Fake Facebook account to be shared with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, then we shall see who laughs last Drew?.

The beginning of the end of Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler our successful non-convicted wife killer, he thinks just
because he’s NEVER been caught that he’s not a criminal. Keep up the good work
you do my friends, the day is coming when this career criminal is caught up in
his/her owns lies and deception. I am looking forward to them pulling the plug
again on their account long enough to clean their tracks then to arise again.
Drew says I am in control of what’s allowed here, and they are right! – But,
for one second do you believe I have anything to hide?. Those who know me, know
I hide notta, and Drews intimidation and exposure means nothing, maybe they’ll
resort to threatening my employer and associates?. No, that’s already been
done, so what can they be plotting now?. Only a criminal mind knows, so tell us
Drew…what’s next on your agenda?. Would you like to kick my ass?, it sounds
like it, but the truth is…this is why you hide like a little terrorist, your
not big enough, and your super powers because of this site has been taken
away!. The GREAT EQUALIZER?, the TRUTH!. Looking forward to another long winded
twist – lol!

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  • Sean
    A. Vincent
    Idiots are what makes
    the world interesting, isn’t that true phil? I had a business owner in
    Crestline call my my boss up (when I worked for the phone company) and complain
    I was part of an informational picket in front of her business in Crestline
    (she was on the school board) and I was using my company vehicle to block the
    street… the only problem was that I was in my bosses office in Willard when
    he took the call… What a buffoon! It’s a good thing your employer supports
    their employees 1st amendment rights, many do not……

December 14 at 8:46am · Unlike
· 2

  • Phil
    What?, no long winded
    twist of deception from our hide behind the keyboard terrorist?. I can’t
    believe this moron didn’t have anything to say today while I was away. Maybe
    someone who knows him/her should go check on them, maybe in all their anger
    they had a stroke?.

December 14 at 6:09pm · Like
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  • Time
    might have went back
    to his apartment complex in galion

December 15 at 5:38am · Like

  • Phil
    Maybe planning a
    massacre since they know they can’t win here, this is not the MNJ – LOL!

December 15 at 6:56am · Like
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  • Phil
    After hearing this kid
    who killed many innocent people yesterday was an honor student maybe we should
    be concerned with the Drew Tyler of the world, they think they are above the
    law and we are just their peons. Have to ever heard this persons message, or
    read their comments?, they think we are stupid, poke fun at those who don’t
    have what they have, and we wonder what motivates nuts like this?. Watch your
    backs my friends, after this latest massacre we need to be careful with people
    like Drew, he knows who we are and where we work, you never know when someone
    like this hides their identity, a fake FB and a gender that can’t be validated
    is reason for alarm. This person repeats where I work a lot, so they can be the
    ONLY one or one from another group that don’t like the awareness we are creating
    here the reason for calling in threats. Can’t believe this moron would say I
    called in the threat when I was standing in the box when one of the calls were
    made. Too bad the O.P.D. said they couldn’t trace or my employer have the
    e-mails and phone calls on their end traced, and we wonder why these people are
    not caught before they perform their heinous acts?.

December 15 at 7:31am · Like
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  • Time
    oh no that means i
    have to start locking up my box does anyone have any duct tape lol lol.

December 15 at 7:33pm · Like

  • Drew
    Wow Phillip, you sure
    do get your dander in a twist over little things don’t you lmao. Unlike you, I
    have a life, friends and things to do besides play “god” behind a
    screen all day. It will take more than a loser like you who slings washing
    machines all day for a living to get rid of me. See, you can block me from your
    facebook page and you can delete my blogs from your stupid website, but you
    have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over my personal email, and I know that just kills
    you but hey, what don’t kill us makes us stronger right Phillip?

December 15 at 10:15pm via ·

  • Drew

December 15 at 10:18pm via ·

  • Phil
    Words of a true
    terrorist, believe me….I come from the days where sticks and stones are all
    that hurt you, your name calling and ridicule will not get a response like the
    loser kid who killed innocent people this week, as you will find…I am not a
    victim of your system from anything I’ve done, you my friend will have control
    of nothing, including this group. You are an idiot my friend, and every time
    you speak, you prove everything I say. Until the day you are BIG ENOUGH to say
    anything to our face or come out to prove you are anything you will continue to
    be the pusillanimous we coined you as. Nobody’s getting uptight about anything
    you say, see…it’s people like you who think you are something who eventually
    snaps, truth be known. You say or think you have no motives that will lead you
    to trouble, keep taunting the lion and eventually you will get bitten. We see
    this every day, it’s not those who strap on their boots every day that are
    doing the killing in this Country, it’s those like you who are so high on power
    and control who thinks everyone is beneath them who do, we are getting you are
    close and watching our backs. If you had ANY friends, with as much as you are
    here one would think they would be here with you when you say you have so many,
    are they just watching?. I did hear your only friend John Mayer is getting
    ready to snap, friends and family are concerned that you guys can no longer
    take the abuse you get here, karma has a funny way of getting you back!. Being
    that you two are fallen hero’s I am hopeful you two can move on with your lives
    before someone gets hurt if and when you do act out your anger on those who share
    the truth here. Have a great day my friend, off to work to “slinging washing
    machines” like you say, that hurts me so much – lol!. Actually I love my job
    getting those who need a deal while standing there when I meet the likes of a
    Drew Tyler who demands it, those days are over and I for one are happy you
    don’t come in because of me, miss the deals?.

    I believe folks are
    seeing the truth in Drew Tyler, because there is NONE!. You say I get angry,
    over what? – you making a tool of yourself?. People can see you are a welcome
    guest here as a member and why you hide cowardly behind a fake facebook account
    along with your comments being saved, not deleted on the blog site. If you had
    ANY proof of this, like me and others here you so dislike, we can and have shared
    the proof. Funny today after the deaths of innocent children they are saying
    this is a result of a mental disorder where folks make fake facebooks and live
    fantasy lives, did you know this?, and is this why since we share true stories
    and use real accounts you think you can intimidate and scare?. Commenting from
    your e-mail because you are blocked – lol!

December 16 at 8:07am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Wow Phillip calm down
    before you pop a gasket lol. You know, you get so emotional when you are called
    to the front of the class for the real loser that you are. You compare me to
    some nut job who kills kids, and yet lets take a look at some in history who
    are like you. David Koresch, John Lundgren, and Jim Jones. These people all
    thought they were “leaders” and actally had other people thinking
    like they did. Their rants and raves, irrational thinking and behavior,
    paranoia, self-centeredness, all led others who had no mind capacity to think
    for themselves, just like you try to do. You want everyone to think you have
    all the answers with your cut and paste website and when anyone disagrees with
    you, you block them. As I stated before, you might have blocked me from facebook,
    cried to the MNJ so posts can’t be left there, but this is coming from my
    personal email and you CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT IT!! Your life has been that of a

    person, probably got
    beat up quite a bit in school, probably was made to dress like a girl in the
    secret confines of your childhood home, and the way you relate to sex
    offenders, hmmmm one could surmise that perhaps you were a victim of abuse as
    well. All of this has contributed to your overwhelming desire to be someone
    when you were all grown up, but that didn’t happen did it Phillip lol. You got
    kicked out of your trailer in Lexington when you got arrested for Domestic
    Violence, you lost your house in Galion because you weren’t man enought to take
    care of your business and the bank took it back, and now you are a washing
    machine salesman barely making ends meet and getting government assistance.
    So….on a brighter side lmao…you create a cut and past website…control
    what is posted on it and who can post on it…and claim you are making a
    difference. Again, I ask you to name just five things you have accomplished
    with your cut and paste

    website that has made
    a difference in Richland County or Mansfield…the place you claim you love and
    call home. Remember Phillip these things have to the be the result of something
    your website or you did that was not actually done by someone who knew what
    they were doing. I’ve asked time and time again and yet you have produced
    exactly what one can expect from Phillip Sydnor, nothing.

