Former Richland commissioner released from prison – Say what?.

MANSFIELD — A former Richland County commissioner must report to a parole officer for the next five years after being released from prison.

David F. Swartz, 74, served eight years in prison for two counts of gross sexual imposition and misdemeanor intimidation of a crime victim. Swartz had sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl in 1996 and 1997. He also admitted to telling her “to be quiet” about the abuse during a phone conversation.

 That conversation happened in February 2004, 18 days after Swartz pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery for abusing another girl from 2000 to 2004. Swartz told investigators that abuse began when the girl was about 6 years old.

 Visiting Judge Otho Eyster sentenced Swartz to four years on each of the gross sexual imposition charges and an additional four-year combined sentence on the sexual battery charges in April 2004.

 Swartz was released from Lorain Correctional Institution in March after serving his complete sentence.

Here’s what some are saying so far! – Funny how it says there’s ONLY 4 COMMENTS. I guess they (MNJ) web censors only think 4 are worth reading?

Here they are;

Ester Jean Cyrus ·  Top Commenter

wasn’t long enough for him.the girls have to suffer the rest of their life”s think 8 years made it leave their minds of what he did hell no.
Robert Jeffrey · Works at State of Ohio

great article,released 5 months ago ,, no wonder no one buys your paper,by the way that is not the prison he was released by.
Bob Baker ·  Top Commenter

Would you like to share with the class Mr Jeffery?
Rachel Swartz · Instrustional Assistant for Special Education at Calvert County Public School System

He was at MANCI
Micki Neal ·  Subscribe Subscribed ·  Top Commenter

8 Years !!!!!!!!! It should have been the death penalty.
Paula Ridsdale Johnson · Ashland, Ohio

And I saw him hanging around the kiddie rides at the Shiloh Ox Roast.
Michael Stoffer · Bowling Green

Perp Alert!
Melissa Rudolph

I’m all about second chances for some things but for this….send him back!
Rachel Swartz · Instrustional Assistant for Special Education at Calvert County Public School System

only people who show remorse deserve second chances
Del Ridsdale · Works at Business Owner

where do we sign up to take out pedophiles!…… much does it pay?
Dawn Capone

makes my blood boil. few things in life are worth raising my blood pressure over. this…this is.
Cheri Denney

And he was at the fair last night…no kids around there 🙁
Phil Sydnor · School of Hard Knocks

I wonder why they don’t say what branch of parole he will be reporting to?. I guess they don’t want you to know that the State APA is who SHOULD be watching this nut, because we all know about those in the County how they protect their own!.

Day after day we see folks on County parole continue to be violent offenders, for we have seen as of late where one offender of late who was left off parole by Judge Ault, even after he was caught offending his ex-wife when he was to have no contact with,then he injured a little girl, and then fought with arresting officers.

Where is the JUSTICE in this town, and why is THIS MAN getting protected?. You want to know more, you have to join Mansfielders Perspective to find out, because we won’t hear it in this rag!

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2 Responses to Former Richland commissioner released from prison – Say what?.

  1. Rosetta Swartz says:

    Bullshit! We were suffer in whole our life and our sex life are tough and struggles. He is our nightmare! Now our cousins talk to him beacause of money talk. Broken my heart and he confusing me by love and true and money. Now he brianwash my father by money talk again. My father disown me now. I let God forgivng him. He is nobody to me. He need go back to the prison that is high crime that can f^*# his a&$ up! Not just two girls, he did. Many women who knows him and he bother them too. Even his own sister and many women. Women is too shame to stood up till we did. Whoever you woman s duty to report to stop what people doing wrong to children. If you didnt then there more vicitims. Your fault too. Speak out and fight for yourself and others!

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