Good thing Chic-fil-a doesn’t have a store here

As we ALL know…IF you speak out here in Richland County, especially Mansfield you will be ostracized just like Chick-fil-a for sharing your view.

Remember the slander of late with the guy who made folks aware of the corruption here?. There was someone who his behind a keyboard who shared stuff that legally could have wound them in jail for that caused folks to call on where he worked!

They have since quit posting knowing the Attorney General will be called which would expose who they are.

Deputy Brad, IF you read this the Devils Advocate would like to speak with you about your concerns on his posts that you think should have gotten him in trouble by now. He would like to know, what trouble? – Do you too think speaking out against public officials is against the law? – Not when it’s the TRUTH or HIS OPINION, we…Just like Chick-fil-a have certain freedoms we still hold dear and will fight to the very end to not be silenced.

Do you not remember your History where Abe Lincoln once said the following?

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