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the voices made me do it

Date: 2012-08-12, 11:56PM EDT
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My “theory” is it’s immunity just plain down right immunity, immunity is what is wrong this whole damn town, immunity immunity, immunity POPPYCOCK(HEAD)
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re: the voices made me do it

Date: 2012-08-13, 8:38AM EDT
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I agree! Immunity is what is wrong that whole damn town, but if you just happen to be the “common” person you are screwed! Everyone in that town needs fired and new people brought in! Corruption, favoritism, “good ‘ole boys club,” and “who you know.”

It’s sad that you can be a criminal and then become a “dirty” cop. Doing the same things as drug dealers, only to be sworn to protect the public from them and then tip off the “dealers” because you can’t repay the loan, you took from them.

It’s just not one person, I am sure there are a lot more people that are “dirty.”

It sure is a shame, I heard that about 40 years ago that town was something to be proud of; now there is nothing good.


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