Hey Drew Tyler, what ya think about your friends story on his brother?

Well friends, hate to tell ya, but once again there’s another side to these people the News Journal will not dare tell ya! That is many in the Community are quite frankly sick to their stomachs over this article, REALLY???? – I was lit up this morning with people telling me they are cancelling their subscriptions over glorifying a dead man, one of which was not well like by those who have felt the wrath of his lies and corruption convicting what some will call ham sandwiches with a phony secret Grand Jury’s and twisted facts like they are doing once again here.

I wonder why the MNJ selectively left out the piece on James Mayer’s conviction of Mr Bruce who still claims his innocence after all these years? It was on forensic files, so wouldn’t this be one of his greater achievements?

Maybe not, that too surely rates up there with what was another wrongful CONviction like the Tinney case that was said to be an imminent threat of a lawsuit just days before his mysterious death. Some believe being the Prosecutor he was caught up in too much and was taken out by the mob. I guess we’ll never know now will we? To much wrong with the day that ended his life to believe he was ill, being it was reported by now Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page he wasn’t himself while reports were he may have had the same illness his father had. Would this mean John could have the same illness?, I know some who would say yes, surely the State that finally fired him would agree?

Jim Mayer’s brother reflects on his death

John Mayer story2



Mark Caudill, mcaudill@gannett.com 11:53 a.m. EDT May 3, 2015


MANSFIELD – James Mayer Jr. kept track of the people he loved.

The former Richland County prosecutor would have Anita Kochheiser, his administrative assistant, clip obituaries of friends and classmates. He would often attend their funerals.

That’s why John Mayer, one of Jim’s younger brothers, knew something wasn’t right when Jim didn’t attend the Sept. 20 funeral of Cindy Mayer, one of their older cousins. What was right is James Mayer was more than like at the end of his charade and has had enough of the nepotism family who has tormented many over the years here. Yes, some of us believe otherwise, a differing perspective if you will. This man had many secrets, and yes like usual they are left out here, like covering for little brother John as he ran rough shot over the County as a State APA Supervisor

John asked his big brother about it three days later when he visited him at the office.

“He said he was too saddened to see any more of his close friends or family die,” John said.

Before John left, Jim gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He told his little brother he loved him.

Three days later, Jim Mayer took his own life at the age of 65.

That’s funny because just a couple days before that his office called for an executive session at the Commissioners office, yet nobody from his office showed? Yes a PRIVATE ATTORNEY showed in place of the Prosecutor which by law, something surely he knew was and is not how things work for the public. One – ONLY the Commissioners can call executive session, two – If someone is to fill the void of Prosecutor it must be done in writing for him to be replaced. That was not done, and once again was explained by Al Lawrence of the MNJ that our questions at October 16th Public Meeting which we shared here on youtube that they are protected by Sunshine Law not having to tell us, say what? 

James Mayer Jr. reflects at the sentencing of Thomas Lampley, who received 25 years to life in prison for the murder of J.B. Bronson.

Two weeks after what would have been Jim’s 66th birthday, John is breaking the family’s silence. John said he felt the need to talk about the loss which stunned the community. Yes we were STUNNED, especially when so much was going wrong for the Prosecutors office, you know LAWSUITS where the Commissioners thought brother was incompetent for every case against them they hired outside of 309.09 Ohio Revised Code Attorney’s to represent? The Prosecutor SHALL represent the Commissioners and Sheriff in ALL Lawsuits and the only provision is for the Prosecutor to hire staff, NOT TO BE REPLACED by some outside Attorney eliminating the peoples choice. Surely their anonymous speaker Drew Tyler as usual will post anonymously on this blog for they WOULD NEVER GO ON THE RECORD to deny these allegations. That’s WHY THEY SAY PROVE IT? Can’t prove anything off the record and some say you damn sure can’t trust what’s filed because the clerks office is said to have to file everything, even rubber stamp frauds like we have seen shared by Randy Shepherd. I personally have seen many legal sham process documents that are filed in OUR OFFICE, THE CLERKS OFFICE, you know where what’s said is safely kept and separation of powers? Here is where deals are made into gold, and surely wore on James’s mind more than anything. So they say he killed himself, or was he MURDERED? Many things don’t add up – one that comes to mind of the night in question…WHY the officer who answered the domestic call went to the backyard, saw Mr Mayer with a gun, and left to check on the wife when told to do so, does that make sense or sound more like a cover up to what now ONLY GOD KNOWS?