December 16 at 8:33am via ·

  • Time
    i still need duct tape
    for my box and my lot rent is do would anyone like to donate 50 cents it dont
    take much for a box trying to stick around long enough for chicken…i mean
    drew to come visit.i know who he is so does 6 others

December 16 at 9:54am · Like

December 16 at 9:54am · Like

  • Phil
    I know this is
    Mansfielders Perspective, but yours Drew is a little far fetched. Kind of like
    your friend John Mayer the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR who kept telling his friends he
    was getting his job back, that didn’t work out either, the difference is…I
    have made a comeback without ANY assistance what so ever!. Like I said, even
    though you TRIED to scare folks from coming out to the store with your
    continued poppycock and threats to the store, I am still the man. I love how
    you get your panties in a wad, and the only thing or things you can revert to
    are those you know nothing about. I don’t know why you keep giving me the title
    leader of something when I am simply the administrator of a facebook group where
    “free thinkers” get together to share their perspectives, in layman’s terms
    just for you (a view). This group shares REAL stories and issues, but you keep
    coming here with the same crap people read in what you think is a news paper,
    some of us disagree. Here again you are giving me too much credit, many of us
    like yourself have been blocked on their site and why we came here. We accept
    your perspective, but just like I said during the inception of this group,
    unlike the MNJ you won’t be censored, but you can expect to be refuted. I have
    NO REASON to block you, but to correct you, IF I wanted, I could. Like I said
    before, this is a PRIVATE group and first you have to be a member, which you
    are…Just look my simple friend, you are there, not blocked. I want as many
    people as possible to see the great Drew and his MNJ style writing, you still
    have not given us one iota of proof to the things you say have happened to me.
    Here are the facts; I sold my mobile home in 2005, bought a home in Galion,
    Plant closed in 2007, then I filed bankruptcy protection against the bank when
    they would not work with save the dream ohio, now currently in litigation with
    AG who is currently looking into bank fraud for government handout. Funny how
    you think you’re quite the investigator when you don’t know the facts, the fact
    is the bank didn’t take my home, I gave it up after finding disclosures not
    made during my sale, now if your such a super sleuth, you will find there’s
    another suit by the current owner on those who bought it from the bank, now
    they are trying to foreclose on her, nice racket don’t you think?. You can
    laugh my little friend, but those who laugh last, laugh the loudest…I hope
    since you “think” you know so much, that you are involved in this racket and
    get your due. Like I said time and time again, the TRUTH prevails…Something you
    share little of, that’s why I find it hard to believe you would come here to
    pick on little ‘ole me and others when you know nobody on these pages – lol!,
    IF that were true, you wouldn’t be telling so many lies, or shall we call them
    fact less stories you just simply repeat from those who think they know me?.
    Maybe you need to pick your friends more wisely?, it sounds like you are
    getting this from folks who are simply jealous because you or they don’t have
    the stones to put a REAL NAME or FACE to what you say?. Why is that?, that’s
    what the readers who frequent these pages should be asking. None of what I say
    can be SILENCED, for I share the facts. You and your friends (all crooks) wish you
    could do something to silence these facts, but you can’t. You keep asking for
    five things I have changed, and here we go again (redundant), I do not change
    things…What I have changed is “people”, people who are corrupt who think they
    are in the paper once and forgotten, not here…they live on as a reminder to
    what will eventually change in the end. What you wish is…I was a criminal like
    you try and portray, we all know what happens then, NO INTERNET, NO TRUTH to
    get out. You and your wanna be super hero friends will ever silence me, that
    will take the 9mm bullet you promised my employer for hiring me. Too bad my
    sick friend, I am not one of those leaders you mentioned, nor do I wanna be,
    I’m starting to think you’re in with some very bad people trying to lay the
    groundwork for what’s to come. Too bad I don’t trust Law Enforcement, or I
    would subject you to them to be investigated, you sound so creepy with your sad
    analogies of who you think I am. Maybe I should report you before it’s too
    late?, it sounds like you’re close to the deep end, yes…like the young man who
    slaughtered so many innocent people. What I am thankful for since you’re such a
    poor super sleuth is…you lost track of me since Galion, 3 years since I dumped
    that place and you still haven’t mentioned where I am now, more than likely
    since you have been STALKING me, I have not mentioned that. You can keep hiding
    behind your keyboard, but that will change soon, I believe there’s enough here
    to warrant a search on who you are by authorities, then we’ll see who the BIG
    MAN is when they catch up to you. I can see the headlines now, Drew Tyler
    friends of the Richland County justice system goes to jail, or kills many
    before blowing his brains out – which will it be Drew?, after all…you are the
    one in control, right?. Your day of reckoning is coming my little stalker
    friend. Peace out!.

December 16 at 8:01pm · Like
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  • Phil
    Watch Drew disappear
    again…Not because I blocked him, because he will hide once he hears that
    knock on the door. Save his profile friends, this may be the last time we hear
    anything from this loon?.

December 16 at 8:10pm · Like
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  • Drew
    Phillip, take it easy
    boy….your ramblings have gotten worse and worse. Before long you will be
    tipping that bottle again or reaching for the straw. I didn’t give you the
    title of anything, and quite frankly I don’t think even you have given yourself
    a title, except for administrator, however, it is very clear that your position
    is one sided, and those who oppose what you say are blocked, or accused of
    things they didn’t do. I love how you have accused so many different people of
    calling your store lmao. First is was me, then it was the two women who
    defected from your little group because they finally saw how you were, then now
    its back to me again, but hey that’s ok. In your feeble little mind you can
    think whatever you want. You claim you have made a comeback and feel this need
    to defend youself about your bankruptcy, foreclosure and everything else,
    wonder why that is? And yet, you still have not given any examples of anything
    good you

    have accomplished with
    your cut and past website. That I’m still waiting for but I will probably be
    long gone before that ever happens. In fact, that will most likely never
    happen. You keep talking about how John Mayer is my friend, and in fact he must
    have a lot of them, because anyone who disagrees with your perspective must be
    a friend of his, or Judge DeWeese, or someone in a positon of power in
    Mansfield/Richland County. Perhaps your just jealous of this man and your
    issues are more personal than anything else? That would be my guess, but then
    again, I don’t quite frankly care. As always, your angry, long-winded replies
    leave me ROFLMFAO.

December 16 at 10:20pm via ·
· 1

  • Phil
    I will be finding out
    who you are today, first I will call our fair Sheriff Sheldon, then if I get no
    real answers there, I will call Mike DeWine. Your spin is getting quite tiring
    and frankly I am getting tired of responding to your crap. You are here because
    you know NOBODY who works in the public eye that we oppose, but you continue to
    defend them?. These claims you make about blocking and censoring are untrue,
    this is what happens on the MNJ, maybe you have a connection to this since you
    are claiming I am like them knowing censorship is what angers those who came
    here in the first place. You ask me for proof, all in which I have shared
    redundantly. If you and your buddies think I am doing anything wrong, we’ll
    find out today when the rubber meets the road, this is not a threat, just a
    warning to your ever stalking this group to a point nobody wants to comment.
    That will end today!.

