Hey MNJ, it wasn’t SLANDER when these people posted under fake names, so why do you think I would slander under a REAL NAME?.

These are the people who used to comment on the FIRED APA SUPERVISORS behalf, do you remember these morons?.

I especially liked all the German War Planes John used personally in which I enjoyed shooting down up to the time the MNJ went to using real facebook accounts. I wonder where they are now, and why they don’t dare comment under their REAL NAMES?.

Here’s a list of the German Warplanes in the order that I shot them down on the News Journal Site. Funny how he took my advice and used an American plane just before the News Journal ended their fun.

ju87stuka, ju88junker, ME109, p40flyingtigers, p57thunderbolt, B17Bomber

Those were Johns accounts, and now here are his friends – All of which will not say what they did under their REAL NAMES

caliorbust,justthefactsplez, kladjka, Master_Mind, MrsCopperfield, RichandThin, ringleader3315, Shorty, SmartyPantsz, Snoopyy, SunnyMansfield, talknshit, P51Stang, ParabolicNoun, sayeroftruth, gramgi, trashman4u.

and last but not least, the last one who said his REAL NAME was DrewTyler – The LAST punk standing in defense of John Mayer, where is he now?.

If anyone recognizes any of these former commentors from the old format on the Mansfield News Journal site – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/ – IF you can advise who they are now, I can share comments from them that would get them FIRED as well if we can find out who THEY are!.

Folks wonder why I am involved so much in assuring John Mayer doesn’t get his job back?, well these are the people he can blame…They made it personal with their attacks, defamation, and slander as THEY call it.

Here are a few users they created to mislead my readers when I posted as the DevilsAdvocate on this site. They used MY pictures and basically STOLE my indentity in which the MNJ was ok with until I made enough noise to force them into using REAL NAMES on their site and why you will no longer see these people commenting. One can only assume they are those who want their corruption in Mansfield protected for they tried everything including using these made up accounts to scare and intimidate me to go away!

DevilsAdvocates2, DevilAdvocate2,  DevlisAdvocate2

The MNJ editors did NOTHING to these accounts until I screamed foul after they kept REMOVING and BLOCKING my users which shared the truth against what they were trying to hide. My users on their site were the following, and the reason there were so many is they were DESPERATE to keep me silenced and sequestered so their readers would not believe it. Now that I have a website and have showed “the people” how they CENSOR, they know I’m for real!

My users they blocked, and funny enough had tried to place blame on a guy named Byron Yambrisak who is fighting frivolous charges of his own for exposing a prostitution ring that’s used by MANY in Richland County, more than likely everyone before mentioned above who are involved in this corrupt ring of liars!

Here are MY old users; some in which are being used against Byron – lol! , what a waste of tax payer dollars…

The names I used to shoot down these liars and thugs

1DevilsAdvocate – DA_RidesAgain – MfdMushroom – QuestionPolitics – rudrunkorstupid – Work2BFree – EndOfDays2012

Last but not least my last user that I can still post blogs under – PublicScrutiny

My first DevilsAdvocate & DevilsAdvocate2 accounts were not saved due to unknowing that the accounts were under attack for sharing the TRUTH in the case of the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR that they didn’t want you to know.

Since getting BANNED by the MNJ staff and/or Gannett I have created a group on facebook called MansfieldersPerspective where we can comment without CENSORSHIP from our local online news agency. Here are the links to both Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook, and a NEWLY created website that more than likely got you here!.

https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/112700505521062/ – group

http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/ – website

Thank you for visiting this blog, let us know your thoughts on CENSORSHIP and/or ANYTHING you know about any of these aliases.


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23 Responses to Hey MNJ, it wasn’t SLANDER when these people posted under fake names, so why do you think I would slander under a REAL NAME?.

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Drew Tyler says:
    June 14, 2012 at 12:45 am (Edit)
    And the whole world is going to stop and look at the link for the commissioner you endorse why?

    Because it’s time “the people” have a commissioner who will give back to the community he will serve, unlike your buds who take, take, take.

  2. Enjoy these challenges! My goal is to finish a baby dresden plate quilt, which means finishing the hand quilting and binding. Thanks to the extra incentive!

  3. Iva Weydert says:

    Thank you for your kind words. My goal is to make things easy to understand for my readers.

  4. buckeyesyd says:

    Googled Byron, don’t see where he’s a wanted man all over the State or anywhere else for that matter!. Maybe you should share in your words this “poppycock”(links).
    All I see are redundant links to mostly things HE has shared, not so much of what you proclaim, hmmm?. It will be interesting when his Attorney takes these comments into the sentencing today. Sorry I have to work, or I would go.

