Family sues Kosta’s over 2011 murder; Of coarse, this is what they do around here!

Family sues Kosta’s over 2011 murder

“Halligan contends Kosta’s security team was undermanned that evening, thereby posing a risk to patrons and employees.” –  Come on Brian, does this mean if a citizen gets killed they can sue the City, County, and State for being under maned? We know you Attorney’s have fallen on tough desperate times, but to BLAME Kosta’s for what happened that was CLEARLY a result of Hall’s abuse of this man is ludicrous! This is what happens when those who oversee these thugs abuse their power!, if you want to place blame on someone, place it on your friends downtown who are at fault this man with a rap sheet a mile long was allowed to roam the streets. Oh, that’s right! – you can’t sue your BUDDIES and those who are actually to blame, they have immunity and professional courtesy! Besides like many leeches like yourself have said publicly that you “don’t shit where you eat”. So who better to blame than a BUSINESS for your Courts inept behavior?

WANT TO BLAME SOMEONE, BLAME THE JUDGE(S) – Oh, that’s right! – it’s NOT the Judges fault, First they need to hear the case! Ok, so lets BLAME the REAL problem, the Attorney and the Prosecutor who have made the DEALS to allow such scum to roam the streets, shall we? Surely IF someone would look at Mr. Linzy’s deals in the Clerk of Courts office you may see who’s really at fault that a career criminal was roaming the street safe from a Jury’s conviction?

  • Kelly Bennett · Mansfield Senior

    I have known Steve’s dad since he had Kosta’s down on Main St, he is a very good man. I’m sure all of them feel terrible about what happened so let’s add on a lawsuit to make it worse! I know the family misses their son, dad, brother, and friend. No amount of money will bring him back or take away the pain.
  • Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

    Why is it that when something happens to a person that places themselves into a situation that family members sue someone else? While I sympathize with the deceased mans family, they fail to realize that he was at the bar on his own and it takes at least 2 people to get into an altercation. The responsible person is in prison. Why is the family not suing him? Perhaps because he has no money and the attorney’s who are representing the family members are money hungry and are the reasons people have such ill feelings toward “ambulance chasing lawyers.” Not all lawyers are like this, thank the good Lord. I hope the Court throws this lawsuit out.
    Damn, I agree with Jim on this one – ridiculous! If these money grubbing desperate Attorney’s want to serve justice, maybe they start with themselves. Maybe Brian would be better served suing one of his own who made it possible for this thug to be free to roam the streets? Surely if someone was to check the clerks records, show them to the Attorney General, maybe they could find the root of the problems here?
  • Bo Djbobo Little · Molder at Bunting Bearings

    this is a no win situation Gary Hall was a close friend to alot of people that is being sued think the wrong people is getting sued……… imma just keep my 2 cents to myself tho
    • Levi Reeder · Top Commenter · Crestview

      Steve loved Gary like a brother we all loved Gary, you don’t think Steve has dealt with this every day? I’ve thought about Gary and them kids and his gf a lot and hope that God allows them some kind of peace in such a terrible situation. It’s just sad that the pain keeps coming.
  • Robyn Lingafelter Montgomery · The Ohio State University

    “This might give the family some closure”…..I mean absolutely no disrespect to his family whatever. This is horribly tragic. But for the attorney to state that implies that 2.5 million dollars will give a person peace over the loss of a loved one. I sincerely hope that is misquoted.
  • Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

    trying sueing the guy that is directly responsible for the death, or isn’t the states prison stipend at $16 a month earnings enough for you? Bet you didnt even ad him to the suit, and take his pitance away….lets go for big money from the owners and their property that they had no control of. Someone is at fault, the shooter, plain and simple. No place that’s serves alcohol is safe at any time, if you want safety in its entirety stay out of bars, no matter how many security people were there it would not have made a difference for the thug a lugs will always have a gun. Did you forget to sue the gun manufacturer to? That they should have known that a convict, drunk would have had possession of that gun, and that gun had to be defective if it fired in the hands of that drunk. Money hungry people and barristers that are out to line their pockets, what a joke.  Hey Peggy! – where do you think these Attorney’s learn this stuff, surely not like the average criminal like this one who more than likely learned how to beat the system in prison. Keep in mind, the LAW holds bars accountable for those who leave their places drunk, so why can’t they sue? – THIS IS SUE CITY!, NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO EARN A LIVING AROUND HERE ANYMORE – NO THANKS TO CORRUPTION IN THE COURTS – ROTFL!
    • Pattie Thomas · Top Commenter

      Trying sueing? Bet you didnt even ad? The gun manufacturer to?
      Try suing. Bey you didn’t even add. The gun manufacturer too. How on earth would any gun manufacturer know that a convict would obtain possession of that specific gun? And that the gun had to be defective if it fired in the hand of that drunk? Barristers? No place is safe that serves alcohol at any time? Red Lobster, Outback, Texas Road House on and on and on…….are you kidding me that these places are bee hives of crimes? What a joke is right.
    • Ashley Speakman

      Pattie Thomas I think you failed to see the sarcasm in the previous response. Although spelling and grammar are awful on this website, I see where she was going. Don’t take everything so literal.
    • Pattie Thomas · Top Commenter

      Ashley Speakman Yes because this article is most definitely the right time and place for sarcasm. Kudos on being able to “see it.”

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