December 17 at 7:09am · Like
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  • Phil
    Phil Sydnorposted
    toRichland County Sheriff’s Office

    2 seconds ago.

    Question for Sheriff
    Sheldon, who do report possible criminal activety to on the internet?. I have a
    group on facebook that was created for those who are censored by local media. I
    have a person named Drew Tyler who cannot be validated who is sharing personal
    information, mostly untrue as a way to deter folks for speaking out on the
    issues in Mansfield. He shares untruths about me and others and I

    want it to stop, if
    you cannot help I will take this to our Attorney General to have the matter
    investigated. My wife and friends have concerns because I have already been
    threatened at work (death threat) I believe by this individual or others who
    follow his or her ramblings of untrue facts. If you are interested in keeping
    us safe as we pay you for, we demand action, for we are quite frankly tired of
    the intimidation by those we oppose who torment the public and get away with
    it! – posted on their page, lets see what they do, shall we?…https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Richland-County-Sheriffs-Office/180983301915147

December 17 at 7:25am · Like
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December 17 at 7:28am · Like
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  • Phil
    Drew Tyler just like we have proven public perception
    gets decieved in the MNJ, we will prove Drew as doing the same with his/her own
    poppycock. The MNJ is hurting because of this, now I guess Drew wants it as
    well?. Lets see how our GREAT PROTECTORS see this, we are TAXPAYERS too!.

December 17 at 8:07am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Once and for all!,
    lets find out who Drew Tyler is…I am willing to bet my LIFE he is part of
    what’s WRONG in Richland County. There’s NO TOLERANCE for those who torment,
    sounds like an ex-probation officer to me simply by the way he/she thinks they
    can control us here. Well, today starts the END.

December 17 at 8:10am · Like
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  • Phil
    Have you noticed how
    quiet Drew was after his friends got immunity in the first case, and now he’s
    reared his ugly head again after the CAC suit was filed?. Tell me he’s not
    involved some how. He knows me?, now it’s time we meet our accuser who paints
    with a broad brush, shall we?.

December 17 at 8:14am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    We will soon find out
    IF there’s ANY honest Law Enforcers willing to change the publics perception,
    you gotta love how the great Drew makes it sound like if anything happens it’s
    because of my following – lol!.

December 17 at 8:18am · Like
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  • Phil
    Drew, we will FOCUS on
    the here and now, while you keep digging in the PAST. What needs changed is
    happening now, but for some reason all you can come up with is a river that
    will NEVER be stepped in again. I will pray for you my athiest friend – peace be
    with you when they come for you today!

December 17 at 8:31am · Like
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  • Time
    you wont get the
    sherriffs to do anything .you are better off calling the state patrol they will
    do something i got them after stuff already

December 17 at 9:04am · Unlike
· 1

  • Phil
    Hmmm, Drew must have
    had visitors today?. Not sure because I didn’t get a response on the above
    Sheriffs page, definately no Buford Pusser here?.

December 17 at 10:03pm · Like
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  • Phil
    Going straight to the
    top today, calling the BCI to have his account investigated, enough is enough
    with this clown. This group is for those with an opposing view on local
    politics that we cannot speak out on otherwise. We will soon find out what this
    so-called private citizens issues are with that, and why they are so hell bent
    on making me and others sound like we are somekind of loon. Loons don’t play in
    the open, they hide behind a madeup fictitious screen name like Drew Tyler

December 18 at 8:29am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    OOOOOhhhhhh I’m
    shaking in my boots lmao. And you think they are going to do that why? They are
    responsible for investigating criminal activity and guess what, unlike you, I
    haven’t committed any crime so make your call and let us all know what they
    tell you.

December 18 at 8:39am via ·

  • Drew
    wow, your panties really
    are in a wad today lmao

December 18 at 8:40am via ·

December 18 at 8:41am via ·

  • Drew
    Thats because, like me
    they are roflmfao

December 18 at 8:41am via ·

  • Drew
    a smart man never bets
    on something he can’t win….perhaps you should rethink your bet and what your
    gambling Phillip

December 18 at 8:42am via ·

  • Drew
    Sorry Phillip, your
    the one who jumps up and yells, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO” lmao. As if you
    already predicted what was going to happen.

December 18 at 8:44am via ·

  • Drew
    So basically, what
    your admitting to is that since your FB page and webpage has been created and
    all the names you used on the MNJ pages that were eventually blocked, you have
    accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Its ok to be a man and step up and admit
    it…everyone already knows it.

December 18 at 8:45am via ·

  • Drew
    Sure you do. Are you
    aware, and you are obviously not, that the State Highway Patrol only investigates
    crimes committed on State Property such as prisons, colleges, etc. So unless
    you moved your cardboard box onto a state highway, in the parking lot of OSU or
    NC State or the prison, the State Patrol isn’t investigating anything for you.
    Another lie you tell lmao.

December 18 at 8:47am via ·

  • Phil
    Sorry freak, the BCI
    works for the Attorney General, YOU my hide behind a screen name terrorist will
    be getting looked into – TODAY!. Your GAME is over, unless of coarse EVERYONE
    is right who ever told me, THEY will do nothing. I have to find out for myself,
    your crap here is done, one way or the other!

December 18 at 8:56am · Like
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  • Time
    dont say i didnt warn
    ya.state troopers do investigate now because the sherriffs dept . has went
    fowl.it is suposed to be kept quiet .this was a order by the the marshals

December 18 at 8:57am · Unlike
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  • Time
    hey phill i need a
    biger box getting a folding chair today

December 18 at 8:59am · Unlike
· 1

  • Phil
    I heard there’s been a
    host of poor investigations going on again that involve our fair Sheriffs
    dept., time for another book?, or in our case, WEBSITE that speaks out against
    it just for a hobby.

December 18 at 10:32pm · Like
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  • Phil
    Talked to an old
    friend today, interesting conversation on the death of his son and a beating he
    got prior to his death. He also advised the MNJ got his story wrong too –
    AMAZING how different his story was than what was written in the paper. The MNJ
    should be ashamed of themselves!.

December 18 at 10:38pm · Like
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  • Time
    Iherd the same
    thing.and some deputies being watched.I seen a deputy being followed from a
    distance by a trooper two days ago .The deputy was going at a very high rate of
    speed going north of rout 39 on trimble at 2;47 PM .It was a new charger .

December 18 at 10:39pm · Unlike
· 1

  • Time
    just like they did my
    friend over his house and his false arest

December 18 at 10:40pm · Unlike
· 1

  • Time
    Ican get you a copy of
    the article

December 18 at 10:43pm · Unlike
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December 18 at 10:43pm · Unlike
· 1

  • Phil
    Deposition has been
    made, let the investigation begin – let’s see how the almighty (know all) Drew
    disappears once his friends in law enforcement hear they are looking for him.
    His or shall I say her better have their tracks cleaned up, we have a special
    friend watching.

December 18 at 10:47pm · Like
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  • Phil
    They can get away with
    slander because they have professional courtesy, how ever intimidation,
    ingannation, and defamation will be their demise. I am told there’s a case of
    it here!.

