputy Sheriff at Richland County Ohio Sheriff’s Office 

      your a bunch of sore losers and cry babies – This coming from the one who’s been accused of using an escort service – hmmm, where’s Byron?.

      Chris Wolfgang · Top Commenter · Lucas High School, Ohio 

      Spoken like a true conservative neo-racist, show me where the Obama administration is a give away deal. Stan Montgomery EARNED his retirement, no one paid his way, quite frankly those of us who are in the safety services pay a price for our service to the comminities we choose to serve. Believe me people like Stan and myself aren’t being given anything.
      Spoken as a true neo nazi, you are so right – you can not be given what you take, your time is gonna come…

      Stan Montgomery · Retired Deputy Sheriff at Richland County Ohio Sheriff’s Office 

      Thanks Chris. Birds of a feather, flock together – lol!

      Michael L. Maurer · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio 

      Chris Wolfgang: 

      No, according to Obama you or anyone else didn’t earn it or build it. The retired sheriff didn’t earn his retirement. Who paid for his car, the roads he drove on, the office he used, the uniform and badge he wore, the computer he used …… someone else helped him along the way to achieve his retirement … he didn’t earn it …. now you know how business owner feels when Obama insults them with “you didn’t build that”. You are so right, those NOT giving their so-called fair share did! – Chris is a moron!


    Becky Curtis 

    Every time I read a truly degrading public post like yours, Karen R. Bloom, I wonder who you are and what you do that makes your views and opinions so superior to others, that you feel you have not only the right but apparantley an obligation and responsibility to denigrate about 51% of the population of our country in order to set the slackers straight. Care to share your credentials? What a truly hate filled pretentious diatribe.
    Obviously one who thinks they are entitled??????

    Chris Wolfgang · Top Commenter · Lucas High School, Ohio 

    Wow what are the republicans smoking? Best man for the job!? Maybe we want the 1% to start paying their fair share in taxes. Maybe we want our jobs to stop being out sourced, and want a stable middle class. I feel sorry for the uber conservatives who are so focused on skin color and religion they would vote for a slash and burn capitalist that would destroy the middle class. 50% is fair when others get more back than they pay in?. Fair would be ABOLISHING the Tax Code & 10% across the board,

    This would fix it, and the CORRUPTION that goes with it!

    Daniel Campbell · Top Commenter · Lexington Sr. High 

    What happen Karen? Your tea get cold? No sugar for that tea? Well quit your whinning and get over it all ready! First that program which Solyndra got paid was originated by GW Bush. He also updated a federal program to include cell phones to the poor and needy…life lines! War on women created by the Democrats??? We’re not the ones who proudly declare all abortions are illegal even in case of rape or incest, nor try and deny women the right to contraceptives through insurance companies, which does not “force” anybody to go against their religous beliefs. Nor did a Democratic govenor sing bill that include “vaginal probe ultasound” that are medically unnecessary! Giving college students a break on their tuition debts, helping people become “legal” citizens and extended unemployment are “gimmes”??? Well how un-American are you to not to want to help our fellow citizens in their times of needs! And if you’re still so damn unhappy….please be like the rest of the Tea Party idiots who want to suceed and leave already. Syria would be a good place for all of you to go, see how long you last there! The far-right has attacked the working class(unions), women, the GLBT community and illegal citizens and wonder why you don’t get the votes?? Listening to the false prophets of FOX and Rush Limbaugh are what has gotten you what you have… a lost election!

    Larry Powell · Subscribe Subscribed · Top Commenter · NOW RETIRED at Self-employed 

    Another cry baby post from the clueless right. They never seem to get their facts straight. Apparently too much Fox news. The Republicans lost because of their horrible and out of touch agenda. They beat themselves with their web of lies and deceit. YOUR SIDE LOST…..GET OVER IT.
    You won’t be RETIRED long when the market crashes – GM is about to make another surprising announcement, WATCH what’s coming.

    Randy McComas · Top Commenter · Clear Fork High School 

    I read this post and the only way to describe it is, “Every time I think I have seen the most hate filled, fiction based post, one like this arrives. I think it will be a long time before this one is topped, but, alas it will be topped.

    Joseph Gorka · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University 

    What an ignorant letter !! The Editor at the NJ actually permitted this garbage to be printed. What’s MORE amazing is…some get to comment!

    Joe Graham · Top Commenter · Bucyrus, Ohio 

    I’ll gladly lend the Republican party an agenda that will trim the deficit, decrease the size of government, and defend several key conservative social issues: 


    1. Introduce legislation requiring that all future legal documents at the Federal level be written in clear, concise, modern English.

