Hey Richland County! – Former parole officer pleads guilty

Prosecutors have recommended community control for a former parole officer for the Ohio Department of Youth Services who hired prostitutes while on duty.

Edward Favers, 55, of Mansfield, pleaded guilty Monday in Richland County Common Pleas Court to one felony count each of tampering with records and of promoting prostitution and two misdemeanor counts of procuring or soliciting prostitution. Fifteen other counts were dismissed.

Favers was arrested and charged after he was seen picking up one or more prostitutes in his state-owned vehicle while on duty. Officials say he took the prostitutes to his pontoon boat at Charles Mill Marina and later falsified his employee time card and other records.

Authorities allege the offenses happened between June 2011 and June 2012. Prosecutors say a vast majority of the charges that were dropped involved a single incident on June 6, 2011.

He worked with Richland County Juvenile Court and covered Ashland County. He was placed on administrative leave in June and retired Oct. 12.

Favers faces a maximum 4 1/2 years in prison on the felony charges and 120 days in jail on the misdemeanors, along with a maximum $10,000 fine. Judge James DeWeese ordered a pre-sentencing investigation and scheduled sentencing April 8.

  • Robyn McNulty · Top Commenter · Works at Independent Living Center of NCO, Inc.

    Sooo…..does Favers get retirement benefits from the county (our tax dollars) since he retired before he was convicted? Hmmm??
  • I am sure he will get his full retirement, along with a light sentence. Maybe sent to the CAC instead of prison so he’ll be under supervision by his old boss, hmmmm?
  • Birds of a feather and probably GOOD friends with the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR MAYOR boy.

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