December 18 at 10:50pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Before I go, Drew has
    been warned!. Let’s see what he/she says after a few beers this time, shall

December 18 at 10:54pm · Like
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December 18 at 11:22pm · Like

  • Drew
    And the BCI
    investigates criminal activity, hence the title B = Bureau C=Criminal
    I=Investigation. I’m not playing games Phillip, but is sure is funny to watch
    you get your panties in a wad because things don’t go your way. Let me make a
    prediction…when the BCI, Attorney General, Sheriff’s Department, Santa
    Clause, the Easter Bunny and whoever else you cry to tells you that since no
    crime has been committed that your on your own, you will say something to this
    effect, “I knew he had connections thats why nobody will do anyting”
    Might not be those exact words but to make yourself look good, you will sure
    say something like that. What do you mean by “one way or another”
    Phillip? Am I to take that as a threat lmao. My posting in my email is my
    business, you posting it on your cut and past website is yours. If you don’t
    want to read it, don’t post it duh lmao.

December 18 at 11:45pm via ·

  • Drew
    The US Marshals have
    no direction over the State Highway Patrol. Perhaps you can go to the library,
    you do know what that is right? It is usually a big building that has books.
    You know what book are right? They are usually hard cover or paperback and have
    many pages inbetween them that are paper. Anyway, if you can find a library
    look in this great little book called the Ohio Revised Code and look up the
    State Highway Patrol and it will explain their duties. If you don’t understand
    what you have read, perhaps the little kid you might set next to at the library
    can draw you stick figures.

December 18 at 11:48pm via ·

  • Drew
    Ohhhh so you admit you
    are intimidated? I thought the great Phil Sydnor could not be intimidated?
    Isn’t that what you preach? Yep lets see you trip over that one. Do you even
    know what ingannation is lmao and defamation is not a crime Phillip lmao.

December 18 at 11:53pm via ·

  • Drew

December 18 at 11:53pm via ·

  • Phil
    Who needs a library? –
    45-8-212. Criminal defamation. (1) Defamatory matter is anything that exposes a
    person or a group, class, or association to hatred, contempt, ridicule,
    degradation, or disgrace in society or injury to the person’s or its business or

    (2) Whoever, with
    knowledge of its defamatory character, orally, in writing, or by any other
    means, including by electronic communication, as defined in 45-8-213,
    communicates any defamatory matter to a third person without the consent of the
    person defamed commits the offense of criminal defamation and may be sentenced
    to imprisonment for not more than 6 months in the county jail or a fine of not
    more than $500, or both.

    (3) Violation of
    subsection (2) is justified if:

    (a) the defamatory
    matter is true;

    (b) the communication
    is absolutely privileged;

    (c) the communication
    consists of fair comment made in good faith with respect to persons
    participating in matters of public concern;

    (d) the communication
    consists of a fair and true report or a fair summary of any judicial,
    legislative, or other public or official proceedings; or

    (e) the communication
    is between persons each having an interest or duty with respect to the subject
    matter of the communication and is made with the purpose to further the
    interest or duty.

    (4) A person may not
    be convicted on the basis of an oral communication of defamatory matter except
    upon the testimony of at least two other persons that they heard and understood
    the oral statement as defamatory or upon a plea of guilty or nolo contendere

December 19 at 7:04am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    You have done this,
    people have lobbied my place of employment with threats and concerns on the
    crap you have put out there, none of which is TRUE, public record, or of which
    “I” put out there like you will say. YOUR problem is…YOU said it,
    it’s WELL documented and now you will have to answer for it. Please be ready as
    I am sure you think you are, you have clearly depicted your reasoning you are
    safe doing what you do for what ever cause it may be. Surely YOU THINK I will
    do nothing, because you think I am a criminal. See, I know criminals have NO
    VOICE because I have seen their torment by law enforcement and wanna be law
    enforcement like yourself to the point folks get hurt. That is why I created
    this group, a place to expose this. Your grand problem is…you can’t stop my
    open forum that will soon change the game you play. I hope you are or have a
    good Attorney, because you are gonna need them my friend. Surely you know this,
    and why you hide behind your keyboard and spout off supposedly about things
    that do not matter to you. Your problem with me and this FREE exposure (my
    hobby) is you cannot do shit since I LOVE TO DO IT, and I do it for free!.
    There’s a word you were notorious for using during your early inception here
    “schadenfreude”, just letting you know, I’m gonna enjoy seeing you in
    the paper again so we can give you 4 more years of pain and suffering like you
    have others, it’s called “instant karma”.

December 19 at 7:25am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Didn’t say I was
    intimidated, figure of speech of YOUR intent. If I’m reading you correctly, you
    believe with the organization you are in or involved with that you are safe
    from any wrong doing, hmmm? – must believe “professional courtesy”
    & “immunity” is what you’ll be promised too?. We shall see, and
    if not…I will not cry, just keep doing what I do, because I know after 4
    years of doing it, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO EITHER! – who wins?, I do. The
    Devils Advocate / Public Scrutiny / No2Probation lives on – lol!.

December 19 at 7:32am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Just a small piece of
    info to share with the BCI (YOUR WORDS) – are you ready to be questioned – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=236and make this a little easier for you since your mind seems to be
    warped and you only like to recall certain things about what you post. If you
    scroll up thi

December 19 at 7:55am · Like
· 1 · Remove

  • Phil
    Just an FYI in this
    forward to the BCI, Yes you may be corresponding via e-mail as we see, but with
    “electronic integration” with facebook it is you my friend none the
    less making your e-mail public here. I am in NO WAY copying your e-mails here!
    – GUILTY!!!!!, as the above code depicts….Be gone my fairy friend! – I just

December 19 at 9:39am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    or should I say boooohoooohooooohoooo Phillip

December 19 at 3:46pm via ·

  • Drew
    Didn’t say I was safe
    from wrong doing stupid, because there was no wrongdoing lmao. Uptight a bit
    aren’t we Phillip lmao

December 19 at 3:48pm via ·

  • Drew
    Yep, ready and
    willing…tell ya what, give me the BCI agent you supposedly talked to or a
    case number they can reference to your complaint and I’ll even call them
    myself. lmao

December 19 at 3:49pm via ·

  • Drew
    You might be blowing
    something, lmao, but it sure isn’t me. all I can say is hehehehehehehehe

December 19 at 3:50pm via ·

  • Phil
    Do you want her cell#
    or do you know them all personally? – 🙂

December 19 at 7:28pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Your ex said the same
    thing, nothing there to blow hehehehehehehaw

December 19 at 7:29pm · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    See, this is the
    direction I predicted you would take….sure her cell would be fine

December 20 at 8:00am via ·

  • Drew
    Don’t have an ex
    stupid lol and at least I didn’t beat my wife….oh I forgot, your claim was
    that you were saving a child from her drunkard mother, and that she beat
    herself up and had you arrested.

December 20 at 8:02am via ·

  • Phil
    Hey Drew, any updates
    on the CAC Lawsuit?…I’m hearing the County wants to settle immediately, but
    the fella sueing is in not in it for the money as they thought, he’s in it to
    expose you and the corruption behind it. Sounds like you and others are in a
    pickle?. Like I said, the TRUTH shall prevail.

December 20 at 8:05am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Come on Drew aka John
    Mayers talking head…can’t you come up with something better than that?.
    Calling me Phillip is what my mom called me when she was pissed, I see this is
    getting to you because YOU can’t do anything about it either – lol!. How ever,
    I WILL find out if you are a real account, that I can assure you of.

December 20 at 8:08am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    We have a tracker on
    your ip associated with your e-mail, see your in Ontario, right Mall Cop man?.
    Now who’s laughing?… I work today, why don’t you bring your 9mm like you said
    you were gonna do, or you still waiting for the 1st of the month to get your
    Obama money?.