    2. Adopt a platform of auditing for excess. Contract out to a third party auditing firm, selected by an equal number of Republican and Democrat appointees, to conduct an audit of each branch, department, and agency of the Federal government. None are exempt. The goal must be to trim staffing and decrease spending by at least 25% in those departments and agencies which cannot be completely eliminated as redundant. At the same time, task the President and the Congress to through each of the Federal Departments,…

    one at a time, examining the rules and regulations of each, trimming, reqriting in accordiance with the first point, and wherever possible eliminating sections of code. 

    3. Set up the Supreme Court to rotate out, three justices per presidential term. No one stays in the Supreme Court anymore for thirty years until they croak, and each administration gets an opportunity to leave their mark on the court for at least eight years.

    3. Two term limits on all elected and appointed officials within the Federal Government.

    4. Complete auditing and rewriting of tax codes to apply equally to all citizens, again, per item one. No more loopholes, no more extraordinary taxes, AND give each taxpaying citizen the ability to contribute up to ten percent of their taxes to the government agency of their choice. You believe in more defense spending? There goes your ten percent. You believe in more spending on NASA? There ya go. You believe in spending more on social programs? Ten percent goes to them. Give the taxpayer more of a say of how their money is spent. Twenty percent may have more effect. Play with it.

    5. Continue to affirm gun rights, while respecting that certain classes of weapons do not belong in unlicensed, untrained hands. Essentially, keep the status quo.

    6. Encourage responsible and balanced energy policies. Encourage scientific research and development, in ways which fall within your moral directives.


    1. Create a clear path to citizenship for illegals residing within this country, BUT make them jump through hoops to stay here. They DID commit a crime by coming into our country illegally, BUT, they’re here. Give them a probationary period, say seven or ten years. During that seven or ten years they must respect and follow the laws of this nation, hold a job, take citizenship classes, learn English, and prove their value to this nation. If at any time they fail to meet these obligations, they’re gone. Bye. If they are deported for not fulfilling these conditions and they come back, what’s wrong with road and civil construction crews working for room and board for a few years, “free”, not sending money home, not living the good life, Joe Arpaio style. They won’t want to come back.

    2. Create a system of national service similar to those of Israel or Switzerland. Require all individuals, when they turn eighteen to enter this service system, They serve for two years, either in the military, or in a domestic service corps. Every eighteen year old undergoes basic training, followed by specialized training in their desired service (which can easily translate into a civilian job.) If they leave this service at the age of twenty they get life time medical coverage in addition to twenty thousand dollars they can put towards college, or a home. Until the age of forty they may be called back in times of emergency to serve in their trained capacity. You want a truly responsible citizenry? This is how you make one.

    3. Remind minorites of their citizenship, their rights as citizens, and encourage them to be responsible and productive. Encourage them, don’t label them. People resent being labelled. You know this well.


    1. As John Boehner said, Obamacare is the law of the land. How do you improve it? How do you make it more closely fit the scope of conservative beliefs without completely eliminating it?

    2. Pursue tort reform. This is a worthy and long-time goal of conservatives, and ultimately it is another piece of the puzzle in bringing down costs.

    3. The birth control issue is a good one. Strive for conscientious objector status for organizations whose system of belief keeps them from fully participating. Strengthen this status.


    1. Continue the current conservative course. Granular, responsive government is an issue that resonates with the people. Learn how to communicate it effectively.


    1. Reform the Federal system of marriage. I doubt if anyone would argue with me that marriage is ultimately a belief issue. Move over to a Libertarian system where the Federal government only grants civil unions and leave “marriage”, a contract before God, to be defined by churches.

    2. Clarify abortion codes, and accept the outcome. Abortion will never be completely outlawed, it can’t be — witness Ireland’s current dilemma and the death of a young woman in that country because she was denied a medically necessary abortion.

    3. Pursue prayer in schools, pursue those areas which your belief dictate, there’s nothing wrong with it, but don’t be so naive to believe that everyone will agree with you, or so thin-skinned that you sulk like a child if you don’t get your way.

    I don’t agree with everything I have written here. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I have written, but I feel these are some strong, responsible talking points. They put the Conservative movement back on the forefront as innovators, instead of seeming like Luddites at a technology convention. You can remain relevant, forward an agenda, and be more inclusive.

    The next four years will be “interesting”. Develop more of a message than just “the rest of you are screwed up” and you will remain relevant. Fail to do so, and I fear you are doomed to irrelevance.



