Grand Jury to hear the Shane Lambert case?

Why are they wasting our time is the question?, we all know what the outcome will be in a secret special Grand Jury. My biggest question is why the AG is speaking on behalf of a Richland County Grand Jury, where is OUR Prosecutor on this? Have they declared “CONflict of Interest”? So many problems with justice around here and NOBODY wants to go “on” the record, everything is a secret? We can understand the RCSO having secrets, but the MPD? Come on, they told us up front who the Officers were, they were justified by their Chief, no public outcry for justice that we know of, yet there will be a Special Grand Jury hearing for this? The guy was wanted for questioning, he ran and hid in a dwelling not his own and was shot for trespassing. This unlike the Brian Garber wrongful death is problem solved, right? Who is calling for this Grand Jury hearing and is it on a record somewhere, and did the family file a complaint? There’s a lot missing in this report, you say???


Grand jury to hear officer-involved shooting case

A grand jury will examine an officer-involved shooting death that happened in Mansfield in September.

This week, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Attorney General’s office said the AG’s Special Prosecutions Section currently has the case involving the late Shane Lambert, and will take it to a grand jury. Grand jury proceedings are secret, so she said she cannot comment on when it might occur.

“It hasn’t happened yet,” spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said Wednesday.

A Richland County grand jury will determine whether or not to indict.

During a search of a vacant house in Mansfield, two officers confronted and fatally shot Norwalk resident Shane Lambert. Lambert was wanted for questioning in the death of 57-year-old Norwalk resident James Berens.

A Mansfield police administrative review of actions taken by the two officers found they acted in accordance with department policy.

Mansfield police Sgt. Patrick Williams and Officer Orlando Chatman were cleared to return to work last fall, according to a release issued by the Mansfield Police Department.

Chief Ken Coontz said Williams and Chatman were mentally and physically cleared to return to duty.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave as part of standard department procedure.

Earlier, Coontz said details on what happened during the shooting will be released after grand jury is dismissed.


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  1. bigman says:

    The Lamberts are notorious for trouble. I have yet to meet a Lambert I trust

  2. Phil says:

    Ok, I gave you back your chance to post anonymously folks!
    Who will be the first to TELL IT LIKE IT IS?

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