Jim Mayer had been firmly entrenched as the county prosecutor. The staunch Democrat upset Republican John Allen in 1988 and defeated Allen in a 1992 rematch.

Mayer beat Robert Konstam in 1996. He was unopposed in subsequent elections. Just like family friend Judge DeWeese, they finally had a team that could and would make deals to oppress the public, especially all who opposed them. Power is certainly what they had and WILL KEEP with James’s death and their putting in place long time friend Bambi Couch Page who still to this day like James is getting REPLACED by hired guns out of Columbus to represent the many lawsuits in OUR COUNTY???? – Are we NOT going to demand answers to why this is? Are we not going to challenge the law they say there is that supersedes ORC 309.09? Their anonymous friend Drew Tyler and now others say there’s a law, say prove it, yet can’t prove otherwise what they do is anything short of what’s called a LEGAL SHAM PROCESS. Maybe folks need to follow this group on facebook?, for their going to start sharing fraudulent documents that are filed in OUR CLERKS office. 

In 1999, Mayer was voted prosecutor of the year in Ohio. The state Democratic party once approached Mayer to run for attorney general, but he declined. LOL! – I WONDER WHY????

To John Mayer, Jim was a larger-than-life figure. Jim saved his younger brother’s life when John was just 6 years old.

The family had taken a fishing trip to Lake Erie. The water was very choppy that day, John recalled.

“We were fishing on a pier,” he said. “My fishing hook got stuck. I went down to get it and fell in. My brother jumped in and saved my life. Ever since then, I had a bond with him.” – In 2008 when John was fired as APA Supervisor for the State his brother and friends like James DeWeese and the one writing this mess also saved his life by defrauding the public with reports only the MP refuted, some of which can be found on the blogsite here. Enjoy it because it’s the TRUTH they will not refute publicly, and yes I have been challenged plenty for this, but not by a REAL CHARACTER. His hide behind screen name character Drew Tyler to this day is the only one who’s defended my rants and perspective on this crap they share here. Hopefully this personal ad blows up in their face and results in answers to what people are NOT being told, the TRUTH.

John said he and his brother shared many of the same interests, including a love of classic rock. John fondly recalls a family outing to see the Who in 2002. – Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, right Johnny boy? Surely can’t wait to see if any of the women you shared interests in speak or remain silent out of fear of retribution on this?

John and Jim also shared a love of politics, a trait they got from their father, James Sr., a longtime common pleas judge. James Sr. was chairman of the local Democratic party and met Presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy.

The brothers also loved military history, another gift from their father, who served in World War II under legendary Gen. Douglas McArthur.

As children, the boys played hockey on the family pond. Jim also played guitar, much to his younger brother’s chagrin.

“He used to make me cry because he was so loud,” John said.

The brothers shared an interest in weather. Jim was fascinated by ocean disasters, while John followed tornadoes.

Jim was born in Shelby but graduated from Madison Comprehensive High School, where he played football, in 1967.

He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1971 with a degree in education. Jim received his law degree from Ohio Northern University in 1976.

Jim worked in the Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office, then opened his own law practice in 1977. John recalled working on Jim’s first campaign for public office.

“That was the first time I put up 1,000 signs,” John said. “We went out, and we worked our butts off.”

John said people might be surprised to learn the 10 Mayer siblings were equally divided politically, five Democrats and five Republicans. John is a Republican.

The Mayers pose for a family photo. Children in the front row are Theresa, Matt, Maggie, Luke and John. Parents Margaret and James Sr. are seated. In the back row are Mark, Barb, Phil, James Jr. and Julie. (Photo: Submitted photo)

“Everybody thinks we’re a big Democrat family,” he noted.

Kochheiser was Jim Mayer’s right-hand person for 24 years. She was the treasurer of his 1992 campaign.

