Got News about Banks spending over $46k for GOP Commissioner Candidacy!

He didn’t spend it, his special interests did! Did you not go to the debate?

Morgenstern CLEARLY said Banks bankrupted the family business and asked how much? How ever the questioner from the MNJ  quickly moved on with the show so the public that showed would not get an answer, hmmm?

Banks spent $46,779 on GOP commissioner campaign

Actually the GOP heard Philly was advised by Board of Elections he had to run as a Republican cause as an Independent he voted Republican in the last Major Election. Since Tim was no longer a viable liar for the GOP establishment they were scared and had to bring in another puppet as Drew Tyler says? Too funny! When you try to get people involved in the election process what they will do to not lose their seat? I am more interested if in recent years IF ANYONE has spent this kind of money in fear if an average Joe getting in office? This is certainly how they want this to appear, the GOP’s fear was not of long time comrade Tim Wert, it was of a citizen getting in there having NO TIEs to the establishment!

Here’s what you learned so far? Local Political are dirty! Your not part the club, your not getting in!

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Disenfranchised Voters hurt Botdorfs chances?

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