First a Special Prosecutor, NOW a Special Judge in the Mike Skidmore case? Could it be another outside cover up, or will Richland County corruption be coming to a close?

The MNJ Article after we noticed October 5th there is a pretrial set, yet there has been no report on it? Now there is…

Lets take a look at it shall we?

Visiting judge, special prosecutors chosen for Skidmore case

Visiting Judge Richard Reinbold and special prosecutors Brad L. Tammaro and Margaret B. Tomaro have been selected by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in the Michael Skidmore case, set for pretrial at 10 a.m. Oct. 5 in Richland County Common Pleas Court, according to court records.” MNJ Reports

“Skidmore, who is accused of striking the two guards July 9 while they were attempting to detain him during a commissioners meeting, was indicted on six counts and arrested in July after a special session of the Richland County grand jury.” – Oh glory, why can’t you just show the video on how it all went down? Let the people see that this is not exactly how it all went down, and keep in mind it was FIRST SAID Mr Skidmore was told to leave, maybe why there’s a need for a Special Jury, Special Prosecutor, and now a Special Judge to take the cloud of corruption off this County? Well folks I will tell you, this is HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! None the less IF a deal is not made there will be huge issues that will arise from this, like the TRUTH!!!! They called for an executive session is one detail they are leaving out, then there’s the detail that the incident was caused by a NO SPEAKING UNMARKED UNAMED SECURITY GUARD who had a gun in a public meeting where none are to be. Read the sign on the front of this building, NO GUNS BEYOND THIS POINT – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

No GUNS COUNTY BUILDINGSo when will this so-called guard be charged????

“According to the indictment, Skidmore was officially charged with four felonies and two misdemeanor charges.

The felonies included two counts of felonious assault for “knowingly causing serious physical harm” to Richland County courthouse security officers Chuck Kochis and Timothy Norris.

He was also charged with two first-degree misdemeanor counts of assault, one for each guard.

Kochis was bitten on the cheek during the incident and Norris was struck repeatedly in the head, according to the indictment. The attack led Norris to fire his gun, which struck a wall.

A third felony count was handed down for inducing panic by causing the evacuation of the Richland County Administration Building. The fourth was for obstructing official business by preventing, obstructing or delaying performance by a public official.

“The offense created a risk of physical harm to Richland County Commissioners,” the indictment said.” – All of this could have been avoided IF they had done what they said they said in early reports that this man was told to leave, being I was there and being considered an none credible witness because we were first alleged to be a group there to cause harm and this was planned? If this was PLANNED by anyone it was planned by the Commissioners and their fearless lying leader the Prosecutor which allows minions to speak for them, see earlier videos made that they allege are part of a more sinister plan, cracks me up on how the spin doctors work, quite the opposite as Mikes only plan was to expose the laws they are breaking and intimidation practices when trying to retrieve public records  – see Mikes Videos here, what he was EXPOSING is what they are now trying to cover up. The TRUTH is Mike had nothing to hide all the while THEY did. Why else did the guard simply come in, no commands to leave, and then go straight for the mans camera? Because he just caught on video a group of CONspirators who have taken over our County, that’s why! 

These trumped up charges are all part of the norm, something they did, BLAME on others like Mike and the many smear campaigns that Mansfielders Perspective is behind this? HEY DREW TYLER – PROVE IT! We have already proved you and others including the media are behind the many frauds perpetrated upon the people.


More about the man the media will not tell you about; Mike Skidmore is a 30 year retired prison guard, knows the law, and knows they have no procedures to back up their lies. Mike was also a Marine who came through with yes a promise, IF these unlawful goons touch him as you see they touched first unwarranted how they will use Stacy Crall the perpetrator of lies as Mike being inappropriate behavior.

Fox 8 Interview 7/13/15 – The public DEMANDS ANSWERS!!!!

A citizen speaks, CLEARLY see’s the fault elsewhere the media so easily ignores?

FULL 47 MINUTE VIDEO THE BCI HAS A COPY OF, SO YOU THINK ITS BEEN EDITED? ASK THE BCI FOR THE ORIGINAL WE WILL FIND SUPPRESSED BY THIS OR ANY JUDGE, JUST WATCH AND SEE! – Surely they are not happy this video made it out of that room, A MUST WATCH!!! – As you will see at the 4 minute mark once they saw who has showed up for this meeting they called for executive session which was not on the agenda we received. So if anyone is at fault for obstructing business or inducing panic it would be our elected heads who were pulling a fast one once again on the public looking for answers.

PINAC Mike Skidmore














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21 Responses to First a Special Prosecutor, NOW a Special Judge in the Mike Skidmore case? Could it be another outside cover up, or will Richland County corruption be coming to a close?

  1. Bird says:

    How is that a RETIRED Judge can visit another county to hear a case?
    Anyone sitting on a jury needs to demand to view ALL of the evidence.
    The judge in a court room is there just to be a referee. The JURY judges law and hears ALL of the evidence. BUT this is something that they don’t want people to know and understand.