    Sherrie Hartz · North Central State College 

    Actually, I like letters like this. The more people like Karen claim they do not lie and hold the only truth, the more I check them out. Much of the time, unfortunately, I find they don’t tell ‘the rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey use to say. They have a habit of cherry picking key phrases or paraphrasing until context is totally unrecognizable. For instance, ‘The Ten Cannots’ the Republicans attribute to Lincoln were actually written by a preacher, Wm. Boetcker. The Republicans tried to support Randian thinking by this misattribution while being ignorant (on purpose or of natural occurrence) of Lincoln’s understanding that labor was superior to capital. In his day, the largest class were families that did their own work, neither hiring nor hiring themselves out. In fact, Lincoln didn’t have much to say about those who had capital, hiring others to obtain said capital. If it wasn’t for some of the people making outrageous statements, I wouldn’t have put my nose to the ground like an old hound dog on a rabbit trail and discovered some of these things. By the way . . . during that bit of research, I found out Lincoln accepted an honorary membership of a SOCIALIST LABOR UNION!!!! Go figure . . . things the Republicans don’t want people to know. I can’t fault people like Karen. I’ve gotten a real education because of them, LOL!!!
    If you like PAUL HARVEY, then you MUST WATCH THIS!


      Becky Curtis 

      I do as you say, research when claims are made by individuals that I am not sure of. And I have learned a lot also. People like Karen force those individuals to whom the truth is important, to make the effort to seek it out. What I fault about people like Karen is the mean spirited, sense of superiority and entitlement (kinda ironic isn’t it), lack of compassion and judgments about individuals, simply because they think differently! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Joe Graham · Top Commenter · Bucyrus, Ohio 

      Agreed Becky. I have learned so much simply by being open minded to verifiable facts. I am thankful folks like Karen write the things they do, because it motivates me to find out, for myself, what’s really going on. Unfortunately very seldom have I found any solid reasoning behind their claims, but I remain open to being surprised. 🙂 

      One poster to these forums several months ago gave me some very interesting perspective on Obamacare that caused me to rethink a few of my positions, and I thanked him for it. In general though, the quality of the posts is more dogmatic than logical.

      I reflect on the adage “you can’t reason someone out of a belief they didn’t reason themselves into.”

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the posters in here! 🙂


      Sherrie Hartz · North Central State College 

      Joe Graham: 

      Interesting adage. I’ve not run across that one and will have to keep it in mind. Back to ya on the Happy Thanksgiving!


      Sherrie Hartz · North Central State College 

      Becky Curtis: 

      Use every opportunity to find out where people like Karen are coming from and remember, we are not out of the woods yet. Things can go south in a hurry. And with all the hate, fear, and some crazies wanting to make a name for themselves these days, I actually fear for the POTUS’s life (or his family’s) more so than the first time he was elected. I haven’t listened to C-Span for a couple of days, but it seems (last I heard) as if some Republicans are scurrying away in a hurry from those like Karen. I don’t no if it’s a real, heart-felt conviction of their error or another ploy to get votes. Time will tell. It amazes me as I read stories of the Great Depression. Attitudes against, for example, ‘socialist,’ unions, women’s rights, and those out of work are identical within a thread’s breadth of those of today. It’s almost like that movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ Learn from this time you’ve gone through, pay everything off including your mortgage when things get better, and save. You’ll make it through the next time. And, there will be a next time . . . if we can make it out of the woods.


    Joe Dinger · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University 

    Stop the hate, Karen, just stop the hate.

    William Trent Pancoast · Top Commenter · Writer/editor/die maker at Many and various 

    Good grief. Turn off Fox news. Good grief – WAKE UP!

    Michael L. Maurer · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio 

    The letter writer obviously set off a firestorm based on most of the posts here. But folks we do have a serious problem in our beloved country. There have been recent reports I believe from the census bureau about 100 million Americans are receiving at least one or more of the 80 federal welfare programs. That in itself is tragic. And that does NOT include SS or Medicare. Its also disturbing the federal government has 80 different welfare programs. Why? Surely the government could simply write a check to get someone out of poverty and it would save the taxpayer billions. We are no longer talking about temporary safety nets. We are now talking about a welfare state or a permanent dependency on government. Again I say this is tragic. It weakens our country when we have more takers than producers. I fully realize and agr… 

    ee with safety nets but it should be temporary and a hand up! I’m sorry but Obama’s first instinct is government hand outs and government is the solution to all our problems. The expansion of the welfare state under Obama should be a great concern to any sound thinking American. Obama’s ideology is social justice and government command and control. This is dangerous. 