    I see I struck a nerve with the mall cop? – I’m sure he makes nowhere near what I make – lol!

    • Drew Tyler says:

      So did his attorney take the comments into his sentencing and if he did…it would appear they didn’t do his dumpy, stalking, fat ass any good roflmfao.

      • buckeyesyd says:

        The man who laughs last, laughs the loudest.

        Let’s see where you are once his case is appealed and he’s out in a couple weeks. Then we’ll see where you’re at when another lawsuit comes around that is bankrupting the County.

        If you have visited my website – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com you will see I endorse a change for commissioner!. One who will actually give his first years pay to the Sheriffs office. I bet Drew will come back and say he’s just a criminal friend too?, for ALL I associate with are criminals – lol!.

  5. Drew Tyler says:

    I was told you were looking for me and that you think you have what it takes to get me fired? Hmm, thats funny. You don’t have what it takes to get anything done. I still see that you can’t post anything on the MNJ newsite because off of your propaganda bull has been blocked and you have started your own page just to get your 2 or 3 followers, one of which I recently read is gonna more than likely be going to prison soon. guess birds of a feather flock together. Since your inception of your mansfielders perspective FB page or any of your other stupid pages you have accomplished NOTHING but your own ranting and ravings. You have made no changes whatsoever. Talk about an over inflated ego. Your not a punk, your a bitch.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Birds of a feather flock together?, I’m the ONLY truthful one on here I guess. This guy who’s going to prison as you say must not have been as truthful as he should of?. How about getting back to your friend John Mayer?, how did his writing the Governor and Attorney General; how did that turn out for the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR?, I still hear he’s a mall cop – lol!.

      So, you were told I was looking for you and trying to get you fired, where did you get this made up poppycock?. I am sure if you really heard this that it was written in a blog or something where you can copy and paste it here. Since it’s not true, I guess you are just fishing or playing wolf, wolf trying to get a rise and a comment that YOU can use for a lawsuit or intimidation case. You’re a stupid ass who has made fun of where I work, when you get the balls like others before you, come on out and we’ll see who the bitch is, shall we Mr bizness owner. I would love to meet this so-called Drew Tyler who NOBODY knows. Maybe to get your attention I have to push like Byron, but hey!; I’m up on the games people like you play and I’m not one for wasting tax payers dollars on frivolous suits that can be settled the old fashioned way.

      As for this site, it gets over 250 hits per day!. The stats don’t lie, unlike the obsequious pusillanimous that you are – lol!

      • Drew Tyler says:

        Your boyfriend is going to prison and you did nothing to stop it because there was nothing you could do to stop it. That must have been quite a slap in the face to you. What kind of legal advice did you give to him? Did you tell him, just be yourself Byron, just tell the “truth” and it shall set you free? Well as always, your version of the truth did not set him free and cost his big dumpy ass three years in prison lmao.
        You claim that you never said you weren’t looking for me to get me fired, well here is the post right from this page “f anyone recognizes any of these former commentors from the old format on the Mansfield News Journal site – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/ – IF you can advise who they are now, I can share comments from them that would get them FIRED as well if we can find out who THEY are!.” and my name is specifically mentioned right there. So now big man…get me fired!! Lets see you put your money and your talents right where your big mouth is. I’ll bet you your next big $20 commission check you can’t do it. Why, because you are a PHONY! You claim that nobody knows who I am, well again, you are wrong, which is no surprise because plenty of people know who I am, including several people right there at good ole ABC Warehouse lmao. You think you are so well respected at that place that all you have to do is ask questions and people will drop what they are doing and give you the answers you think you are entitled to. I got news for you. Most people think you are what you really are…a nutjob. A woman beating nutjob. You claim your not one on wasting tax money on lawsuits yet your the one who keeps talking about lawsuit after lawsuit lmao…your one of them people who are just waiting for the right time to sue someone so you can sit on your loser ass and collect for the rest of your life. I don’t doubt your site gets the 250 hits per day as you claim, not one bit, but they do say that laughter makes for the best medicine and I will admit, reading your posts really does give one a good laugh.

        • buckeyesyd says:

          You’re funny Drew!. Once again you share nothing, just a link to the News Journal lol!. Where’s these comments?, please give specific links or copies of what you have?. I know, if you know anyone they should be able to accomodate you for we know how much of this is saved, so please go get it BIG BOY!. I see you have your panties in a bunch, and tying me personally to Byron you are once greatly mistaken. I was merely a mouthpiece for him while he was silenced, you know how justice is here…it’s the ONLY right it thinks you have here in which I beg to differ as you have pointed out. The TRUTH does prevail, and IF Byron was not truthful with me and others who belong to https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/112700505521062/. Not ALL of us are criminals as you portray, but we do have something in common, we know how the railroad works and believe it or not your banking on making folks aware of where I work hurts me in the least. I am happy where I’m at, can you say the same for your friend the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, ask him. I bet he’s not happy at all!, he’s lost a lot more than I ever will – lol!. Admit it Drew, this is why you’re mad. As far as knowing you know someone at ABC, they’re not admitting to it – lol!

