I hope those saying the killing in Lex is justified are questioned?

Drugs, Alcohol, and yet another one DEAD, Oh My!

What we need to ask is why this always centers around Mansfield and all it’s protected elected officials who are NOT being held accountable?

Steve Sheldon


Once again we have a DISCONNECTED SHERIFF who knows NOTHING? In light of what appears to many as being a murder that stems from what many know a young man who was crying out for help is now getting consideration as problem solved?

What the HELL is that? After reading the latest POPPYCOCK in the MNJ there are even MORE questions that need asked or answered.

First off, who are these people, and what do they know that could have prevented this? Is there no help for people with a disease in this County? – Appears NO!

Here’s who I would question first!


Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

and all the people who defended him, in the last article, whats the excuse now? He was so great, blah, blah blah, guess you think assaulting ones wife more than once is getting ones life in order. Problem solved Peggy, why don’t you wait until ALL the information is shared? There are things that happened that led up to this that are being left out for the most part so far. Like the wife flushing this mans meds he needed for his disorder, I hope she’s held responsible for doing this! Surely had something to do with it, surely his having a gun and texting he too has a gun now appears he felt threatened by something as well. I hope and pray for a resolution that works for everyone, I too agree these cops should be wearing video, in which by the way the TAX PAYERS I thought had already purchased? The question is, in light of all the cops in the news killing people why if these guys were smart why they wouldn’t protect themselves with it? 

I find it VERY DISTURBING we have a coroner investigator investigating who is know for forging documents. Lets see what the executive branch says about all this?, to me reading some of these comments and what I know, this was a HIT with those saying PROBLEM SOLVED???

  • Phil Nichols · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    What a bunch of hillbilly drama. Guess he won’t be shooting off his mouth anymore – because the deputies silenced him permanently. And look how much money his wife will save by not having to file for divorce now. Cue the banjo music !!!  Did you ever think his wife had any in the first place and this was her way of getting his families? Did you ever think NOT KNOWING she flushed his meds earlier in the day that this may have been her VINDICTIVE way to trigger this behavior? Maybe instead of questioning a dead man who can’t tell his story that we ask the wife what SHE DID to trigger this? You know, the guy is always the bad guy, right? Screw off Mr Nichols, you’re an ASS!
    Maybe I can spout off for the dead man, what you gonna do to me? – run yours on craigslist? People like you don’t think the truth will prevail, leaves me ROTFLMAO!
    My name is Phil Sydnor, got issues with calling you out? Maybe if you try you can find out where I live or where I work and make a deal out of it? The day of reckoning is here, MP STYLE!
    What others are saying!
    • Dave Renner · Mansfield Senior High School

      News Journal stop this bashing of these three deputies, I know all three and they are dedicated and would have done everything possible to avoid what happened. Not only are the officers suffering by these comments so are there families including innocent children. Oh wait what about the parents who lost there child. If you allow this to continue this is PATHETIC. Please stop the comments.
    • Cory Archer · Works at Back’s Roofing and Construction

      Personally I think that these anti-law comments are ignorant and irresponsible. Ok, the story read the suspect “might have been armed”, not one of you were there to know for sure and are so quick to blame the officer involved. Mr. Mills those links you posted are incidents that do unfortunately happen, but should not be generalized for every law enforcement officer. These men & women put on a uniform everyday and have to make split-second life changing choices everyday. If the shoe was on the other foot and you needed protected would you be so quick to make such accusations? Let’s see how this story plays out before coming up with conspiracy theories.
      • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

        Remember, Cory, EVERY law enforcement officer makes their living from money forcibly taken from taxpayers, whether the taxpayer agrees with the tax or not. If anyone else did that, it would be called robbery. When cops do it, it is not. Why the double standard?