December 20 at 8:11am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Oh and by the way
    Phillip, that code section you listed in your long winded, angry rambling
    yesterday was for the state of Montana. Do you really think you impressed
    anyone by copying and pasting that? I’m just speculating here but I don’t think
    any law enforcement agencies in Ohio can enforce this law from Montana…Now
    who is stupid? ROFLMFAO…again and again and again

December 20 at 8:13am via ·

  • Phil
    John, GOTCHA! – I see
    YOU STILL think you’re above the Law – lol!. We ALL know how you have friends,
    but as time goes on they get fewer and far between. You can ONLY get so much
    help, and now that you have THROWN EVERYONE under the bus with your antics your
    gig is up!. You told your ex you were such a great speaker and I thank you for
    it, YOU just proved who you are!. Ain’t that right Johnny boy?. Get back to
    work BEFORE I call the Mall like you called my employer.

December 20 at 8:19am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    We still love that Jay
    Glauner has RESTORED integrity back to the office of the Ohio APA in Mansfield,
    have you RETURNED that State jacket yet?. Mr Nelson wants to know?, you
    remember…the guy who FIRED YOU!. stealing IS A CRIME, like YOUR leader says
    in one of his 10 commandments – thou shalt not steal, having this jacket IS

December 20 at 8:36am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Go back to looking at
    those girls in your 2 way mirrors before you get in anymore trouble my friend,
    and stay out of Victoria secrets, those girls think you are creepy!.

December 20 at 8:38am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    The KING of
    schadenfreude strikes back!, and WOW – NO RESPONSE?????

December 20 at 8:39am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    You better run my
    bi-sexual friend, there’s more!.

December 20 at 8:43am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    What?, 40+ minutes not
    long enough to check what’s legal and what’s not Drew baby?. I know the law as
    well as you my friend, glad you took the bait…Now folks can see your Malice
    intent. Don’t like it when 2 can play the game evenly. What you are forgetting
    is the DIFFERENCE between Public and Private entities, YOUR DEMISE soon!.

December 20 at 9:01am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    I’m only speculating
    here, but Drew aka John Mayer…I thought it was funny how long it took for you
    to find out the Law in Montana was what I posted. I’m betting you crapped your
    pants until you re-evaluated what your Law Director friend Spon or Brother
    Prosecutor said you can get away with here – Now look at who’s ROTFLTAO…..You
    are sooooo gullable!.

December 20 at 10:22pm · Like

  • Phil
    Seen by 59, hmmmm? – I
    wonder how many of these fine folks are your friends or people you think I have
    created in this group?. Funny how I bet they are watching because they love how
    you think you’re so high and mighty getting legal advice from your friend and
    brother while I get your goat on my own with just a High School degree and
    little College. You and your idiot buds are no match for my wits, your snide
    remarks mean nothing to this fella. Does saying I’m angry make you feel good or
    something?, because really I know…it’s you who has lost more than I ever
    will!, after all, I’m a bottom feeder, right?. See, there’s a difference
    between you and I; I get by with perseverance while you get by on laurels not
    of your own which are running out the more you open your mouth and insert foot.
    You want this to end?, go away and don’t be bothered no more by what supposedly
    does not effect you!. Time to find a better opposer for fighting the truth, you
    have met your match my friend 🙂

December 20 at 11:00pm · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    won’t expose me, I
    don’t have anything to do with the CAC, so in your face Phillip lmao

December 20 at 11:16pm via ·

  • Drew
    You sure do make alot
    of assurances, yet….they all seem to fall through. Obviously I am a real
    account otherwise that would make you a nut job for continuously emailing
    me…wait….you are a nut job lmao

December 20 at 11:18pm via ·

  • Drew
    ROFLMAO, really I’m in
    Ontario….ok haven’t even been in the Mansfield area all day moron….you must
    have bought your alleged tracker at ABC Warehouse lmao. I don’t think anyone
    ever told you they were bringing a 9mm to do you in….I think you set the whole
    thing up to try and get more attention…sorry not gonna work.

December 20 at 11:21pm via ·

  • Drew
    bwwwaaahahahahaha no
    Phillip, I got you lmao.

December 20 at 11:22pm via ·

  • Phil
    Sorry my friend, but
    does this look like e-mail to you?. This is Mansfielders Perspective Group
    where you “claim” I am posting you e-mails, you are
    whacked….Because IF that was true, your posts would show as if I posted them.
    John, nobody, I mean nobody I have spoken to about you says you are smart, it
    shows here as well – lol!

December 20 at 11:24pm · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Unfortunately Phillip,
    we don’t all have time to sit and play on our computer all day as you do. It is
    obvious you don’t have a life other than a washing machine salesman, copying
    and pasting on your joke webpage and obviously by your own admission, visiting
    gay bars. Still haven’t given me the number you claim to have of the BCI agent
    so I can give her a call and I love how you try to “convince” people
    you threw that Montana criminal code in there and when you got called on it
    tried to make it seem like that’s how you planned it…but your used to dong
    that. You have lost control of your own life Phillip, stop tipping the bottle
    and stay away from that straw…it’s really clouding your mind, or perhaps it
    might be making it better, who knows. You know the law? Interesting, if thats
    the case, then why did you hit your wife and why did you need to hire an
    attorney to get your domestic violence reduced? If your such a legal scholar,
    why not

    handle your case
    yourself? Wait, I know that answer…so you could do like you always do…blame
    someone else. It was their fault you got arrested, it was their fault you got
    kicked out of your trailer, it was their fault the bank foreclosed on
    you….hmmmm do you ever take credit for your own mistakes? I know, your girdle
    is twisted again, but I really enjoy watching you make a fool out of yourself

December 20 at 11:30pm via ·

  • Drew
    Today I’m Mayer,
    tomorrow I’ll be one of his friends, the day after I’ll be DeWeese. You
    absolutely love to make people think you can call the shot…the truth is,
    nobody in Law Enforcement would take your complaint, because, there is no
    complaint to take. I bet you hated hearing that when you make your tons of
    calls and if your so “well connected” as you claim, why couldn’t you
    pull the strings you think you control and get something done? We all know
    why…your a FAKE. I’m still waiting on the 5 examples you seem to skate around
    Phillip. Wonder how many of your “loyal” readers are too?

December 20 at 11:33pm via ·

  • Phil
    We don’t all have time
    to play on our computers?, then what are you doing all day and night? – making
    up more cock and bull to convince those who watch you get your ass handed to
    you that you’re not John Mayer, who else would get their panties in such a
    wad?, remember, you are a private citizen and nothing on this group page
    pertains to you, but you persist in wasting time you say you don’t have – lol!

December 20 at 11:38pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Thank you my friend
    for the slander and defamation you clearly know I will not sue you for because
    Ohio has no laws against it. Yes, you can get away with it with the hope I will
    snap and threaten you so you can file a charge. Like I said…I am above anger
    and hatred unlike you my friend, this is what disturbs you, you can’t do it –
    lol!, Yes…I am laughing at you again, and again, and again.

December 20 at 11:42pm · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Not sure where you get
    this 59 from, because they can’t read me email. You should know all about the
    numbers game after all, thats how you get your numbers for your webpage (or
    should I say cut and past page)? No need to get legal advice, because unlike
    you, I am not a criminal, thus I don’t need legal advice.

