How do you like that? – The State gives us a Tax Break & I hear in the same breath Richland County is raising theirs – wth?

How do you like that?…
¬†Kasich says he’s putting more money back into our pockets September 1st, and I then I hear the local sales tax is going up to 7%. Hmmm?, and we all wonder where they are going get the money when they say they’re broke?
Here’s your answer, from the money we are suppose to save to get the economy going. What the hell?, do any of you remember what 1/4% means by their numbers that comes directly from sales? 6 MILLION DOLLARS, that’s how much – can anyone dispute this number? It hurt the last time they did it, now they’re going to do it again while crying they don’t have money for roads? Does anyone know if they told the public they were doing this?

This will only make an already dismal economy WORSE! РTime for MORE CUTS!, start with the DOUBLE DIPPERS!!!!!

These local sales tax hikes only hurt an already oppressed economy. If you want to TAX somebody more on their sales, how about those who accept EBT / Welfare , etc. Government funds.

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