“We were really good friends,” Kochheiser said. “We were going to retire on the same day.”

John said Jim was proud of his families, both personal and professional. He and wife Melody were married for more than 40 years and had three kids — James III, Michael and Dee — who all went to college. They have two grandchildren as well.

John said his brother was pleased to see so many of the people who worked for him go on to meet with success. About a dozen went on to hold public office.

Jim was a success story in his own right. In 53 trials as prosecutor, Jim got 53 guilty verdicts. He was involved in one mistrial. John said he knew not to contact his brother when he was in trial mode. He was locked in.

James Mayer Jr. questions Dr. John Boyle in the most famous trial of his career. Boyle got life in prison for the aggravated murder of his wife, Noreen, in 1990. (Photo: News Journal file photo)

“He was very focused and very dedicated when it came to trials,” Kochheiser added. “He was so proud of his trial record, but I was never allowed to show anybody.”

Jim was at the stage where he could have been winding down his career. John said his brother was always very sentimental and nostalgic, even more so as he got older and experienced more losses.

The family matriarch, Margaret Mayer, died unexpectedly in 2002. Julie Orozco, the oldest of the siblings, was the first to pass away, in November 2013.

“That hurt a lot,” John said. “They were very close. They were the two oldest siblings.”

Jim made several trips to New York to visit his sister.

A memorial to the siblings, purchased by the office’s employees, adorns the family homestead.

The losses continued.

In May of last year, a close friend of Jim’s died. Bruce Yochheim was a classmate and bandmate of the former prosecutor.

“I knew he was depressed,” John said of his brother.

Looking back, John said he thinks Jim’s emotional embrace in their last meeting was his way of saying goodbye.

“That last week, I knew there was something wrong with him,” Kochheiser added. “I went home and told my husband I was really worried about Jim. There was something different about him that week.”

Jim left no note explaining why he took his life. John recalled getting a call Sept. 26 from a friend and police scanner-listener who said authorities were called to Jim’s Dickson Parkway home.

“Right there, my heart sank,” John said. He sensed what had happened.

John said the family appreciates all the support it has gotten. More than 1,000 people attended calling hours, another 500 came to the funeral.

Faith has helped.

“The family’s doing better,” John said. “It was really hard around Christmas. His birthday (April 14) was also hard.”

John has dealt with the loss by staying busy, first by helping out with Brent Robinson’s campaign for common pleas judge and now by working five jobs.

John said he felt the need to talk about Jim, that if he didn’t do it now, it might never happen.

“I love my brother,” John said.

Kochheiser said there’s nowhere in the prosecutor’s office that doesn’t remind her of her former boss. Jim’s staff placed a display in the office lobby on Jim’s birthday.

“It’s hard,” she said. “I miss him every day.”



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 Sorry, but an old man once told me, you go looking for trouble it’s surely to come to your own doorstep – lol!

Here I am Drew Tyler and friends, let the TRUTH prevail!!!! – REFUTE THIS, as you continue to repeat your lies about me hoping someday they’ll come true? – Now that’s ROTFLMAO as YOU SAY!



I personally hope this is the LAST we here of our self loathing crap of corruption, game over!!!! – Yes, you can find this man working at the CAC and County building as payback for the State firing his ass just like others in a position of trust who lost it, the County will hire you???? The RAISE TAXES to make US once again pay for it?

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  1. Good ol boy James Mayer and out law lawyers from Columbus. i know all to well that when James Mayer admitted the commissioners (executive branch) of richland county are guilty of racketeering. Gary dalby became judge jurycourt and what ever the hell else his frauds proclaim. however the record is clera James mayer County Procseutor was served wiht civil complaint number 2008cv0294 but never apeared. Meaning he agreed with the complaint and all allegations contained therein, no defense to the truth??

  2. Phil says:

    Have fun with this Mr Anonymous – I do this in love, cause I want to see that you get the well deserved attention you long for. You know…like that ex-wife you wanted attention from that left you after a short 3 months that you later stalked and followed everywhere UNTIL the State fired you for using a sex offender as your excuse to harass.

    Now look, you opened up another can of stupid so we can all laugh some more – lol!

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