    • Phil says:

      Surely the “Special Prosecutors” who follow this Judge will suppress the evidence, a 47 minute video that depicts OUR hand picked by Commissioners prosecutors office first perpetrated a lie that had to come from them! I was there, nobody from the Prosecutors office was there, so whom ever told the Prosecutors office that Mike was told to leave is a LIAR making them a non credible witness. If you watch, the ONLY TIME the public was told to leave was at the 4 minute mark when minion Stacy Crall the non elected being used as cover up spoke and said the people had to leave because they were starting the day with an executive session. It’s MY understanding that this is NOT HOW EXECUTIVE SESSIONS are called. Can anyone prove otherwise? My understanding is a executive session must be called within a public meeting that is scheduled, not before the meeting gets started. They were intentionally blocking these people from asking questions on the record intentionally. So they concurred and allowed us to enter, once Mike Skidmore and Randy Shepherd clearly explained the actual rules they simply disagreed and said they don’t think so on how it works. I will be getting to the bottom of this in the coming weeks, professionally of coarse because I don’t want shot at or banned from any further questions. I will take my allowed 3 minutes and be back as many times as necessary to get the public the answers they need. I will need credible witnesses with me on these visits out of fear they can make up any stories they want as we are seeing in this case, scares the hell out of people the measures they will take as you see their anonymous poster Drew Tyler here speaking poppycock to discredit the truth! Maybe I would be convinced otherwise if someone could PROVE this Drew Tyler is real as he/she says they are. I am convinced THE PEOPLE would be shocked to know who the REAL Drew Tyler is, nothing they say can believed, and if we knew who it was this case would be over, slam dunk!
      See the above full video link above or watch it here –

    • Charlie says:

      Happens all the time. It especially happens when there is a potential conflict of interest, such as small towns where a judge may have financial dealings with one or more litigants, etc. As this was a county building and county administration, you can not rightfully expect a judge presiding over that county to be able to impartially hear the case involving his own county officials. Hope that makes sense.

      • Phil says:

        I understand their getting another Prosecutor because it was their office that perpetrated the lie that Mike Skidmore was told to leave. I was there, that didn’t happen. How ever I disagree that they are taking this out of the Judges hands based on conflict of interest? The TRUTH of the matter is the Judge is just a referee, the REAL ISSUE that I would believe he was replaced is the Security of this building was created by him. That’s the ONLY REASON he is getting replaced, there is no CONflict of interest in a Judges position to interpret the LAW between Prosecution and Defense. Sorry Charlie, the reason is the obvious, this Judge is behind the thug who pulled the trigger is the real reason.

  2. Bird says:

    Wasn’t the Stark county prosecutor the other prosecutor who “killed himself” around the same time Richland county’s prosecutor “killed himself’?
    Strange that these two counties both had suicidal prosecutors around the same time.

    • Phil says:

      Oddly enough, isn’t the retired Judge now seeing Mike Skidmore’s case from Stark County? I am starting to see why people say corruption in everywhere?
      Hell, there’s a NETWORK – Maybe why THEY won’t give me Drew Tyler so I can face my pusillanimous accuser of false witness? I would gladly go to jail to expose and beat this clown into the ground. Funny how stalking is legal, kind of reminds me of the like of John Mayer who was fired by the State for breaking all the rules of engagement to save face for carrying a weapon while intoxicated, now hired by Bambi Couch Page as a “Secret Service Private Eye” – Now that’s ROTFLMAO because he can’t even stalk an ex-wife without getting caught. Se the investigators HISTORY here –

      • Drew Tyler says:

        THEY won’t give me to you???? thats funny shit Philly. You claim over and over again your being stalked yet isn’t that exactly what your joke site is supposed to be about? Because people like me who see how full of shit and such a fake you are, leave comments in places you can do NOTHING about, you expect Law Enforcement to stop it? I’m sure you would go to jail, rumor has it that your one of them pillow puffers so going to jail would be like your dream come true huh Philly. Maybe then you and your friend Byron can share some stories together. That thought leaves me ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

        • Phil says:

          Next time no drunk posting, this makes absolutely no sense. Maybe since I need to give you new material maybe we can start with this fella running for Sheriff?
          Now this is ROTFLMAO

          • Drew Tyleer says:

            I guess you would be real familiar with “drunk posting” right? I mean after all it is your wife who is the drunk so you shouldn’t have any problem deciphering anything someone writes. Yeppers I am still ROTFLMFAO

  3. Drew Tyler says:

    Perhaps ole Philly boy you should read Section 2923.123 of the Ohio Revised Code which outlines those who are permitted to carry a firearm inside the courthouse. Just goes to show you why everything you post is one sided. You always fail to provide all the sides to an issue and just your dumb ass perspective. Now get that worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines loser. ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

    • Phil says:

      Sounds like you think this law supersedes the one posted on the front door?
      Appears our dumbass law makers and YOUR law breakers have a quandary to figure out once the trial begins? Since you are not a Judge we will have to leave the law professionals to figure it out? Anika Blazef Horner they say is pretty good, so I say you be careful to crow to early. The best thing you have going for yourself is the most overturned Judge in the State was given the boot as well. Remember your friend Byron who was sent to prison on a short stint, that was overturned as well, now watch him like many others get paid. Great job, now after this we will need another EMERGENCY SALES TAX INCREASE!
      Why you say??? because the commissioners can’t be sued because their not properly bonded. Maybe you can post a law on that too that supersedes another law that says they have to be approved by a probate judge not a common pleas judge. Something your friend Randy taught us before flipping out about this case.

