Grandson’s conviction a sign that racism is still alive here!

I practiced law for 53 years defending against prejudice, but the trial of my grandson, Carees Linzy, made me realize that racism is still alive.

On the side of the courtroom open for the defendant’s friends and family, the first row of seats were turned so no one could sit. Not so on the side where the “bouncer’s” family and friends sat, which was next to the jury and behind the prosecutor.

Carees was leaving a local tavern with a six-pack of beer when a white male weighing approximately 308 pounds struck him and started beating him without provocation, knocking him over a fence, dragging him over the parking lot, causing his pants to fall to his knees, breaking his nose and otherwise injuring him. The person beating him was the tavern’s “bouncer or former bouncer.” Carees weighs 155 pounds. Security cameras showed the beating, which was used by the prosecutor. The “deceased” tested 0.14; therefore, he was legally intoxicated. In spite of this, Carees was charged with murder and other crimes in Richland County.

Why this man attacked Carees became evident to me when his father, uninterrupted, racially and hatefully attacked my grandson when he spoke at the sentencing, using the “N” word, that racism was involved.

The jury panel consisted of two Afro-Americans who were removed by the prosecutor.

I feel if Carees had not shot the deceased, he would have been beaten to death.

The case was initially set for June 2012 and was moved to March 2012. Carees’ attorney filed a motion for continuance, which was denied. The case was heard 72 days after the indictment.

The medical examiner stated to Carees’ attorney twice that the deceased did not die from the gunshots. That the cause of death was undetermined. Why did she testify that the gunshot was the cause of death?

The differences between this case and Zimmerman case is the defendant is black and immediately charged and quickly convicted.

Attorney Dr. Wilbur H. Flippin Jr.


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2 Responses to Grandson’s conviction a sign that racism is still alive here!

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Wally Toward · Top commenter · Works at Owned several businesses over the years
    I attended most of the trial. I only saw Wilbur Flippin enter the court room, look around and leave. The front row was left vacant after the defendants family became disruptive. Several times the trial had to be stopped to quiet them. The white victim, Gary, was a client of Att.Wilbur Flippins. I am sure that racism was involved, but it certainally not on the part of the Hall Family. This letter just doesn’t match any of the facts that came out in trial.

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    What facts were shared Wally?, the facts that he has a track record a mile long, a history of violence, and the Courts failed him miserably?. As far as I’m concerned, EVERY JUDGE this man stood before is GUILTY for the death of Mr Hall. There was a small claims case Halls Auto vs Linzy, was Mr Hall any relation to that case?. Linzy in 2011 beat a murder rap when that case was dismissed, could this be related (retribution) for the case that was dismissed?.

    Just an FYI – The facts in Court rarely match that of what’s known on the streets, that’s why there’s so many lawsuits and convictions that get over turned!. Was the Judge in this case DeWeese?, IF so, enough said…

  2. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    Ahhh, something that was left out Wally that IS important is….The bouncer / ex CO was intoxicated .14, and the testimony from the examiner has changed as well? – went from gunshots not being the cause of death, to being the cause of death. I would think his Attorney would use this in an appeal?

    We have been seeing a lot of racially motivated hate crimes of late, you can blame the Democratic Obamians here who have been perverting the law which causes it! – It’s time to get voting them out!!!! – 40 years without representation on a National level is long enough!

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