Galion officer under investigation? – I have one question for commentor Jim Wetzel

The Story – Galion officer under investigation

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  • John Hess · Top Commenter · Works at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant – Austin

    Only thing that’s gonna happen is he got another paid vacation why do they even mess around acting like they’re gonna do something everyone knows a cop can do anything and the most hes gonna get is paid leave….
    • Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

      Apparently your the only one who knows what you are stating. I recall earlier this year a Mansfield Police Officer who was indicted for bribery and other charges, if I recall. It’s kind of hard to “make it go away” when it is put out there for the public to see. So perhaps you should wait until the police investigation is over and the prosecutor’s office has reviewed the case before making your claim that a cop can o anything and the most he’s gonna get is paid leave.

      · 13 minutes ago

    I agree they may not always get away with their abuse of power, but they do get paid regardless! My question to Mr. Wetzel the infamous public defender of corruption, what do you think IF this is not a paid vacation, then should they pay it back if and when the investigation finds wrong doing? If I recall correctly you also defended the  APA supervisor who also was on paid administrative leave during his investigation that led to his firing! – He NEVER paid that money back, so is that fair to the citizens who paid his salary? He has laid claim for 4 years to his friends that he was getting this job back, now that EVERYONE knows that’s not happening, how about paying back what he did not deserve?
Your thoughts here please! – Unlike your comments on the MNJ that will soon disappear and people forget, it will NOT happen here!
Peace my friend, don’t threaten the TRUTH!

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