Hearing reminders for Richland County Sales Tax increase.

Terrible idea to burden an already economically depressed region, take their crumbs? Nice one taking more for CAC?



Story By: Greg Heindel 

The Richland County Commissioners approve a tight 2015 budget, and schedule public hearings toward raising the sales tax.

The budget calls for $33-million to be spent from the general fund, and for the jail and Community Alternative Center.

But the amounts of money requested by department heads were $6-million more than that.

The budget does not have a year-end carry-over.

The commissioners say the tight budget stems from deep cuts in the state’s local government fund, a dramatic drop in investment income, and 960-thousand dollars in rising costs.

So they plan to increase the sales tax by 1/4%, to the maximum allowable of 7 1/4%, starting July first.

The sales tax increase would generate an estimated $3-million, and would help the commissioners create a rainy day fund.

Public hearings are set for April 7th at 9:30 am in the commissioners’ office, and April 14th at 6 pm at the Longview Center.

They expect to vote on the increase April 16th.

 Who has a rainy day fund these days?

Community Alternative Center should be the tax payers burden is a question of ethics.



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