Family: Garber’s death ‘senseless’


Brian Garber’s wife, Sara Knowlton, and mother, Connie Garber, told the News Journal on Tuesday that they believed Garber was unarmed Sunday when he was shot and killed by an unnamed officer with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

“He was a wonderful father, wonderful husband, wonderful friend,” Knowlton said. “It was a senseless tragedy that was preventable. He did not deserve to die that way.”

WOW!, after saying Ms Knowlton said he had a gun and shared a text that depicted he was going to kill her? – Somebody REALLY needs to get their stories straight!

I wonder IF much of the news of this that was reported was accurate?, appears we have a recant of the picture that was drawn in previous articles????

Family calls Garber’s death ‘senseless’

BCI not releasing details of Sunday shooting incident – Hmmm?, I wonder why? Is this now a criminal investigation?


  • Kyle Jensen Høifødt

    Seems like this is becoming a more and more common occurence… and the same tired old excuses are spouted every time.
    Get rid of professional courtesy & immunity and the excuses would be heard by a jury! – Phil Sydnor
  • Tina Evans · University of Arkansas

    Police have a very tough job. Unless people walk in their shoes they don’t know what law enforcement has to deal with. I’d love to see the critical people try to do those jobs for just one day on some of the calls they get. It does take a kind of special nut to do this job in Mansfield, but this is Lexington where people are more civilized until late when nuts started moving here. – Phil Sydnor
  • Ruth V Schwan · Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

    Ready to sign for domestic violence packet, tells dispatcher hes got a gun at his parents, went to parents, struck mother, its the meds fault, semseless? Yup sure is. Make threats, who is to say your not a risk…. Surely this would not have happened IF others would have responded, that’s the BOTTOM LINE! Next time send Henderson and Sweat, they appear responsible?
  • John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

    Noticed one of the officers that responded has been on leave several times..last time people said he was a ticking time matter if he was armed or not ..nothing will happen to any of the officers….that’s.. just the way our injustice system works…especially in richland – Time to FIX THAT don’t ya think? – Phil Sydnor
    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      I distinctly remember reading those articles and you are exactly right! Remember how the cheerleaders were saying that everyone was just out to get one of the fine officers who threw a chair? – Yep!, this loose cannon needs to go! – Phil Sydnor
  • Michael Wright · Police Dispatcher at Ontario Police Department

    Tod Mills, until you set your ass in a patrol car and do that job you have no credibility whatsoever. It’s real easy to make comments when you aren’t the one who has to deal with it.  Yes Michael, but when you’re a known thug like a couple of them not wanting their names released, you get what you deserve – EVENTUALLY! – Phil Sydnor
    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      ^ Police Dispatcher and Secretary of the Police Cheerleading Team, right behind spouses and dreamy-eyed folks who swoon over uniforms and get distracted by shiny badges. Kinda surprised Michael didn’t trot out the old line, “Just you wait until you need to call them to save your sorry butt! You’ll be changing your tune then, buster!”

      Someone observed to me, “It’s easy for Michael Wright to make comments when he isn’t the one who has to deal with a shred of accountability or being murdered with impunity.”

      Michael, do you ever lose any sleep at night knowing that you are paid with money taken from people under threat of violence? “Robber” is the more accurate adjective describing your occupation.  10 THUMBS UP! – Phil Sydnor

    • Mitch McKenzie · Top Commenter · The University of Texas at Austin

      They called for assistance to save his life and all these cops could do was eviscerate him. Many people have much more dangerous jobs then cops, I am so tired of hearing how the rest of society can’t possibly judge cops who kill.
      Amen Mitch, their jobs are ONLY TOUGH when they make it that way! I hope Zehner and Frazier get what’s long over due! – Phil Sydnor  Just like their buddy John Mayer – FIRED! Except like Oswald – 20 years in PRISON!
    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      Mitch McKenzie great comment. Law enforcement does not even in the top ten list of most dangerous occupations. It is not even nearly as dangerous as being a farmer or roofer! – Ex Deputy Mayer said he became a Deputy because it was safer than tree trimming! You need the story where he said this, I can find it! He said this at his retirement party, hmmm? Those saying it’s tough, make it that way! – Phil Sydnor
    • Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

      Michael don’t worry, these armchair wannabe’s are just very anti-police probably because they have been on the wrong side of it so many times. How many of them would be saying things different if they found out this guy did have a gun and he did point it at the officers? Lets see, they would still say that they could have shot him in the leg. People that have never done the job probably couldn’t handle it anyway and just like to sit back and second guess others who do it. The trouble is, if you second guess yourself when someone is pointing a gun at you, you don’t go home.
      Jim Wetzel, didn’t you side with the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR TOO? My guess reading your poppycock is you believe he had a gun just because? You’re a DICK! – Phil Sydnor
  • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

    “Knowlton and Connie on Tuesday said Garber did not have a gun at the time he was shot and killed.”
    “We didn’t know what else to do. We thought the sheriff’s department would help him, not destroy him.”