    By the way, high
    schools give diplomas, not degrees geeeeze, and whats wrong, couldn’t finish
    college or did they kick you out? You have no wits, just like you have no
    backbone but it sure is funny to watch you get madder and madder when you get
    called to the front of the class on your posts. It is impossible to match
    anything with you, because you are not even in my league. You get by with
    perseverance? You probably don’t even know what that means. Did you have to
    look that word up to use it lmao. There is nothing to end Phillip. I won’t go
    away, I don’t have to go away and you can’t make me go away. You have
    threatened me with legal action (which was a lie), you accuse me of being
    someone else (which is a lie) you claim people will be knocking on my door
    (lie) hell its easy to see that about everything that comes out of your mouth
    and puny mind is that…a lie. As far as meeting my match, nah not even close.
    You are a phony, and

    everyone has seen that

December 20 at 11:42pm via ·

  • Drew
    I don’t care what you
    are posting to, I am using my email account and this is where your moronic
    replies are showing up. Again, you have to take up the intelligence of John
    Mayer with John Mayer.

December 20 at 11:43pm via ·

  • Phil
    There you go again,
    claiming you are not John Mayer or a friend, who else would get this mad that
    they have to spend endless hours attacking little old Phillip that they one
    again…supposedly don’t have. You are now running in circles, getting your ass
    handed to you comment after comment, why don’t you give it a rest?. You clearly
    have no fight here, Oh, unless you are one of those we speak of, and you’re
    not, you’re Drew Tyler – lol!

December 20 at 11:45pm · Like
· 1

  • Time
    hey phill i need a
    bigger box i got my folding chair now i got a new cell phone in case a chicken
    wants to call.

December 20 at 11:51pm · Like

  • Phil
    Go to Mansfielders
    Perspective where YOU SAY I am copying your emails too, you will CLEARLY see
    you are making an ass of yourself. It’s apparent you are not as smart as you
    think with that new phone, you are making the posts yourself there – lol!

December 20 at 11:51pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    I hope you got a new
    obama phone, it clearly shows our bud got one and isn’t smart enough to know
    how it works. You wanna make sure you work it right, come and see me – lol!

December 20 at 11:59pm · Edited · Like · 1

  • Time
    Maybe we should talk
    about the obama administration some more so we can get more comments from
    nobodies that want to starve to death trying to keep us occupied from the real
    news that is coming up .They are trying to blindside you phill watch your back
    untill our under ground help arrives in the next week or two .

December 21 at 12:01am · Unlike
· 1

  • Phil
    Got the last word in
    tonight, see you in the morning Drew, that’s if you don’t have the time to mess
    with getting your ass handed to you – lol!.

December 21 at 12:02am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    No Phillip, it is you
    who gets your drawers in a wad because time and time again you get exposed for
    the liar and fraud that you are. Still waiting for that little list Phillip.
    But I know its not coming because you have done NOTHING lmao to make a change.
    Never have and never will.

December 21 at 6:42am via ·

  • Drew
    awwww did I hurt your
    feelings again Phillip? lmao. Slander and defamation of character is a civil
    issue not a criminal one moron, but then again, because you think you are so
    smart, you know that. Unfortunately for you, nothing I have said is slander
    because it’s true and how can you defame a persons character, when they don’t
    have one roflmao. “If” you snap? I think thats pretty clear to people
    that you have already done that, and probably long before I came along…but if
    my presence helps make that clearer to folks, so be it. I don’t need to worry
    about filing charges, because NOBODY takes you seriously lmao. Who would feel
    threatened by a guy who slings toasters and washing machines lol. Perhaps now
    you will admit that you didn’t give a “deposition” to BCI as you
    claim you did because you found out the hard way, the only person who likes to
    cry when their feelings are hurt….is you Phillip, and nobody cares that they
    are hurt. You

    make having my morning
    coffee fun..that much I appreciate.

December 21 at 6:48am via ·

  • Drew
    The only one getting
    mad is you Phillip and that is because you have been exposed time and time
    again what a liar and a fraud you are. You love to make claims and make up lies
    to make yourself look all good and powerful and when it falls through, which is
    most of the time, you get your girdle twisted up and start pouting and slamming
    your nubby fingers on your keyboard. You really are a jester Phillip, perhaps
    you should consider giving up your washing machine job and go on the road as a
    comic. I know, maybe you an write a book about all of the great things you have
    accomplished with your cut and paste website but that wouldn’t be a book, it
    would be a blank page. I give you credit for having the patience to cut and
    paste so many stories and then ad your own commentary to them, but thats all
    you have accomplished. Maybe someday you will grow up and be someone, but I
    doubt it lol. Take a drink and relax Phillip, your gonna stroke out and then

    someone else will have
    to take over your webpage lol.

December 21 at 6:53am via ·

  • Drew
    Your not even worth
    replying too stupid. And if you need a bigger box, I’m sure Phillip can get you
    one from one of his washing machines. I know, if you duct tape enough of them
    together you might make yourself a nice little cardboard castle. A prepaid cell
    phone doesn’t count as a cell phone, they are throw away phones but I’m sure
    you already know that. Close your boxtop and go to bed moron roflmao.

December 21 at 6:55am via ·

  • Phil
    There’s only one with
    a wad in their pants, and that is you! – I get sheer enjoyment out of my hobby
    or I wouldn’t do it. I have told you there is no list of “things” I
    have changed, but I have provided there are atleast 5 people this forum and the
    blogs HAVE changed, these are the friends you no longer have. The more you
    rant, the more you lose…You can no longer hide behind your fake facebook
    account. This is why you can’t sleep and you are somewhere you don’t have time
    for – lol!. Your ex sends her love, surely she’s getting plenty of sleep now
    knowing there’s NOTHING you or your buds in the system can do to her anymore. I
    just saw the two last night, they are sooooo happy together, and this maddens
    you still to this day 🙂

December 21 at 6:56am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Nobody but you wastes
    their time on that page but you and the card board box boy. I am as smart as I
    think I am because I know I’m that smart. I got a new phone? wow…wonder when
    its coming.

December 21 at 6:57am via ·

  • Drew
    Wait, you can’t even
    spell the word smart and yet you want people to believe you can operate a phone

December 21 at 6:58am via ·

  • Drew
    Roflmao, underground
    help, that is absolutely priceless. Arriving in the next week or two, how about
    three or four, or a year or two or three or four…that is hilarious,
    underground help, that’s comic gold.

December 21 at 7:00am via ·

  • Drew
    You must have just got
    home from that gay bar you admit you frequent.

December 21 at 7:01am via ·

  • Drew
    You “herd”,
    lmao, wow how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can’t even
    spell a simple word like “heard.” Phillip has a high school degree
    and you have a first grade diploma, together the two of you aren’t any smarter
    than a swarm of cockroaches.

December 21 at 7:03am via ·

  • Phil
    You are right Drew, in
    pityful Ohio there’s nothing you can do about it UNLESS you have a pocket full
    of cash, that’s why in the case of the CAC it’s more important to expose you
    and your friends instead of the hope of a huge payday!. I am doing the same
    here, folks know my character and there’s NOTHING you can do to assassinate it.
    How ever we know how high up the food chain you think you are, and this kills
    you. Every comment gets copied to the wide world web for the world to see
    FOREVER!, not just here where you put it yourself thinking it is me playing
    with your e-mail, that still has me ROTFLMAO again, and again, and again. After
    the BCI investigates maybe we can change Ohio Law like Montana’s because your
    intent is to take me down like you have YOURSELF. I would quit while I was
    ahead, most folks who fall get back up and persevere. In your case you hope as
    it gets worse and worse that you still have friends in power who owe you a
    favor, IF I’m hearing folks correctly your favors are running out. I hope
    you’re still enjoying that coffee, I surely am enjoying mine – lol!.