          Like I said, you want me to be a believer!, come out and PROVE who you are!. So far you have ONLY proven to be a pusillanimous ranting behind a keyboard. You can save this message as your proof that I will not sue you for harassment, for IF you are who you think you are, we should be friends, not foes?. IF I was ALL about lawsuits, why am I not saving your crap and sueing you, right?. You know I can, just like Byron more than likely will with the crap Ms Spears has shared that’s NOT a proven fact. So!, I hope they come knocking on my door soon, then we’ll see who gets the attention they are looking for?.

          Last but not least…Actually the site peaked on 6/10 @ 402 hits, thank you for that!. Something else I can share that you don’t believe, ONCE AGAIN…ALL FACTS – Something you certaintly can’t do – keep it up, you’re comedy gold!

          • Drew Tyler says:

            Ok Sid we will try again and make this a little easier for you since your mind seems to be warped and you only like to recall certain things about what you post. If you scroll up this page a bit your page clearly states and I’ll drop down a line and again put it in quotation marks so you can read it, by the way, you can read right?

            “If anyone recognizes any of these former commentors from the old format on the Mansfield News Journal site – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/ – IF you can advise who they are now, I can share comments from them that would get them FIRED as well if we can find out who THEY are!.”

            Is that better, you feeble minded piece of shit lol. Those are your own words and guess what asshole, I’m still not fired.

            I didn’t tie you personally to Byron, you did that all by yourself. Your the one who went on page after page making these sensational claims that he would be vindicated and that something huge would come out at sentencing and that everything would be brought to light and all the corruption would be shown for all to see and Byron would go home a free man and again, just like all the other claims you made, what happened, your buddy went to prison and nothing happened. If I were him, when I got out of prison, I would sue your ass for illegal legal representation lol. You are the last person I would be taking legal advice for. What is your legal track record now…1 million losses to 0 wins? None of your predictions have come true. You make all of these claims of huge things coming and nothing ever happens. You act as though you are doing something big and really your doing nothing but tooting your own horn. As for the number of hits on your page, I wonder how many of them are your own going back time and time again looking at all the posts and reading and responding to the posts. I have noticed one thing though, when people ask you different times, in fact many many times for different things, you just don’t reply at all. I wonder why that is Phil. Is that because you are backed into a corner and know it or just because you have been schooled yet again and the person now knows what most people know…that you are full of shit.

            You can claim all you want that Mayer is a friend of mine but again, you like to do that whenever someone goes against your distorted beliefs. You claim they are a part of the the corrupt government you are so against or that they are a friend of the Mayers or DeWeeses or some other person in the judicial system that has thrown your ass, or one of your good buddies asses in jail. I guess I learned from my father when I was young that if you don’t like being thrown in jail, stay the hell out of trouble…guess your dad didn’t teach you that huh Sid?

            And I suppose that you have questioned every single employee at ABC Warehouse as to whether they know Drew Tyler? lol. Well that would seem to me if that is really the case Sid that you are the obsessed one and not me. And I would venture to guess that if that is the case, I know of at least 2 employees there who would have said yes they know me and my late wife…so again I know, as I have known all along, you are what everyone knows you to be…a liar and a fraud.

            As far as suing me for harassment? If you think you have the balls to do that, then by all means take your best shot. You have a public website with unrestricted access and if you don’t want me here, then block me. If you think that my posting here is harassing you, you poor defenseless bastard, then by all means, scrape your pennies together, hire your best lawyer and take your best shot…but in the end, all your going to walk away with is what you walked in with, minus my attorney fees, which will cost u a hell of a lot more…not to mention the embarrassment, which I am sure you already endure at work each day.

            As far as Byron suing anyone, first of all, I doubt that nut job has the mentality to sue anyone and in reality, with all the bullshit he has told, who in the hell would believe him, except for you. Of course, you could always be his lawyer in the civil suit, you seemed to do so well for him during his criminal trial. Are you going to be replenishing his canteen while he is locked up to make sure his fat ass has plenty of grub to eat? Maybe you can send him enough money that he can hire one of the boy toys in there to dress like a prostitute for him and he can practice stalking him/her for the next three years?

