I hope the VOTERS are happy, this is what your tax increase pays for (CRIME). Yet, there is a silver lining. Deputy Sweat gets a well deserved promotion!

Bosko’s return to office up in air – Say it’s not so!

Just in case you missed the above article when it’s archived, here’s what was reported.

MANSFIELD — Richland County sheriff’s Capt. Eric Bosko has enough accumulated vacation time that he does not have to return to work before his scheduled retirement. – are you kidding me? One, these people get this much SICK TIME – two, they get this much VACATION? – NO WONDER THE SHERIFF SAID CRIME WILL SOAR IF THE LEVY DIDN’T PASS. IT SHOULD BE CRIMINAL TO GET THIS MUCH TIME OFF – LOL!

I find with wanting and getting this much time off that we really see who they are dedicated to serving, themselves!

To begin the transition, Sgt. James P. Sweat will be promoted to captain, effective today. Now here we have an honest Deputy who stood up to a tyrant that has my respect, congrats to Deputy Sweat – Could our Political figure head finally be getting his shit together?, time will tell! Surely has a murderer or two to deal with that is yet to be addressed. Quit siding with Politics Sheldon, it’s high time you own up to your own tyrannical self serving needs and START serving the people of Richland County! 

Bosko is set to retire July 31. Sheriff Steve Sheldon earlier said Bosko shared his plans to retire a year ago and planned to complete a number of administrative tasks before his departure.

Maj. Joe Masi previously said Bosko went on sick leave in March through April 8.

“He started taking vacation on the ninth (of April),” Masi said. “He’s been using vacation ever since.”

Masi said Bosko has not given a date for his return, or if he will return at all.

“Obviously, he’s in total control of that,” Masi said. Sounds like the Sheriff has LOST CONTROL of the Department for one reason or another, Sheriff Arpaio he’s not.

Although Bosko has been one of the county’s most prominent law enforcement officers, he was embroiled in controversy in 2013.

In June, Bosko was the topic of a discussion between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and county prosecutors. First Assistant Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page asked for a letter to document the meeting. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said it no longer would take any cases from Bosko, saying he could be “deliberately untruthful and evasive.” The U.S.Attorney’s office should think twice about ANYTHING coming out of Richland County, especially anything that has to do with those who work for us. Birds of a feather flock together, MORE lie than those who tell the TRUTH these days. Deputy Sweat gets my vote for telling the truth, especially when he told the truth in the Mayer case even though his brother is the big bad County Prosecutor who’s protected him up ’til the time he stalked and harassed his ex-wife. 

In December, prosecutors promised to take another look at the case of former Bellville police Officer Maurice King III.

King was convicted on seven counts, including four felonies, on charges of trying to buy reportedly stolen guns from two informants. He spent 22 months in prison. Bosko was the lead investigator in that case while he was a Mansfield police detective.

Bosko joined the sheriff’s office in April 2008 after 22 years with the police department. He left the police department to become the crime lab director for Sheldon.

While with the city, Bosko was named officer of the year in 1994 and 2005 and detective of the year in 2006 and 2007.

Sweat is a 17-year veteran of the sheriff’s office. He was promoted to sergeant in July 2007. In 2008-2009 he PROVED worthy to the cause by taking the stand to rid the State of a tyrant, brother to our fair Richland County Prosecutor who’s own Bambi Couch Page met at a bar for beers before making his career ending move in which it is said she and his former boss Leitenberger said he did not mention earlier sightings in the day where he told the review board his ex-wife was meeting with a sex offender and he wanted her daughter safe? I find it hard to believe he didn’t say anything, and both Page and Leitenberger agreed – LIARS!!!!!

Sweat will take over as interim commander of law enforcement operations. AWESOME!!!!!

“Either Eric can work with him or I can work with him to get him into that transition,” Masi said.

During that period, Sweat will be trained in ongoing operations in the patrol and detective bureaus.

“We’re just making sure it’s a smooth transition,” Masi said.

Sweat said he’s excited about the opportunity and considers the promotion a great honor. Just as a humble man should, congrats to Deputy Sweat.

“First and foremost, we’re right in the middle of a transition from an older, seasoned agency to a lot of new employees,” he said.

Sweat was selected for his new assignment based on his administrative qualities and knowledge of law enforcement operations, as well as his dedication and past performance. Agreed, for now gets the MP stamp of approval.

“We’ve got all the confidence in the world he’s going to do a great job,” Masi said.

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