    What a shame. My heart goes out to the family.

    This is why, much to the chagrin of bootlickers, I always advise never to call cops to intervene; they almost always make a bad situation worse, with their type A personalities and egos that demand immediate obeisant compliance from troubled people who are almost certainly lost in their own thoughts and emotions, not hearing or thinking clearly. In this case, it sounds like the deputies didn’t even bother to demand that, instead shooting first and asking questions later. Is the philosophy one of, “dead men tell no tales.”? “Trigger-happy shooting spree” comes to mind, along with “Just itching to put all that range practice to use.”

    The days of Andy Griffith are long gone and his kind of easy-going de-escalating wisdom has been replaced with body-armor wearing, helmeted and often face-masked jackboots who no longer know the meaning of “peace officer”, instead viewing themselves as warriors and the people they see on the street as enemies.
    This is no better exemplified than in the acquisition of surplus military vehicles, usually MRAP’s, by many departments across the country:
    and similar vehicles such as the Lenco Bearcat:

    There are countless stories with just this sort of needless violent outcome. Here are just a few of the many web pages that document this sort of abuse:

    That SSRI’s were involved in the victim’s behavior issues comes as no big surprise, unfortunately. What does every mass murder in the past 20 years have in common? Answer: SSRI’s.

  • Richard Metcalf · Top Commenter

    If he was no threat, and didn’t hurt anybody, then why call the Sheriff all of the time? Can you say lawsuit? YES – It’s called dereliction of duty and the COUNTY WILL BE SUED – Phil Sydnor  
    • Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

      The point of the matter here is that he did not need to be murdered by the cops. He was unarmed and did not have a hostage. They just walked up shooting. If the cops killed everyone for getting in a fight with their spouse every married couple would be killed by the police. He was unarmed and just sitting on his parents bed when those cops killed him. If this is the case, I want these men put in PRISON – NOW!!! – Phil Sydnor
    • Richard Metcalf · Top Commenter

      How do we know he was unarmed? If someone is told that he had a gun, and he makes a move, would you stand there and let him shoot first. How do you know he was armed? Just because someone tells you someone is armed don’t make it so! If these officers are this freaking stupid then I DEMAND as a citizen to have training CHANGED! These idiots are getting too trigger happy, and if they keep it up they will need to watch their backs! People like you are cause for ALARM! – Phil Sydnor
    • Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

      He was sitting in his parents bedroom alone. He was in no way shape or form in the position to hurt anyone but himself. So please explain to me why the police thought they needed to shoot him? He sis not need to die. If they believed he did have a gun they could n there are other options other than shooting him five times before he even did anything. He didn’t more or say a word to them. If it were your life you may rethink that huh? Or would you still think it be OK for the cops to shoot an unarmed man 5 times while he was sitting on his moms bed due to hear say?? I bet not!! – I heard there was 5 shots heard, but was hit 18 times, can anyone refute this? – Phil Sydnor
    • Richard Metcalf · Top Commenter

      Unfortunately I have not been involved in the investigation like you have since you have all of the facts. All I am saying is if he did not harm anyone, and was such a wonderful person, why were the cops called out there? Plus who told the cops that he had a gun? Interesting for sure, especially if you believe EVERYTHING you read in news papers? This sure appears to be a change in tune from what I read – Phil Sydnor
    • Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

      Keisha Goble seems like you have a lot of answers, or at least your own speculation. How do you know he was not in a position to hurt anyone but himself? If there are others in the room, even if they are police officers, then they are in a position to be hurt by him. If he pulled a gun on the police, that would explain the need to shoot him right? How do you know he didn’t move or say a word to them?
  • Bob Stevens · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio

    Cover – up
  • Kari Jasinski · The Ohio State University

    The sad part is that he probably didn’t even have a gun. This article is incredibly vague as to whether he did or not and the police were as well. This is just another prime example of police brutality and the low life scum that lives in Mansfield needing to attack someone else’s life because they are unsatisfied with their own. Rest in peace, Brian.  Amen Kari – Phil Sydnor

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