How do you answer a sociopath with multiple personalities?

These are rants and raves from craigslist that are directed towards me and their hate for this site! What you will read is pure slander and defamation of character because others along with myself not being intimidated by their threats. They are not opposing anything in particular so it’s hard to tell what it is they don’t like about it? I have assumed it could only be one individual who continued to make claims he was getting his job back and all they can say is I am obsessed. Well if one is obsessed in telling everyone they are still getting their job back, then I guess it’s an obsession to refute it? Here are their latest statements in which I will debunk here. I would love to hear your opinions about what constitutes slander and defamation – I will highlight the lies, you advise legal recourse – I just want these individuals EXPOSED, I’m not a believer in getting rich suing and would rather face my accuser than anything else. Wouldn’t you? – how ever, when I ask who they are or to come and see me where I work since they post it, they consider it a threat? Why else would they refute and hate this site if it were not getting to them?

One can only wonder why they write crap like this!

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Thanks for the info Phil and yes, I know you are Phil.  I know who Kim Jong is, but I don’t know what relevance that has to your post.  Because someone doesn’t like your ridiculous page, that makes them a sociopath?! That’s right!, how ever being deceptive does, further more – thinking you can get away with it forever one wonder what’s going on in your head? – Wow, what really goes on in your head!?  Furthermore, how do you have room to talk about everyone assuming you are Phil, when you assume everyone is John Mayer?  I don’t know John Mayer, nor am I the original poster that commented on your unsuccessful poll.  You said something about them not liking Mansfielders data, don’t you get it, there is no data.  No one even responded to your poll, that’s what he/she was saying!  You spend so much time trying to use big words and work on your dumb page that so much just goes over your head.  Your response was incorrect and directed towards the wrong person.  I don’t know who commented on your poll concerning Drew, I just suggested making a poll of who benefits from your worthless page.  NOT EVERYONE IS AFFILIATED WITH JOHN MAYER, YOU DELUSIONAL SOCIOPATH!  – I must have taught you a NEW word (ROTFLMAO) – furthermore IF I am a sociopath like yourself, I would first point out what I am deceiving folks with? You also call me a liar and a fraud, are these words you don’t understand? – you certainly have not pointed to the facts that make it so. One can only assume since you keep bringing up John Mayer that you are him or a friend who’s sick of hearing the TRUTH! – the truth is…He’s FIRED, and not getting his old job as APA SUPERVISOR back – his replacement is doing a fine job, and he’s not doing it from a bar stool!


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And he will never answer the question.  Philly is so big on trying to make himself look like something he isn’t.  The question did not need to be answered, like your friend said…there was no data – lol, the poll used was the one on facebook and as of a few minutes ago, NOBODY has advised on your behalf to let you back in the group. He loves to throw out words even he has to look up before he uses them and expects everyone to simply think he is “smart.”  Well, that will never happen.  The jist of your post, as well as mine, went completely over his head as it related to his poll.  The last poll he took was to “ban me from his cut and paste website.”  If I recall correctly, only 5 people voted and 3 of them were in his favor.  My guess is that those votes were him, his boyrfriend TimeStupid and probably someone at work he paid a couple of dollars to to go to his cut and paste website and hit the “yes” button. Wow, I have never seen a sociopath get so upset over a poll – the bottom line is…YOU’RE GONE, and the only place you can post your crap is in public where it will eventually lead to your demise, just like your friend you so defend.  He claims his cut and paste site is for people to speak their opinions, but the truth is he doesn’t want to  hear any opinion that is in contrast with his and if you disagree with him he bans you from his joke of a site You were not banned from commenting on the website, you were banned from a private group in which you were trying to hijack with your deception which was very distracting , and then makes up fairy tales about people calling his work and making threats against him.  I still believe, as some do in the Law Enforcement Community, that he set the call up himself. Interesting you point out some in Law Enforcement believe I made that threat up and would do such a thing? – These are more than likely those who will eventually make the wall of shame?  How convenient he was at work and just happened to be near the phone with his boss at the time of the call. Not sure where you got your intel, but I was no where near my boss or a phone for that matter at the time of the call, besides…I would not be this dumb to pull such a stunt – what would be my motive? This was more than likely done by someone who knows they can get away with it, kind of like you two amigos who keep pointing out the fact nobody will do anything about you on CL, interesting I would say – this could only be one person who has immunity or professional courtesy, don’t ya think? – I have neither!  How many people shadow their boss at work? I don’t either, so to back up yet another false claim you have video evidence? – I hope so, because when we go to court, you will find I’m not one to make deals!  He’s probably more pissed off that it didn’t make the front page of the MNJ.  He was hoping for a headliner and instead got what he usually gets…nothing.  He gets nothing because he is nothing.  He is a wife beater, he is a man who can’t take care of his fianances and gets evicted from a trailer (FALSE) – I sold it to buy a home and then has his house foreclosed on (FALSE) – truth be known I filed bankruptcy after losing a job of 27 years (no fault of my own) – the foreclosure they provided as proof was proof that U.S. Bank scammed the taxpayers for a handout- they are currently in litigation (getting sued) for this and he caters to an alcoholic wife (in his own description of her.)  This is definately the kind of guy or his followers that I would put my faith in.  He is probably still mad at Mayer because Philly applied for a job as a security guard at the Mall and they told him no because of his past history of violence. Pure bullshit!, I would never apply for such a menial job, and why these sociopaths will eventually meet their demise. That is why he is stuck slinging washing machines every day hoping to make enough money to pay his rent again so he doesn’t have to go visit the local food banks. Didn’t think anyone knew about that did ya Philly lol. I can assure you I personally have not visited ANY food banks ever! – You will have to direct that question to my wife and her family, and I may suggest with her being a Beverly that you are careful what you say, unlike me – they will hunt you down!   Yep do like you did before, hit the abuse button because again…more information about you has gotten out and you don’t like it.  That really is worth ROTFLMFAO. – Why would I hit the abuse button? – it will be interesting how you answer these questions under oath when we expose who you are.

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