Four men face felony charges after heroin, meth raids in Shelby; Sure!, but what about the woman who’s name is being witheld? Surely she has something to do with this, right?

Four men face felony charges after heroin, meth raids in Shelby

Comments from the MNJ not worth sharing, but I am curious to why the woman stopped with Sayre if warranted a warrant for a search why she’s not involved in this article?

Something that draws curiosity is why Mr. Weber was wearing an ankle bracelet when I don’t see public record that would warrant his having to wear one? I only show mere traffic violations that I was unaware you would have to wear a bracelet for?

One can ONLY assume the reason this story took so long to break in the news is there is more to come, like WHO the undisclosed woman was. Could only assume she may have been the mastermind behind this?

This one detail shared here strikes me as odd, WHY the woman is not charged with something as a way to be part in a deal?

Anyone else see the oddness in all of this? Where there are DRUGS, you will NORMALLY find women Рjust curious to why this one is left out?

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