Georgia woman, like Mike Skidmore fights for open Government – Interesting how not many saw this in the local paper?

Sounds very familiar don’t it?

The question we should all have is WHY our local governments don’t like being recorded?

Here, Mike Skidmore was made an example of, yet we await his appeal while others like him and this Georgia woman fear being locked up for transparency. Who do they think they are, citizens have a right to know what’s going on. Sadly the local media can’t be a trusted source anymore when folks know they print what they are told while others are jailed for refuting it? Is this what we want happening to our 1st Amendment Right? I don’t think so!

Drew Tyler is a liar, has ties to local corruption and political lies entered into our local mainstream media and believes NOBODY can challenge it? – We shall see, the TRUTH is coming, or will we have to rely on one perspective as the truth? ALL media should be challenged, even this source! How ever Drew Tylers of the world cry depicting its just my version of the truth while NOBODY COMMENTS???? Well, everyone has a right to refute anything, my guess is if nobody is commenting like Drew Tyler says, which is true for the most part that can only mean one thing, folks agree, or lack good reasons to argue.

Please, where are the Devils Advocates, arguments = progress, don’t you agree?

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Mike Skidmore could use this Attorney!!!!

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