FDA Mandate WILL hurt local Jones chips IF original wavy can no longer be made with new oil?

MANSFIELD — Jones Potato Chip company is changing the oil it uses to cook their traditional potato chips, following a U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandate.

That means the wavy chips will no longer be produced, approximately by the end of the year, the company stated on its Facebook page Tuesday.

In 2013, the FDA made a preliminary decision partially-hydrated oils were no longer “generally recognized as safe,” according to the FDA’s website.

More on the story here!

Jones Potato Chips will not produce traditional wavy line in 2017

I don’t know about you, my perspective is the FDA is not safe and this business killer needs protested! There are many foods not safe according to CONspiracy theorists! So what’s next and when will this end?

Someone needs to start a petition to see why all of a sudden they need to hurt yet another long standing business surely to be hurt by this?



What are others saying?

Bill Hale

So Jones thinks they won’t lose local sales by dropping the product they sell most of LOCALLY ??? And they’re willing to gamble up to 20 percent of their annual sales on that ??? Wonder who’s doing the market research on this, the same guys that came up with “New Coke “???
Annalee Hoover

You did read that they didnt have a choice. It’s a law they must follow.
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Phoebe Jane Mick

Annalee Hoover they didn’t have to change the flavor of the salt and vinegar chips they taste like crap.
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Jeremy Shunk

It’s the oils that give the old SnV’s much of their flavor. I agree, the new taste is not very good, but that’s partially because they are cooked in different oil and no longer have any trans fat in them. So actually, yes, they DID have to change the flavor, but not by choice.
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Nancy Wasen

Life will go on…and it’s for the better good of us all.
Mark Bohland

Oh YES – It’s ALWAYS for the good of us all, when the federal government exercises the right we gave it in The Constitution to tell us how to cook our potatoe chi…… oh wait that was in an alternative universe. Check The Constitution. Nowhere in it do we the people give the federal government the authority to regulate what we eat or how we cook it.
It is time to say *no* to federal overreach.
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Phil Sydnor

I hope they reCONsider?
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Jae Caskey

It’s due to a new law. It wouldn’t do them any good to reconsider
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Phil Sydnor

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Aaron David

Sad to lose a hometown and Ohio staple but sometimes big changes can mean BIG OPPORTUNITIES … maybe the company can develop some new snack options to put classic chips to shame!!
Barbara Picklesimer

Are they still going to have that great flavor or will it change?
William Wright

I don’t know what exactly I ate the other day…it was salt and vinegar Jones…which I love…and when I ate some I about gagged and said there’s no way that was a Jones chip…I personally thought something was wrong with them…then someone said they were with the new oil…broke my heart to say the least cuz if that was a new chip…I won’t be eating them any longer
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Rob Wright

William Wright I guess I won’t be ordering up my salt and vinegar supply anymore. Booooo
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Susan O’Leary Kemp

Fools, they have no choice. It is an FDA mandate as in its the law!
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Phil Sydnor

FOOLS are those who believe the FDA can do this!

If the change puts them out of business, then what? What FOOLS need to quit doing is letting the nanny state take over! Let the FDA take alcohol out of BEER and see what happens?

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Terrie Sgro-Perdue

I used to love these chips, even crave them. But one taste with the new oil and I threw them out and haven’t bought one Jones product since. I know it’s a mandate, but it’s sad.
Jason Arnold

What really needs to happen is that the government needs to stop intruding into our every day lives and telling how to live. It’s not up to them to decide what is healthy for us and what is not, each individual is different. If someone doesn’t like that partially hydrogenated soybean oil is used to cook potato chips, it should be left up to them to choose an alternative.
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Michelle Kennedy

No no no……
Diana Nolen

It should be cottonseed oil.
Nicole Whitt

this is very upsetting to me and i wish that they dont make any changes those wavy chips are the only chips that i like from jones i guess i will have to get used to buying wavy chips from some other company you guy should give the people what they like.
Laura Lyall Mason

