Got a call from Fox 8 then ironically a call from Sheriff, so to be fair I will share…

Yesterday I received a call from Fox 8’s Lorrie Taylor who wanted to interview my inside perspective being I was there while citizens with questions are called sovereign citizen group and conspirators I compelled to write yet another truth!

After gathering myself from what happened inside OUR public meeting there are many misconceptions and comments i.e. perspectives that are inaccurate, and I am puzzled at how easy the public is swayed with this information. First off reports of being conspirators?, that can be said of EVERYTHING I and others witnessed and discuss as we move forward. The first being the media packet that conveniently was not REDACTED entirely giving access to not only the witnesses personal information you can also CLEARLY see each and everyone of OUR social security numbers, with exception if anyone noticed. Only the citizens information was made public to media outlets across this region, not the so-called “victims” or one witness, a County employee named Kelly Christiansen – that is odd, don’t ya think?

Talk about CONspirators, what about eyewitness recollections of the events as I will discuss here.

Firstly it is said that Tim Norris before entering the meeting was seen going into the Prosecutors Office, for what? It surely wasn’t like in an earlier event where security guard Matt Mayer was told (supposedly) what to say in that ordeal, how ever in THIS incident Mr Norris said nothing? Here’s the original incident that was going to draw questions in THIS MEETING surely they were impeding from being asked, since when do minions speak for the elected heads, sounds like an idle threat? If not for on this video there would be no proof of this happening, watch and you decide if we should have any minions speaking for the elected heads? This is the PROBLEM, yet if you watch the extended video of this you will see one commissioner BLAME Randy and others for what happened?

Here we have their boss speaking for the commissioners…

These are concerns they knew these citizens were going to ask questions about and why I feel they called for executive session, to block the efforts to get answers to why they won’t go on the record to discuss what appears here as intimidation during a recording of a public records request for evidence of MISSING RECORDS in another case in which these people will not enforce a court order by the State. I have been a witness in these events and if you ask me it appears the conspirators appear to be those who one, will not go on the record or put anything in writing as the law requires.

These are not action of citizen conspirators, these are actions of concerned citizens who are asking questions of their elected officials that they unaccustomed to it appears, once again not many attend their public meeting to address their grievances. Being this is only my 3rd meeting I see why? During the Garber incident we were kept off the record, look at the minutes of that meeting October 16th 2014 and you will not see much of this listed in the record. Minutes can be found on their site here. I shared a citizen Journalist video here of that meeting, one can say THEY have something to hide? So calling me and others conspirators is quite disturbing! I work thank you very much, I pay out of my own pocket to get the truth out there. I don’t get paid for this, nor is that my goal. If that’s what they want then maybe I should being they have violated my right to privacy and put my life in danger bringing a gun into a private meeting in which there was none, does that even make sense to people? I can’t believe we are even having this discussion, IT WAS PURE NUTS TO OPEN FIRE IN THIS MEETING – THANK GOD TIM WERT AND THE 14YR OLD WHO RECORDED THIS EVENT DIDN’T GET SHOT!

So if this is going to be said to be a Conspiracy these Elected heads who first perpetrated the lie that Mike Skidmore was told to leave before placing hands (once again) on him lets discuss that first! Secondly we need to dissect the video that thank God once again made it out of that room, there’s a lot of points being missed, that’s your conspiracy! Watch closely this following video and tell me if you think this guy warrants being put on a stretcher while Mike is dragged out and jailed for simply reporting their lies???

Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-31-06_secutity hurt

Have questions – please post them or e-mail me at – I am sick over this!!!!

Talk about someone who didn’t REALIZE this event was recorded, to me the CONspiracy was perpetrated with the first lie out of the Prosecutors office – see more details of this story to see the blog that has EVIDENCE this is where it ALL BEGAN, so stick this in your conspiracy pipe and smoke it!

More details to this story!

I-Team: video of altercation and gunshot between Richland County security officers and journalist

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If you have more the BCI would like to speak with you! Here are their contact numbers, if you agree Mike Skidmore is being kidnapped and kept from telling his story please lobby these State Reps to expedite his release!!!!

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2 Responses to Got a call from Fox 8 then ironically a call from Sheriff, so to be fair I will share…

  1. Anthony W Walker says:

    The ladies are feeling ‘uncomfortable’? I wasn’t aware that the First Amendment had ‘feelings’ or ‘comfort’ stipulations. They (ladies) can’t focus on their job? Fire them if they can’t do their job. Like an abusive cop who uses the ‘stop resisting’ as he and other abusive cops beat the shit out of you elected officials go with their version of stop resisting ‘feeling uncomfortable’. First question to ask a candidate for office ‘when confronted with an issue ‘are you going to play the ‘feelings’ card to avoid doing your job or avoid a question ?’

  2. george says:

    do a recall vote on all of them.

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