I love Mansfield Facebook page promotes community pride, but if you have a group they hate you cannot join theirs. The MP Group on the other hand wants to build community by discussing the issues building on the past, not just living in it!

This will in their minds be considered a negative blog when in reality the negativity actually lives with those living in the past rather than building on it.

I love Mansfield group vs Mansfielders Perspective is like Richland Source vs Mansfield News Journal, negativity is ALL in the perspective and how you DEAL with it! Sure, I don’t like negativity either, that’s why my group focuses on it! Maybe then the negativity would leave Mansfield and not the good people who can make it better? Has anyone had that thought? Fix the negative, PROBLEM solved, living in the past does what? – Comment below, I am sure their Drew Tyler will? He/she is real positive? (Sarcasm)


I love Mansfield Facebook page promotes community pride

“This page is dedicated to those who live or are from the Mansfield area,” theĀ description reads. “If you still love this old town then this is the page for you. Where you can share memories, brag a little about it and just fellowship with fellow lovers of our town! We can also dream and plan on how we can continue to make this the best place in Ohio!”

Members post anything from current events, to blasts from the past.

“One of the things I try to do on that page is post positive things,” Stacy said. “Some people want to put negative things and I don’t want that for this page. Our town gets enough negative publicity, so we need to shine a positive light on our town.”

Plus, the page serves as a great way to keep memories alive.

Oddly enough the I Love Mansfield group has changed its name to I Love EVERYTHING about Mansfield? Interesting!

I love Mansfield page is fairly new and looks to be much different than the group, more like promoting of business than anything new?

The Mansfielders Perspective keeps memories alive as well, yes they are a sad reminder of what’s wrong here, but that’s the way it is? This blog site has many memories of what’s wrong, yes quite the opposite of using rainbows & unicorns as a distraction to fixing Mansfields CONtrol issues.

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