Did you read the article? It’s a law that is making them change the oil. The oil is what gives them the flavor.
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Sharon Castle

I have eaten jones since I been able tof do so I have bought the chips with the new oil and they are gross I guess I’ll have to stock up before the end of the year,:(
Carla Lanum

I will no longer buy these chips even though they are my favorite. I stopped when they ran out of the original wavy bar b q. They were the only good bar b q in my opinion. I will miss the old fvorites. The new bar b q chips are awful, sorry.
Laura Doyle Kusa

Works at Self-Employed
I so agree, they had the best BarBQ and now I the flavor are terrible. On the upside my waist line thanks me greatly. In fact I have the government to thank for losing weight. Ever since they made fast food and snack places change oils I haven’t eaten any junk…lol!! Saved me a bundle of money too.
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Phoebe Jane Mick

Well sorry but you lost quite a few customers from my family, we dislike the new chip they taste like ass!
David Powell

It’s a shame, I’ve eaten Jones’ chips forever, even order them online since I don’t live in Mansfield anymore. But I guess they have no choice. That said, what about penut oil? Snyders’ in Pennsylvania (not the one you see so much of in stores, but the other one up there) uses penut oil and it’s pretty good.
Marla Butler

Makes me sad I now live in Tucson and family sends me those chips. They are my favorite
Debbie Hawk Hart

Consumers have a choice and if we decide we want to buy “unhealthy food” it is our decision. I LOVE these chips and only eat them about once a year when I come home to visit. Jones Chips is an Icon. Please do not throw this away. So, why can people buy tobacco? I do not think there is one health benefit from that!
Jeremy Shunk

When I tasted them recently, I thought the SnV’s were more akin to Lay’s regular SnV. And Lay’s isn’t very good.
Charles Cooke Jr.

Jones going out of business now.
Tabatha Pierce

I have eaten these chips my entire life! One of my favorite treats since I left Mansfield over 10 years ago when my dad passed. Jones potato chips have always made my trip home a happier one, despite my sadness of missing my father, they have always given me something to look forward to. Eating those chips have brought back many memories of something my father & I enjoyed together. My dad & I LOVED eating Jones together. After 32 years of enjoyment my heart is broken.
Brock Everly

If the government could go ahead and stop running every aspect of our lives, that’d be great….

Guess I better order a bunch of these up and have them shipped from back home….

Brock Everly

Shit, just read that they are already changed. Man, thats an end to a childhood favorite!
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Andrew Hendrickson

Truly disappointed in the last bag of salt and vinegar chips I ate. I would have sworn they were regular chips in a salt and vinegar bag (at this point I am hoping thats all it was). Little salt, no vinegar. Sad.

I have family across the country that demand boxes of JONES BRAND salt and vinegar chips for their bday gifts. Kentucky. Tennessee. Florida. Colorado. Arizona. For decades now they got their fix…Jones in the yellow bag. Encrusted in turn-your-tongue-raw, salty vinegary goodness. And anybody they let try them were green with envy after tasting a real salt and vinegar potato chip. A Jones salt and vinegar chip.

Hopefully Jones can figure all this out with the new mandates…and fix the salt and vinegars while they are at it.

Pam Lynch

What does the oil have to do with the wavy chip?
Kathy Ella Auflick

Ever since they changed the bag to all blue the taste of them changed. They have already changed their oil I’m sure because the last couple of bags I bought stunk literally…No one’s buying them anymore.
Phil Sydnor

Someone needs to start a petition, this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

IF their gonna pick on the oil they must STOP the SUGAR, then what? Where will this MADNESS end?

Norma Hartz

Well I hope it’s healthier for our consuming sometimes I really wonder if they really know what’s best. I think some fats are good for us. It’s just another big government diagnose telling us what we must do!
Jason Smith

Their choice or not the chips no longer taste the same. I bought a bag with the new oil and threw most of it away. Time to look for something else.


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