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They were already blocked on Phils group page that THEY are calling a website, then they were banned by facebook for their attacks. They are running a smear campaign knowing this is an election year trying to get votes for their friends who are running un-opposed in November, because THEY know Phil has done nothing illegal and ONLY speaks out about those who are corrupt. The lady who said she has a husband in a very public position has nothing to worry about in regards to shopping where he works, there are laws that protect you from any store that requires personal information for deliveries. I remember Phil mentioning his stalker Attorney that John and friends sent in as a way to harass him for refuting his ads in the News Journal & WMFD, her name was never mentioned even though she made a stink and advised her authority and personal fame and was upset NOBODY knew her. The only person who would have known who he was talking about would be her, like I said her name was NEVER mentioned or they would have shared their evidence. Keep in mind what these liberals are doing since they are not copying verbatim and writing what they want out of context to assure Phil looks bad. His employer and co-workers are getting miffed and would like to know who these people are. Like it is said here, they will get caught menacing on craigslist with malice intent and could be prosecuted if they would persue. There is nothing illegal about Phil speaking out against corrupt public officials and/or workers, how ever there are issues when private citizens are attacked on like they are public property. Like it was said…this is a Private business with private employees and no shareholders for these liberals to scare. I contest someone from there to invoke their rights, and take legal action. Phil made a promise to his employer that he will not entertain these people on craigslist, then they stalked him on facebook when they attacked him replying to a news article on Jami Kintons page which is what got the below accounts disabled.

Here are the facebooks already taken down, if you could still view them you would see FUrightbak says she loves Jesus, should I say more?. FUrightbak and Jesus in the same sentence is blasphemy!.

https://www.facebook.com/dick.moaner – this one was made up when the first one was banned from this group

They say Phil has many e-mails, accounts on facebook etc., the truth is…He has many friends who will back him here, and in the courts if that’s what they want?. If you see, it’s these left wing liberal spinners who have multiple accounts and their spouting off here only shows how desperate they have become. If they could sue or file criminal charges they would have done it by now, they have nothing but delusional hypotheticals on him that could turn into criminal charges for harassment.

Oh, I almost forgot…where is this crap that Phil said he enjoys the Ontario PD no longer frequents the store, I believe this was made up by a disgruntled ex-employee who was mad at Phil for calling him out when he shared a story where he enjoyed beating up an inmate out of the cameras eye when he was in corrections.

This is the TRUE story, and why we are having a rash of smear campaigns against this store, the riff raff are gone!, and is under NEW management. So FEAR not, I’m going out there as usual to support these hard working people.

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