High Water in Lexington – No thanks to developers and engineers who helped make this happen!


Thank you Mansfield, friends are being flooded at YOUR expense! This NEVER happened 30 years ago, now it’s an event EVERY TIME it rains! Between Clearfork and now runoff from developments every time it rains Insurance adjusters have to be called upon?
By looking at the name of this newly developed business you will see they may have knew what was to come if they used 1/2 the swamp where these apartments reside where the runoff used to reside. Nothing but problems ever since they moved Orchard Park to put in these developments.
… Maybe it’s time we START looking into what the engineers and developers are up to in the name of making MILLIONS at the expense of others? Only IF I had pictures of how it used to be a few short decades ago before Mansfield expanded OUR way!
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  • Time Sup likes this.
  • Jodie Fry not to mention that the powers that be need to dredge the clearfork bad! it has needed this for like EVER!!!!!
  • Phil Sydnor I don’t believe that’s near the problem than the hills they are shaving off in the name of developing NEW neighborhoods in the area. They better hope the dam does not break like folks say it might? Lower Lex could be a disaster area soon! I guess it don’t matter as long as certain individuals can fill their pockets doing it without recourse!
  • Phil Sydnor This is what I despise about Mansfield, ever expanding because they can’t re-develop the wastelands they have already created. I heard that’s what squashed the dealership from taking over the land where Artesian was. Anyone want to refute this? (Toxic) wasteland!

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