        That aside, there are SO MANY stories of cop abuse out there (here’s another: Girl Calls 911 to Get Medical Assistance for Boyfriend, Cops Show Up, Break His Face and Taser Him. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/1lIXoAb ) unless one is in total denial, one must note that a “good” cop would be arresting these “bad” cops, but those stories are almost non-existent compared to the abuse stories. Where ARE the “good” cops? Are they too cowardly to cross the thin blue line?

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        · 11 hours ago

    • Keshia Allen · Hair Stylist at Great Clips

      And I completely understand that deputies were doing their job, but,as someone said.. Wait to see if there was wrong doing on either side before pointing fingers in any direction. Please just let the members of my family grieve and please keep nasty, negative comments to yourselves
    • Keshia Allen · Hair Stylist at Great Clips

      Ok. This was my family! For those of you who know NOTHING about my family please don’t bother to comment! He had some issues, yes, but he was not an all around bad guy! People judge others entirely to quickly and they need to sit back and think about how their stupid childish comments are going to affect the family who is feeling with this!! He was too young to die. He should not have had a gun I understand that. The officers were doing their job, but this is something unfortunate that happened! Please keep comments to yourself if you only have bad things to say!
    • Kathy Walker Mack · Lexington High School

      So sad for all involved
    • Alyssa Long · Host at Red Lobster

      You know I want to be the first to say that no one has any right to bash the officer. The RCSO has been my second family for 15 years and I can’t express enough how much I am worried about the deputy. You guys act as if the deputy woke up that morning and said to themselves “I am going to shoot and kill someone today” WRONG! That is ridiculous to even think. Also to think that “cops” kill people because they can get away with it?? No one wants to shoot and kill anybody. They became officers to serve and protect. NOT serve and kill. To many people are on the outside looking in on these officers. I’ve been on the inside looking out. I know their families and friends. My condolences to the family for their loss. No one deserves to lose their life, but he made his bed, he needs to lay it. You don’t lay your hands on your mother and wife. What if the story said he beat his kids and had his kids trapped in the room with a gun, no one would have been mad then that he was shot and killed. Today’s society is ridiculous. Don’t ridicule someone you expect to keep you safe in this world.
      • Dave Renner · Mansfield Senior High School

        The ones on here condemning these deputies, would be the first to be degrading these deputies for not being at there door to protect them. Just do not get how anyone can complain on here until they know the truth. I feel very sorry for the family but they do not need to be subjected to all this negative comments either way. They lost a son!!!!!!
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        · 16 hours ago

      • Ronda Lin Altstadt

        AMEN!!! Thoughts and prayers to the Officers involved as well as the family of the suspect. No one stops to think about what Officers deal with after an event like this!! none of them WANT to kill someone, but they ALL want to go home at the end of their shift!! All of the cop-haters are gonna hate not matter what, the guy could have shot at the officers and the haters would still blame the officers. Fact of the matter, these guys (and/or gals) will now have to deal with this the rest of their lives….. they will no doubt question themselves with all the “what ifs” and such, but they did what they had to do to go home at the end of their shift. End of story.
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        · 16 hours ago

      • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

        It sounds like you are not familiar with the Kelly Thomas video (warning, graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6yaeD-E_MY ) or the Luis Rodriguez video (warning, graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTKrYEX-9Fs ). Take a moment to watch these videos. Kelly Thomas was a harmless homeless man who was brutally beaten to death after a cop told Kelly that he was about to do it.) Luis was just a bystander, not involved in the call, and he was brutally beaten to death. Wake up, please. Cops are not even bound to protect anyone, according to several court rulings.
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        · 15 hours ago

    • Trevor Utt · Works at Alltel Wireless

      This story is not written by the people invlolved so when they say might…it’s not because the officer didn’t know he was armed…it’s because the writer doesn’t know all the facts and therefore can not say something for a fact. The man could have shot at the officers…doesn’t mean the writer of the story knows that.. or has actual facts and has to be careful how things are worded to get the story out quickly
    • Diane Linda Putney