December 21 at 7:07am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Angry way to start
    your morning Phillip lol. You again admit that you have done nothing to change
    anything with your cut and paste website, just like you have admitted you are a
    liar, a fraud, frequent gay bars, and have made no contributions to society
    anywhere. Who said I can’t sleep? Are you peeking in windows looking for me
    again….thats creepy lol, but a guy who frequents gay bars I guess thats to be
    expected. You may have said hello to someone’s ex wife but it sure wasn’t mine
    lmao. Does it madden you that your wife had you thrown in jail when you beat
    her lmao. I bet it does to this day. Do you hold that over her head and remind
    her of it from time to time lol. Awwww, its ok Phillip, she has obviously
    accepted you for the loser that you are.

December 21 at 7:08am via ·

  • Phil
    I haven’t admitted to
    anything John, is this why your friends DEAL in the justice system? – You are a
    poor twister of words, and folks are seeing your ingannation here aka
    deception. I love this group, people are learning a lot about our perverts who
    think they have control over us along with words the Mansfield City school
    system fails to teach because terrorists don’t like educated people. Are you
    trying to build another case of deception?, I have MILES of your poppycock (one
    of your friends words) that are on this site for the world to see forever!. You
    want to see them again? – visit my site where we shared your transcripts the
    local paper you lobbied failed to share – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/ – this is what’s
    killing you, the MNJ, and your friends; what you are TRYING to do is combat the
    truth, but there’s a difference…You have money to stop me if what I was doing
    is untruthful or not that of an opinion of those who work in the public eye.
    What makes you and everyone of them mad is…You can’t do a damn thing about it
    or after 4 years of my pummeling you would have – lol!. I can take ALL you can
    dish out since we don’t have a law like Montana as you so pointed out, the ONLY
    thing I have admitted. You can’t stop this, and it makes you mad, well too damn
    bad huh?.

December 21 at 8:01am · Like
· 1


  • Phil
    Maybe since you are
    following via e-mail, you need the link to the outside world, you know…The
    same one everyone else is following, including the BCI who I believe has this
    link – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=813 . I believe there’s
    enough there to finish you off if we were in Montana – lol!

December 21 at 8:06am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    I love how Drew the
    self proclaimed business professional has to run off everytime they get their
    ass handed to them, or is it he or she is not who they think they are?. John
    has to get to work, let’s catch up to him later when he has time, shall we?.

December 21 at 8:11am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    John, keep telling
    yourself what you have done to deserve this? – Just take a look at EVERYTHING I
    have shared – lol! (THE TRUTH PREVAILS) – something you know or share little
    of. Once again…the APA is in recovery, and ONLY because you and your former
    boss are gone!. Now lets see what happens to you boys in the County with this
    latest suit against the CAC. Your game is over, and the only way to stop it is
    with that bullet you promised. In Ohio our motto is…”With God ALL things
    are possible”, and NO I don’t mean your friend Judge DeWeese. Maybe I’ll
    do a shop out today at the Mall, when do you work my fairy friend, I would love
    to see your sorry looking face!. My brothers a prosecutor – BIG DEAL!, nobody
    cares anymore because your days of professional courtesy and immunity are over!

December 21 at 8:31am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    What, you can’t
    respond from your e-mail on your smart phone?, or you calling your brother the
    prosecuter and friend the Law Director to try and shut down what you have
    started again?. See, I have a wife and daughter who depend on me to go to work
    and persevere, something YOU and what friends you have left don’t like. I have
    taken EVERY bomb you have lobbed in hopes I will snap!, sorry my friend…I am
    not one who’s been in enough trouble for you to CONTROL, I can assure you my
    faith in God is MY hope you will have your day!. Peace out for now, off to my
    honest day of work (12 hrs), then I’ll be back if you have more to share that
    needs refuted. Peace be with you, Christmas is in 4 days, give your family a
    break!, the one that surrounds you, not the one you don’t have, because you
    surely have found out NOBODY at your age wants you now. Persevere my friend,
    that’s all one can ask!

December 21 at 8:43am · Like
· 1

  • Time
    how do you know i am
    useing washing machine boxes are you stalking me now chicken .are you trying to
    see if i can take you .what did you find out .

December 21 at 10:15am · Like

  • Time
    your friend jim is
    laughing at you he said your women has a boy friend that was at your crib this
    morning she is getting ready to dump you because of your obsessions.lol

December 21 at 10:17am · Like

  • Time
    you just think you know
    me but you dont even know who i am .and i think it is funny how you think i am
    a friend of mine .but just a fyi.he knows you too .he can have you delivered to
    him and i can to .

December 21 at 10:20am · Like

  • Time
    and yes you are losing
    your power at this moment because you are drawing attention to some that dont
    want it .

December 21 at 10:21am · Unlike
· 1

  • Time
    t sounds like you are
    the one getting mad in your drunken fits in the early morning hours

December 21 at 10:23am · Unlike
· 1

  • Time
    you should take up a
    new job taking pictures of the people you stalk and the people you think you
    control trailer trash .

December 21 at 10:27am · Like

  • Time
    even the one that work
    around you said you snapped and would like to be rid of you .well i guess i
    better get back in my box out of the snow for now before i have to take a drive
    to get plastic for my box lol lol lol lol

December 21 at 10:31am · Like

  • Phil
    Real quick, and off to
    bed…Early day tomorrow so I’m sorry I don’t have the time you do to play
    Drew. Hopefully you’ll have something after you frequent your gay bar tonight
    that I can laugh over coffee in the a.m. I got a call today from the commish,
    he overheard some water cooler talk that advised I should not work with the
    BCI, for your buds are gonna intercept my complaint and trash it. So, what did
    he say I should do?, Contact their boss the AG, he has hungry Attorney’s who
    will see to it that things are done properly to address the great Drew aka
    disgruntled fired APA supervisor who everyone knows by now is not ever getting
    his job back. Take care my friend, as you know by now your balls (if you have
    any) are in a vice!. Nobody cares about you as you can see this special article
    https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=813 now has 31 likes. I
    suppose now you think these are all mine – ROTFLMAO!

December 21 at 9:58pm · Like
· 1

  • Time
    what gets me is all
    the other members of this group a becoming afraid to speak on here .let me tell
    you something people that is not what you do with a criminal like drew you call
    him out then he cant hurt you tell it like it is you are on the perspective
    where you will be heard.

December 21 at 10:32pm · Like

  • Phil
    Unless like Drew
    says…they are criminal friends and they fear retribution?. Sorry, I’m letting
    Drew highjack the group by any means.

December 21 at 11:19pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    It’s gonna be a great
    day my friends, my diabolical friend has decided to take a day off, Thank God.
    Now lets get back to questioning politics, shall we?. I’m guessing he got told
    to give it a break once his crap was shared on craigslist, I found a nasty
    response directed at me on rants and raves that may prove interesting if folks
    start calling my employer again. It’s definately time for the man I voted for
    to get a call (Mike DeWine) – enough of this already. If OUR local politicians
    don’t like us having a place to speak out against them, too bad! – There’s NO
    LAWS against it, opinions are like Drew Tylers, everyone has one – lol!.

