Happy Grape is expanding to Ashland?

Here’s the report in the MNJ – Happy Grape expanding – Wine bar planning to open in Ashland

See Mansfielders, this is how you become a FREE man.
Congratulations on the freedom of working for others 馃檪 (ME SMILING)
Just curious after serving Mansfield for 18 years why he selected Lexington as a place to start rather than where he got his? – Interesting when Mansfield is between both locations.

My ONLY curiosity would be IF it gets to be too overwhelming to run both locations if they would consider giving back to where they have given many years of service, to the town that more than likely gave them the money for this new start?

“During college, Smith waited tables and tended bar in Columbus and at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky. Later he worked for the city of Mansfield for 18 years.”

Great story! – What they are saying on facebook…

  • Lori Russell CopeSafety Service Director at City of Mansfield, OH

    Pam and Paull, you SO deserve this success! What a wonderful family who has turned a passion into a business and now two communities will benefit from your vision. Customer service and the spectacular choices of wine; this is why so many visit The Happy Grape! Keep up the good work and congratulations!
  • Nancy Wasen Top Commenter 路 The Ohio State University

    Look forward to you opening in Ashland….see you soon!!!
  • Bud Rickett Top Commenter 路 Lexington, Ohio

    Mansfield, is so lacking in places that has a quality atmosphere, a nice wine selection, and good entertainment and doesn’t allow smoking. Imagine that in our community.The Happy Grape is a welcome refuge. Thank you Pam and Paul, for providing an alternative to the usual venue in town.

    My response to this! – You can BLAME one thing on this Bud, Mansfield has built their business around crime, and surely why Mr. Smith chose Lexington as his start and not where he got his. He’s not alone, this is what many do in this town, UNFORTUNATELY for Mansfield. (That’s sarcasm)
  • Andrea CookMansfield Senior High School

    I am so proud of Paul for what he has accomplished! What a terrific guy! You deserve all the best Paulie!

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