    There are about 30 million local, country, state, and federal employees in this country. The last I checked total government expenditures is about 40% of the entire GDP. This drains the private sector of investment, expansion, and jobs. Joe Graham made some valid points. One of them is auditing the the billions of waste in government. Why would any American agree that another American should pay higher taxes considering the corrupt wasteful bloated immoral government spending? While many part of the country suffers Washington DC is very prosperous. Time for D.C. to clean up their act before they demand more revenues. The federal reserve has and continues to print 100’s of billions of dollars. The cruelest tax on the poor and middle class is inflation. Some of us understand the bubble will burst. The Tea Party is mocked and ridiculed but I’ll stand by their platform of smaller government, less spending, a balanced budget, cut the debt, reform entitlements, lower taxes and get back to the constitution.

    Those Obama lovers can be assured I will get mine this 4 years. I work FULL TIME and can get welfare, what’s that tell ya?????

      Joseph Gorka · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University 

      Recession is the opposite of “inflation”. We do not have both at the same time. There exists no such political party as the “tea party”. Social Security and Medicare ARE NOT “welfare programs” !! They are paid for and earned by the recipients. They are NOT “entitlements”!
      This Country is actually in a DEPRESSION, and don’t believe it’s happening!. The difference right now is…Folks are not in soup lines yet because they are waiting for their YEARLY CHRISTMAS HANDOUTS, and WHO PAYS FOR THIS?…

      That’s RIGHT! – Those who work in retail who work 40 plus  hours who are now expected to use welfare as a supplement for their shortcomings.


      Michael L. Maurer · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio 

      Joseph Gorka 

      I did not intend to indicate SS and Medicare were welfare programs. I was just trying to clarify those entitlements were not included in the 100 million. Well, whether you agree or not SS and Medicare are called entitlements.

      Recession and inflation can not happen at the same time. Were you around during the Carter years? It was called the misery index. Also despite what the government reports we are experiencing some inflation right now. Its not hyper inflation but costs are rising due to a weak dollar.

      So who said the Tea Party was a political party?


    Bill No Bull Harris · Top Commenter · Media Transport Specialist at Gannett Co., Inc. 

    Thou shalt not whine Karen – I don’t believe she’s crying; THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

    Tim Byerly · University of Cincinnati 

    Thanks ohio wonder why hostess took a dive unions. at least you will not have to fly to greece. Greece will be coming to you. We should eliminate dept of education. Eeoc, andx epa. All of failed. Dept of education. More half us stupid of enough to vote. for a harvard graduate. that.$4gallon gas is a sign of a god economy. Eeoc has completed their mission. Epa is akiller. I hope u enjoy jimmy carter part 2 with al your free stuff. Great job karen
    Hey, GOOD NEWS…Gas prices are set to fall!. Didn’t Obummer say when he took office $2.00 gas was a result of a fiscal crisis?.

    Sounds like the oil guys are smelling another one coming?.

      Sterling Dingus · Top Commenter · North Central State College 

      if you check,gas was 4 dollars a gallon in early 2008 when i was laid off from my job of 27 years.Almost lost all my pension money as well.Who was in office in early 2008.A republican.
      As an INDEPENDANT, I don’t disagree! – WE NEED TO ABOLISH BOTH PARTIES, MAYBE AMERICANS WILL GET IT RIGHT IN 2016?, IF the Mayans were wrong?????????

      Darlene Baldridge · Top Commenter 

      Tim, Hostess failed due to corporate greed, read about how, while cutting workers pay and bennefits, they gave their execs 300 percent increases! I would think you might be interested in the Department of Education.

    Joe Graham · Top Commenter · Bucyrus, Ohio 

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Sterling Dingus · Top Commenter · North Central State College 

    Karen,get over yourself.The election ended Nov 6 and the majority re-elected Obama.You’ve been watching too much Fox News with their continued vendetta against the President.If your candidate would have spent less time attacking Obama and more time telling us his forum,he might have one the election.I said i would stand behind whomever was elected because the majority spoke.Was trying to listen to Hannity the other day.Anyone that called in and supported Obama was treated rudely and hung up on.You have a right to your opinion but you do not have the right to make everyone think like you.
    You do REALIZE, OUR FOUNDERS WARNED US…We will not be destoyed from abroad, and soon 51% will take away the rights of the other 49.


    ONLY 3 WARS WERE WORTH FIGHTING…, Revolution I, Civil War, and World War II

    Joe Graham · Top Commenter · Bucyrus, Ohio 

    A lady named Judy from Mount Vernon posted in here, and then removed her comment about a friend’s insurance costs rising to eight hundred dollars a month. Judy, I would like to hear more about your friend’s story. It’s important to get real stories like this out in the open.
    I have a story, it’s gonna be how I will sue U.S. Bank for saying they foreclosed on my home after Bankruptcy so they could recieve BAILOUT money!

    Hmmm?, they couldn’t work with me, but they could sell my $120,000 home via on-line auction for $27,000 so they could show a loss?.




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