I simply love the BIGOTS in Mansfield – Why?

They have you “flagged” when they disagree with you!

This happened on the Mansfield News Journal site, now on craigslist.

Where does it end you say? – It ends on Mansfielders perspective where YOU’RE comments are NOT REMOVED, if I disagree with you, I will say so, not delete or by calling you names…This is NOT the United States I know.

Here’s a few more they flagged – lol!    (Politics)

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What kills them the most (1 Mayer down)

Date: 2012-07-20, 8:47AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

He’s accomplished 3 feats that are nearly impossible for just anyone; 1 – losing a State position permanently; 2 – Putting a Judge with immunity into a Federal Lawsuit that the Supreme Court is not allowing immunity for his part in the racketeering harassment case started against YOU; 3 – Got away with a DUI, stalking, and harassing your ex-wife and HER child – things any what you call “Normal” people would have been arrested for. Now you’re doing it here? – that takes b@llz.

I hope he doesn’t get confused now being a Mall cop by wearing his Court Services jacket, you know…the one he stole and did not return?. These are for honorable court services people. Speaking of smear campaigns, hows your buddy Campaign who was fired for having sex with inmates, is this one of your friends speaking on your behalf here” – IF he’s caught using a computer, he’s TOAST!. WEARING THIS JACKET IS MONEY FOR ANYONE WHO REPORTS IT! -” IMPERSONATING AN OFFICER WILL BE THE OFFENSE”.

I see you’ve already forgotten about my TWO TIME CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER friend who took your ex-wife after the Supreme Court agreed that you and DeWeese over stepped your bounds.

I do really feel bad for this man, but when you mess with the BULL, you get the HORNS! – Before you share your bullshit lies again without a name attached against me, I will post the TRUTH with mine!. Please come back with where I work, and we’ll see who can track who! – word has it local law enforcement wants their MISSING GPS’s, which I’m willing to bet you have one, I heard this is how you STALKED your EX!. How do I know this?, keep guessing on WHO I KNOW!.

This so-called lauging stock copy & paste website was created for those who cannot refute the BS in our local paper, nothing more, nothing less!.

The REASON they will NEVER stop what I do!, they know first they will have to EXPOSE who’s writing the crap about me too! – Politically THEY won’t do that, that’s why they call my rants smear campaigns. Funny part is…how can this be a smear campaign when they won’t tell us who they are, are they saying John might be running for his dream of Mayor of Mansfield soon?. I think he would make a great fit, we just had a janitor who did nothing, so why not a mall cop?. Certainly this is better than having someone who’s good at SELLING, it’s better in their eyes to oppress!. I hope those whom he protects (Those in retail sales) as Mall Cop are seeing his rants that he’s better than them too?. He and his friends belittle others, and expect no comebacks! – Sorry punks, I don’t play that way – keep flagging!!!! – I’m ready for your 24/7 threat of posting your lies and where I work. You can find the flagged craigslists here! – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/bloglocalpolitics.html


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mansfield craigslist > personals > rants & raves

Only if we had a real local news agency? (MANSFIELD!)

Date: 2012-07-20, 9:56AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

They would share the discoveries in those they protect, and not just those that are made up that are posted on people BEFORE they have their day in Court!

and people wonder why there’s so many deals being made in this town and criminals rarely go to trial?.

Why is it THEY would rather silence those who oppose them through intimidation on here and flagging the posts without a refute?. Please explain to the good people of Mansfield why you rather flag a post than answer with a logical response?. Instead you call the rants a smear campaign when I ask the questions that need answered, and then post the most absurd “poppycock” in their words to deflect the TRUTH!.

My question is…are they ready for getting the National attention this so deserves?. THEY say this behavior (Corruption) is happening in most Cities and is a necessary evil, and THEY are right!. What we are ALSO seeing is…these Cities are going BANKRUPT because of it.

How will THEY handle this when MORE funding is cut off, and “the people” REJECT any more tax increases that have NOTHING to do with growing a successful tax base?, instead this is just so THEY can keep what they have while taking more from less as people continue to LEAVE!.



These people say it was necessary to outsource the jobs in which people could earn a living!, and think on the same hand why folks can no longer support them and their entitlements. They have legalized gambling they said so they wouldn’t have to RAISE TAXES, and now they’re doing just that?

Why? – because MOST of the people who are working now are not making enough and need assistance! – Thank you oppressors, it’s a job WELL DONE!

It’s time to make CUTS, Obama can’t keep printing money OUR CHILDREN will NEVER pay back.

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mansfield craigslist > community > politics

They call this a smear campaign! (Who started the smear?)

Date: 2012-07-20, 10:18AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

It’s funny how they call this a smear campaign when it’s the TRUTH unfolding before their eyes!, the smear campaign is that against a PRIVATE CITIZEN who’s tired of their crap!.

Have to ever wondered why they stay anonymous? – IT IS POLITICAL, and why I’m sharing what they don’t want you to see here! – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=459

I’m not running for office, therefor why THEY hide to keep from being sued for slander, defamation, intimidation, and harassment of a PRIVATE CITIZEN!

There’s a reason why I share truth, this disgruntled fired State worker keeps surfacing with the aid of local news ONLY sharing their side of the story while oppressing anyone who opposes it!

He wants it to STOP?, give up on trying to get back into the unjust justice system! – There WILL BE more following you when this is over, it’s time for this mentality of professional courtesy & immunity to harass the public to end – PERIOD!.

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mansfield craigslist > personals > rants & raves

Nahhh, this isn’t slander (Only in Mansfield)

Date: 2012-07-20, 11:18AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Anthony Phil Sydnor

He is a violent offender…. and so are his friends who have felony police records also.

That’s why his record says he was convicted of disorderly conduct (once), and his only friend with a felony record is sueing their arses to oblivion – (the TRUTH in why they need to raise your taxes) – many are sueing, and why they will hide here posting until we have a noble officer who opposes this behavior stops them on their own.

They want Phil’s website taken down – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/ , and they are trying to force where he works to silence him. Neither will happen, Thanks to the Constitution of the United States & Ohio Law – http://www.cosi.org/downloads/employment/equal-employment-opportunity-ohio.pdf

The refutes to their lies will not go away until they do, take that to the bank!. Do they want this going into November when the ONLY protection they have is up for re-election?. (BOTH of which may get removed!, even though they’re running un-opposed)

I suspect if Phil was doing anything illegal by giving out public information the local media fails to share, he would have been shut down by now?

I agree with the poster who said…
To the person posting about PHIL SYDNOR READ THIS (mansfield)

You need to understand the things you are saying about phil sydnor you are breaking the law by posting these things about him i don’t even know the man but i do know that he can sue you for slander and also sue you for defamation of charchter also you can be arrested for harrassment i would advise you to stop now or you might end up going to court or even worse be arrested

I say either heed the warning, or share what he’s shared that’s wrong? – Simply flagging and telling folks things that are not exactly true without refuting his rants really is not helping your cause. Surely you don’t want the media attention if any of this reaches litigation, so I would call truce and not ask for anymore attention than you have already given yourselves. Folks are watching, and recording every word in wait for the fallout.

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