    • Kathy Auflick · Mansfield Senior

      I just love to see how quickly people can judge someone before they know the full story….read the whole story as to why they were called there in the first place. He assaulted his own mother for gods sake. What kind of man does this? If he can abuse his own mother & his wife, then what’s a police officer supposed to think he will do to them? Don’t point any fingers here until you know the full facts is all I’m saying because it’s worthless!!!
    • John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

      No witnesses in the room pretty much know the out come …cops know they can pretty much do anything they want and nothing is going to happen. They are the LAW..they investigate themselves,,.and everybody is going to back them up ..we don’t know the whole story..If he was armed and pointed it at an officer he had to know what was going to happen ..but if he was un armed deputies should pay just like anyone else ..but rarely do…I don’t under stand why the cops when they shoot some one it always has to be a kill shot or empty their weapon into a person.He might have been armed!
      • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

        John, IF he was pointing a gun at the deputies, they can only assume that he intends to kill them and they then have every right to stop the threat, and the threat is not stopped by shooting the guy in the foot. The threat is stopped when the guy is no longer able to shoot them.

        The thing is, this story says that he MIGHT have been armed (and he might not have been). Maybe, maybe not. Anyone who thinks these cops are above planting a gun on him after the fact to keep from getting in trouble is very naive. If he wasn’t, the deputies SHOULD be charged in his death, lose their jobs, pay the family from their personal savings/retirement/assets, and serve time in prison like anyone else would.

        That a fellow local law enforcement officer is leading the investigation is VERY troubling. That there is not an objective witness (i.e. video, when other people are not present) is also VERY troubling, given the HUGE incentive for the people involved to fabricate a story that puts themselves in a favorable light.

        In my opinion, ALL of these cops should be required to wear shoulder-mounted video cams, as these have: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=44427 . What they found, is that after the cops were required to wear the cams, the use of force dropped by over 2/3 !!!!!! What does that say about how cops do their jobs when they think the public won’t know what they are actually doing???

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        · 16 hours ago

    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      MIGHT have been? So the deputies MIGHT have shot an unarmed man? They don’t know??? The deputy MIGHT have just murdered an unarmed man in cold blood? The standard for shooting is now, “he MIGHT have been armed”??? And the investigator is from the same community as the leos who did the shooting? Gee, I can’t see ANY problem with that, after all, the thin blue line would NEVER cross departments. Anyone want to bet the deputies will be found not guilty of any wrongdoing?

      Any time you call the cops, there is a significant chance that someone they see will die. The father, Matthew Garber is lucky they didn’t target him, kind of like in this recent story: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/horror-five-cops-beat-innocent-unarmed-father-death-outside-cinemas

      • Stephanie Potts Hart · LPN for Charles H. Shaw, M.D. at Avita Health System

        Wait for the story before you blow a gasket my anti- law enforcement pal!
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        · 16 hours ago

      • Dave Renner · Mansfield Senior High School

        This guy would be the first to call the police and demand that he was protected. The comment is PATHETIC. Not one of us knows what happen and thank god for those guys that put that uniform on everyday are safe. It is found that there was wrong doing then came back on and talk your crap. Thank god for all the men in Blue.
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        · 16 hours ago

      • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

        Stephanie Potts Hart , I actually was commenting on WHAT WAS reported. See also my comment below John Hess’.
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        · 16 hours ago

      • Dave Renner · Mansfield Senior High School

        Tod Mills this was pointed at everyone that was convicting these deputies before there was even a chance to investigate. It is just a sad situation for everyone involved. All of these guys have to read how people degrade them and still stand tall. Just wish everyone would let everyone let all these guys clear there minds on something that will change there lives forever, and trust that they did the right thing in this situation.  A few of these Deputies are KNOWN for uncharacteristic behavior, or following protocol if you will, that’s why! The question you need to ask your friends is why they weren’t wearing issued camera’s for their defense? Is it because they know the Prosecutor and their boss in their elected capacity will cover for them? That’s what the public needs to question, enough is enough – Rotten to the Core legacy MUST DIE!

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