Gannett Law Department sends cease letter to e-mail, is this legal or just a bully tactic?

Here is the e-mail I found today, Thank God I checked this e-mail before I was taken away by the neo Nazis or had my home attacked not knowing what I do was illegal. I never signed anything regarding copyright infringement and meant nothing but to share my comments on the articles that I could not do otherwise on their site, hence the reason I would NEVER pay to visit their site when they CENSOR.
 How ever when the content in question is FREE, how can this be copyright infringement? I have been sharing my views on their articles for what, a year now? I also share the writer and comments that I agree and do not agree with as a way to get others involved. Most of the content I share is questionable and deserves to be questioned, something I was not allowed to do on their site, share a personal view and in many cases the truth of the matter that’s intentionally left out for one reason or another?
I ask what the problem is when the content is on the internet and it’s free, if they believe we should pay for it then why give it away for free? IF anything my site attracts people to their site and they should be paying me for the free advertisement that I pay for personally. I do not profit or collect any duties for what I do and believe this is nothing but a strong arm tactic to silence their critics and those who oppose the goings on in Mansfield.
I am sharing this as a way to get good advice since I am told what I have been doing is not against the law considering I have been though much that stemmed from THEIR site when I was allowed to comment. i.e. Death threats, threats to my employer, illegal use of MY PHOTOS by user(s) on their site, etc. When I checked with authorities about the internet threats, slander, defamation, and use of MY PHOTOS NOBODY including the Attorney Generals office knew who’s authority the internet is. I’m assuming now that I have received this letter via e-mail it must be the media’s domain where they, and only they can share the News? Interesting I think!, and surely if they want to pursue legal matters for what I have been sharing for free will become quite interesting!
I will be looking forward to your responses, and if I find what I do as being illegal certainly I will change the format. How ever I will say this…THEY cannot stop the fact I can still reference articles and quotes that I read that should and will be refuted that can’t be done otherwise getting CENSORED on their site. Now, if they did not do this, do you think there would be a problem?
If Gannett and the Mansfield News Journal believe I am at fault for the lack of sales or what ever they deem reason enough to pursue legal matters I hope they think it’s worth it? I’m broke like many in this economically depressed area, so good luck with that. If anything, like many made up crimes here, it will be the TAXPAYERS who pay for it! – One way or the other, get what I’m saying? You can only get so much from the oppressed before your actions effect more than you bargain for, surely I am not the nut job you hoped I would be.
Good evening,                                                                                                                                  Sent July 23 (8 days ago)
Please see the attached letter.  Please also let me know if you have any difficulties opening the attachment.
William T. Herman
Gannett Law Department
Please read attachment before commenting, secondly you will find the following link interesting as well that I received from another in my group who’s just as ill with the less than due diligent news.
Mansfielder Perspective letter – You will get a kick out of what they want me to sign, a blank page – nice try!
While allowing those she protects to CENSOR others, now that’s ROTFLMAO like good old Drew used to say! Never did like the copy & paste TRUTH in News.
Thank you for your time friends, we shall see what comes of this! Will be interesting to see who the internet belongs too, those who share the truth, or those who not so much. You know them, we call them Narcissistic Sociopaths (LOL)

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