            As far as your link below to the site analysis, again as I stated, and your obviously small narrow mind didn’t think or take into consideration, was the number of same users who return, me included, who answered posts such as this and others or you who probably account for about half of the 400 plus hits. And by the way, you have eaten crow so many times with your posts over the years, do you bring your own plate and knife to your computer table with you before you log in? I just wondered. You should probably take your meds now and lay down for some rest Phil, I’m sure tomorrow will be another tiring day of putting on your cape and ridding Richland county of all of the corruption in the eyes of “PHIL, THE ONE MAN SUPERHERO ARMY!! roflmfao

        • buckeyesyd says:

          For the pusillanimous who doesn’t believe – here’s the link to site analysis, do you believe now asshole?


          over 400 on 6/10 – Thank you for that!

    • Tammy Spears says:

      He only wants the truth if it fits his immunity cause.
      And if he doesn’t like what you have to say he searches for your IP address to try to find out who you are and posts it.

      I am anxious to see if he goes to the sentencing today to support his Patriot Buddy Byron Yambrisak who unveiled the “Big Prostitution Ring” in Richland County. Retribution as he calls it. A clinically diagnosed man with a”frontal lobe brain abnormality and mental issues” as his mom testified under oath in court. When you google Byron Yambrisak’s name you get postings from people all over Ohio who have complained of him stalking and harassing them. A man that has MULTIPLE Protection orders on him in different counties, what did Byron Yambrisak do, unveil a Prostitution Ring in Cuyahoga County also, LOL. A whole family had to get a CPO there because he was threatening their children online.

      While out shopping for a stove one day I overheard him on one of his rants to the other sales people, someone confided in me there that he babbles all the time about “issues” and they just let it go in one ear and out the other.

      I still have alot of unanswered questions I would like his conspiracy theory on, because when the facts or truths as he says are laid out it is sort of hard to dispute them. He comes back with some lame ass answer.

      I am still waiting for some of those answers……………

      BTW I just wanted to CLARIFY none of BYRON YAMBRISAK CASES WERE EVER DISMISSED they were found “NOLLE” look it up.

      Nobody has to make fun of where you work, they guys you work with make fun of you enough.

      • Tammy Spears says:

        I don’t know John but I think working at ABC Warehouse doesn’t make much more money than a Mall Cop does, so how is that beneficial for you to say?

        It’s like saying my mom isn’t as FAT as your mom. I mean its comparing two jobs that couldn’t support a family if it had to.

        • Tammy Spears says:

          obsequious pusillanimous……. now thats something a junior high kid would proud to have found in a dictionary and say to people

          • buckeyesyd says:

            Tammy, that’s IF I can call you that. Anyone making claims like you are would surely not use their REAL NAME, we know how people like you and Drew work. I am willing to bet you’re friends with Anika Blasef Horner who has spent NUMEROUS occasions stalking me at the store!. Her latest after making a purchase to throw off the managers – “You don’t know who I am, do you”. I do, and your dumb ass rants are getting you morons no where!. Still waiting to get sued – lol!, I can’t wait…especially now that you have posted more than once it can be constituted as STALKING – LOL!

      • Drew Tyler says:

        Tammy, I couldn’t agree more. He likes to think because anyone who dares stand up to the great Phil would not dare use their real name, what a piece of shit he is. I agree, he probably doesn’t make much more than a mall cop, if even that much and I bet his paycheck is based on his commission sales and with the way the economy is, he is probably a frequent visitor to the check into cash or payday advance places. I have been in ABC Warehouse several times and I have seen him yapping too, of course not sure about what, but it was never with a customer, it was always with other employees, probably more of his “Phil’s way of life” spewage. He has been claiming for years all of these wonderful things are going to come about as a result of HIS works and yet, nothing has happened. Nobody has been sent to prison…nobody has been removed from the bench…nobody has been exposed for the corrupt official that he claims they are…nobody has unearthed some huge corrupt conspiracy ring in Richland county…nothing. Yet when you call him on it…all he keeps saying is…Its coming.

      • buckeyesyd says:

        I don’t have to search for your IP, I’m the Administrator of this site. I get e-mails on EVERY POST, so even IF you are posting under a fake name and e-mail, I still know where it originates – lol!. I hope you’re using a computer at the Library, or from your cell in Prison. Because both of you are dancing on thin ice, this is NOT the MNJ site where they will protect who you are.

        Thank you for this, you’ve BOTH been great!.

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Oh and by the way , I love in this original article you posted that every time you posted on the MNJ website they were “your” readers and that it was only because of your whining and bitching that finally the MNJ made it a policy that everyone now had to post under their own names. So I guess the whole posting world has you to thank because you are a crybaby.

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