Garber’s family testifying at grand jury this week, Story by Kaitlin Durbin

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Testimony over the deputy shooting death of Brian Garber began Thursday during grand jury at Richland County Courthouse.

Brian’s parents, Connie and Matt Garber, testified Thursday.

The schedule of witnesses left to testify is unknown. Grand jury proceedings are secret, per state law. – What we do know is the witnesses called mother Connie, Father Matt, and widow Sara are ALL being BLAMED for the death of Brian Garber for saying he had a gun?

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, which is reviewing the case, subpoenaed 13 witnesses to speak before the grand jury, according to information the News Journal obtained last week. – What’s the guilty party saying? Rumor has it they are saying they announced who they were and Matt Garber who was the only one there is said to be CONfused about what happened – WTH??? They are saying they called this man out and took their time before putting 14 BULLETS INTO AN UNARMED MAN! Something else I am hearing they did not tell the Grand Jury, not sure why that is, but WILL find out! 

I find this to to alarming that they said this did not happen the way Matt said it did, this would implicate them for INDICTMENT if you ask me, so why was the 911 timeline and text messages NOT shared with the Grand Jury? These two CRUCIAL pieces of what we know as the ONLY TRUE PUBLIC records tell quite a differing story than what these Deputies have told. The 911 Timeline says radio traffic was silenced at 8:22pm, Ambulance called at 8:23pm – Funny! – the last text message they shared to the public that I saved as well depicts 8:22pm received meaning they either wrote this or they did not take their time as they so depicted in their concocted story!

Following testimony, the grand jury will decide whether indictments are warranted in the shooting.

Brian Garber, 28, was shot and killed by an unidentified Richland County Sheriff’s deputy around 8:30 p.m. March 16, after his wife called 911 saying he had sent her text messages threatening he had a gun.


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From what we are hearing which I will validate today the Garber’s are getting BLAMED for the death of their son?, can’t believe this took over 8 months to decide and goes to show Corruption in Cuyahoga County is STILL alive and well being it appears they have dropped the ball in this! The Richland County community is in REAL danger with this kind of legal sham system! I can’t believe Ohio State Law calls for this kind of secrecy for a Grand Jury, IF this little information is being withheld I hope it comes out in a higher authority? Then again when you have a Deputy like Donald Zehner who thinks he’s the higher authority, a non believer in God, his Judgement will be in the way of Karma! Maybe and hopefully in the same way they killed the late James Mayer who’s death 3 days after Donald Zehner and a mysterious Attorney attended a private meeting with commissioners calling it “executive session” protected once again by a Sunshine law – wth is going on here is the question, anyone know? 

MORE ON THIS!!!! – BOTTOM OF PAGE$2C+2014+-+Commissioners+Meeting.pdf – Private meeting community was shut out of, THEY say protected by Sunshine Laws???? – NO REASON for Zehner to be there, yet told none of our business???$2C+2014+-+Meeting+Minutes+from+County+Website_unsigned.pdf – Their meeting minutes before the recorder was shut off for public review.

Youtube of what transpired after meeting was called October 16th, most of which left off the record????

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