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Yet again you have proven MY point. You keep speaking to Phil like you have somekind of crystal ball or something? The most entertaining thing that I personally became intrigued with is how you morphed from one character to the next everytime you get your ass handed to you. Do you know how stupid and delusional you sound? What’s funny is…how you and your many made up characters think you can tell I am Phil by my handwriting here – lol! Phil used to read your stuff and respond to it on his facebook group page, then I would copy it here just to get a rise out of FOOLS LIKE YOU, and look it works! He has now quit giving you attention there so I am now on my own to keep playing with you. Yes, I have nothing better to do being a disabled vet, so shall we take our date to another level and finally meet up? I am a vietnam vet and legally considered nuts as you say and have seen more in my one tour than you will in your entire Obama loving life!
Funny how those “multiple” people who respond here know the entire list of everyone we thought it could be posting here, don’t ya think?, are you saying Mansfield has this many psychotic sociopaths? Taking “years” as you say to silence Phil is quite the undertaking, and IF you are a follower one would now know you’re a remnant from the John Mayer firing and lies he told that were exposed. Like Phil said…”move on”, the John Mayer era is over and he’s NOT GETTING HIS JOB BACK! – Just ask the Governor – lol! I would like to correct you on one thing I know for sure, my friend Phil gets bothered the least by your rants of grandeur since none of which you say is true. Funny you also say “no one” converses on his page? Funny, I see daily conversations there by a few who think the same, I suppose you think these are ALL Phil too since you find it hard to beleive he has friends? I also know he gets e-mails from folks with inside information that he shares which pisses YOU off and why you have portrayed yourself as a mole to cause an influx of hate where he works. That worked until we proved you once again as the liar you are!, now when they read today’s poppycock by you they will see the game you have been playing trying to turn one against the other. I suggest you come clean on who you are IF you want credibility like Phil has. Surely if you thought Phil was wrong on his issues you would stand proud to who you are and take him on in a public forum and not here like some backroom plea dealing lawyer who wants to keep the truth in the dark.
Come to the light my delusional troll, after years of having fun as you say, don’t you think it’s time to fly your flag proudly rather than making a stand in the dark as all terrorists we know of today? Fun is subjective as well, and only a delusioned friend would think you’re having fun when you get so angry at times, and flag the posts that we know get to you. Keep ACTING like your not obsessed, not a sociopath or psychotic who hides behind what they say, everyone who knows Phil knows he’s not afraid to back what he says in the light, yet you say he is a nutjob. What’s funny is…how it took a nutjob to catch a nutjob – you have been had, admit it?
You’re the sociopath Phil. You actually responded to defend yourself, while pretending to be someone else! Who’s the real nut job? So if there is only ONE child, it is you. No one carries on a conversation with himself/herself because you always respond as you did below. No one is fooled, you are a nut job who repeats gibberish. Multiple people respond to you, not because your ridiculous page is gaining positive attention, but because it is hilarious to see how bothered you get. You are pathetic, yet highly entertaining. Clearly, you don’t have better things to do, seriously! If people truly wanted to converse with your dumb ass on your joke of a page they would … but NO ONE does and that makes things soooooo much more fun!!!!

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