Friends of the MP please unite to find this young man in the Ashland/Mansfield area – PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT!

FRIENDS HELP PLEASE!! If anyone knows where this young man is please contact me, no questions asked. For those who have my cell call or text or if you wish send a private message to my fb. Michelle is a strong member of my rock n’ roll family and a great friend who has helped me out many times. Once again no question asked just want to get him back to his mother safe. God be with you Michelle, and those who wish to help. Love ya and thanks, Fin.
Me and my baby boy! Love you Daniel!!
Me and my baby boy! Love you Daniel
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    John I. Finley He may be in the Mansfield or Ashland area.
    John I. Finley Sorry I thought this message from his mother was shared with this photo but was not… so here is the message…..This is me and my son Daniel. I am very worried about him and he is hiding out in Ashland/or Mansfield. As everyone knows that are my family and/or friends he has an addiction to heroin. A year ago this week he OD’d and was brought back to us for a 2nd chance at life. This drug is devastating to our family and friends. If anyone see’s my son anywhere, could you please contact me. I am tired of crying and worrying about him. Daniel if you see this, please please please get ahold of me. We can work through this. We love you soooo much and we WILL find help for you somewhere! PLEASE come home! I do not want a repeat of last year and I do not want to bury my son! I’m begging you!
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