      I told you its just a matter of time, now times up lol!

      • Phil says:

        That will be interesting to say the least, I watched this video numerous times as well as others. We seem to miss where this peace officer used a peaceful means to eliminate the threat – lol! Threat of what? EXPOSING how the 3 monkeys in charge of Richland County don’t know the law or how executive sessions work? Explain that one my friend, you people keep spinning and coming up with other distraction measures to keep the focus off the issue where Mr Skidmore was not asked to leave until the very second an unamed thug with a gun grabbed for the evidence that is now going viral, NOW THAT’S ROTFLMAO! As you said in your latest craigslist ad that will be what destroys the remain silent elected heads. Here’s the link, maybe you should watch again??? –

      • Drew Tyler says:

        The ORC on the sign on the door is simply stating who must post the sign…not the exemptions relating to carrying a firearm, concealed or open. Again, you didn’t do your homework so again you got your ass spanked in front of the class like the lil beeeaaaach you are. Now quit playing on your computer and get your ass back to slinging them washing machines. ROTFLMFAO over and over and over yet again

        • Phil says:

          So you NOW admit this attack on Mike Skidmore was unwarranted? Now you say this PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD was acting as a peace officer? Wouldn’t that be impersonating if he doesn’t say a word and simply attacks another without warning? Damn boy, your people f’d up this time, so I am sure THEY will be working on a deal to save face, right? This goes to trial even YOU will be exposed surely. Investigators are onto you, so we will see who will be ROTFLMAO last – 🙂

          Keep in mind, that old fella who was BUSTED in Mansfield stealing from investors had a son in the FBI, he was caught too – you’re not untouchable my friend, I have friends too! Just like how your old friend Randy Shepherd snapped, you will too (y)

          • Drew Tyler says:

            Wow, you really have your panties in a wad this morning Philly. Nowhere in my post did I say that this alleged attack on Skidmore was unprovoked, but yet again you like to throw your own little opinion in there to try and justify just how stupid you really are. I mean, after all, how much education do you have to have to stand over a washing machine all day? As far as a security guard acting as a peace officer, well I do believe that security guards who have completed training outlined in the ORC have the right to carry firearms. If they are hired by the State, County or Local government and are authorized to carry firearms in the performance of their duties, then yeah according to the ORC they can even carry them in the County building. Apparently you still haven’t read that section of the ORC I told you to read which explains the exceptions. Once you do that, you can get back to me with more of your bullshit excuses. I would be willing to bet your boytoy Skidmore isn’t going to trial and he will take a deal. But then again, you took a deal when you were arrested too and blamed it on your attorney. Perhaps he will try the same tactic. He deserves his day in court, just as you did, but you took the pussy way out and made a deal. That leaves me ROTFLMFAO just like it always does. I don’t need to be exposed, I’m right here, in your face just like I always am and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Pisses you off you have no control don’t it Philly lol

            • Phil says:

              Your gonna blow a gasket my intrepid buddy are you ok? I did take a deal, true story, but its nothing like you claim or have claimed in the past. Funny you say I beat my wife, how much do you think that would cost if that were true? I would suspect more than 173 bucks if it were a big deal. Talk about focusing on something new, that’s all you got? Maybe if you weren’t such a pusillanimous wanker you would say hello next time you visit the store? I thought your lady walking out on a deal was funny, that never happened either.

              • Phil says:

                Get some rest, its election time coming and your gonna need it

                • Drew Tyleer says:

                  I don’ t know why I would need rest, elections don’t mean shit to me. People elect who they want to elect and none of the elections are focused on you or your jokesite. You told the Governor you could deliver votes, yeah sure you can lol. Maybe 1 or 2 but that’s it.

            • Charlie says:

              Mr. Skidmore will be acquitted on all charges, unless he chooses to accept a plea deal to save legal fees and time. There is nothing whatsoever that he could rightfully be convicted of in any court in America. He broke no law whatsoever, while the security guard broke several. My bet is that the prosecution offers him disorderly conduct to make it go away, because they have a completely unwinnable case and action for face malicious prosecution.

              • Phil says:

                That’s WHY when they said he was going to prison for biting the 2nd guard after the fact the 1st guard initiated contact I laughed. I believe you are right Charlie with exception it will happen in a deal, not a trial. The County can’t take anymore embarrassment to the facts of the 47 minute video that EXPOSED their lies. Thanks for your input.

  4. Phil Sydnor says:

    Lets get to know the special Judge shall we? What will be interesting is the County building is off limits for Mike Skidmore, so are they holding this on the square for the World to see?

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