December 22 at 7:01am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    Panties in a twist
    again Phillip? Sure seems like it to me….and who’s trying to stop you, I
    think people love seeing how you get so heated over things you can’t control
    and now that they know what a liar and fraud you are…well all I can say is

December 22 at 11:33pm via ·

  • Drew
    Well since you haven’t
    figured it out yet…duh we are not in Montana stupid lmao. As far as any link
    to the BCI, all I can say is whoopee doo lol. I’m still waiting for the alleged
    number you have for the BCI agent so I can give her a call..oh wait, just
    another lie you were caught in.

December 22 at 11:34pm via ·

  • Drew
    Well Phillip, in case
    you haven’t figured it out yet, it is almost Christmas and unlike you, I have
    friends and things to do that do not entail spending my every waking moment on
    my computer. While it is likely your visiting some of the porn sites in the
    social media network as well since you are an admitted gay bar frequenter, but
    I don’t sit by my compute or have it tied to my hip so that it screams when
    someone posts, which normally isn’t anyone but you. The only person who has had
    their ass handed to them is you because you have been exposed for the liar and
    fraud that you really are Phillip and I think that is what you hate more than
    anything, but its ok, I enjoy it 🙂

December 22 at 11:37pm via ·

  • Drew
    As I said previously
    Phillip, I have a life which is not attached to my phone or a cut and paste
    website. You have a wife you like to beat on and a daughter who is probably
    embarrassed she has to have you as a father? By the way are you the biological
    father? Just wondered if you were into the man/woman thing since you admit you
    like to frequent gay bars. I haven’t dropped any bombs on anyone because anyone
    who reads what you have posted compared to what you have accomplished or done
    knows what a phony, liar and fraud you really are. You have never done anything
    with your life that has been considered an accomplishment and time after time
    you have failed. You are a convicted criminal, a woman beater, you can’t
    provide a home without the bank taking it back for non-payment and you go
    through life hanging your head in shame. Now that is a Christmas present I like


December 22 at 11:42pm via ·

  • Drew
    Your still an idiot,
    that was an easy find

December 22 at 11:43pm via ·

  • Drew
    go for it…anytime
    you want to try here I am…you like to make promises you can’t keep, kinda
    like your boyfriend Phillip

December 22 at 11:44pm via ·

December 22 at 11:45pm via ·

  • Drew
    wow, and you can’t
    even spell “it” lmao..and you expect people to take you seriously?
    Will never happen

December 22 at 11:45pm via ·

  • Time
    your a chicken drew
    and you are afraid of me you dont even realy know who i am but i know you woukd
    you like me to show up may i can wait till after you womans boyfriend leaves

December 22 at 11:47pm · Like

  • Drew
    wow, now your a comedian?
    uhhhhhhhhhhhh not lol

December 22 at 11:47pm via ·

December 22 at 11:47pm · Like

  • Time
    you must be on one of
    your drunks again

December 22 at 11:50pm · Like

  • Drew
    And I predicted this
    is what you would do again and look, lmao…wow it really is true you are a
    liar and a fraud. Now lets see, you will say that you have called the AG’s
    office and then someone will talk and say the AG’s office won’t get involved. I
    should be one of them people who fortell the future, becuase all of your past
    bullshit is catching up with you, your lies are getting the best of you and now
    you are cornered once again. I enjoy this and just wondered how long it would
    take for you to again admit you got caught. Your losing your nerve Phillip, oh
    sorry, you never had any your just a bald headed, gay-bar hopping, woman
    beating, liar and fraud. And I’m glad I am one of those who have brought you to
    the front of the class, spanked your ass and sent you home crying lmfao again
    and again and again

December 22 at 11:52pm via ·

  • Drew
    face is stupid, nobody
    but you and your boyfriend Phillip ever spoke anyway

December 22 at 11:52pm via ·

December 22 at 11:53pm via ·

December 22 at 11:55pm · Like

  • Drew
    And now you say you
    are going to call a politician? lmao…that is awesome Phillip, give him a call
    and let him laugh at you too. So now lets see, Richland County Sheriff’s Dept
    (laughing at you) BCI (laughing at you) Santa Clause (wrote you off a long time
    ago) Easter Bunny (clue, he doesn’t exist) and now Mike DeWines office. Lets
    see who will be after him, perhaps President Obama will assign the Secret
    Service or the FBI to investigate next…roll the dice you keep coming up a
    loser Phil.

December 22 at 11:56pm via ·

  • Drew
    your a moron and
    nobody gives a second thought to anything you say

December 22 at 11:57pm via ·

  • Time
    you remind me of a
    hawkaloogi in a cheech and chong show invisible balls lol lol

December 23 at 12:05am · Like

  • Drew
    and what do you call a
    guy who lives in a cardboard box? Box trash lmao

December 23 at 2:54am via ·

  • Phil
    Johnny, I see your
    pantiies are in a wad again after my friend opened your crap up to craigslist –
    lol!. What?, people watching you close at the mall?, everythings good where I’m
    at, busy, busy!. I thought you didn’t have time for this, or was it as much
    time as I?. Probably why you would stay away for 24 hours (more deception).
    Your deception is getting you in trouble, and believe it or not, so will your
    crap you are spewing on here, and people wonder why those on probation don’t
    listen to their officers, ones like you make all the good ones unsafe.

December 23 at 6:58am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Funny how a group of 2
    can irritate a group of many, many corrupt bitches that is – lol!. What pisses
    you off is….like you think I’ll never get the attention you need, sooner or
    later, someone will have to do something, after all, it is POLITICS – LOL!. Keep
    spewing your drivel like you gave me on your craigslist ad, that’s the kind of
    stuff that’s gold when I do wind up speaking with the right agency. I love how
    you are the mouthpiece for them, they should love this?. You CLEARLY are
    proving why we don’t need them, THEY watch and do nothing until someone gets
    hurt, and that someone I assure you will not be me, like the man said…your
    ball less, have no balls, just like your hide behind craigslist ad that
    authorities will love. You are right Drew, hard to find the right agency,
    nobody knows who has the boundaries for internet crimes, why are you suprised?
    – it may take getting Obama involved – lol!.

December 23 at 7:08am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Let me add before I
    go, what do you believe is a great accomplishment Johnny boy? – Getting FIRED
    by the State appears to be a great accomplishment to me, Great Job 🙂

December 23 at 7:25am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    My great
    accomplishment will when your posts catch up to you, and you take MANY
    political careers with you. It saddens me to know your goal to become Mayor of
    Mansfield is now over, just as any chance of you ever getting that cushy APA
    job back – lol!. IF you wanna see the great Drew Tyler, all you have to do is visit
    the mall where this man who talks like this is what we have watching over our
    women and children. We should be so blessed to have such a super sleuth who was
    fired by the State for his perverted view on serve and protect is. Do you think
    for one minute if Drew Tyler aka John Mayer ever served or protected I could
    get away with exposing him here?. This Tyler has no power here, that’s why his
    futile attempts to discredit who I am gets him mad, then of coarse he says I am
    – lol!. Go see him at the mall, and come see me where he keeps pointing me out
    where I work, and see who’s smiling 🙂

December 23 at 7:32am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    I love it!, what I say
    in my hour a day that I spend with you keeps you pissed for hours – lol!. I see
    once again you must have had a dream about me since you posted you last bla,
    bla, bla around 4am – lol!. I suppose your comeback is…you are Santa Claus
    and were up with your Elves?.

December 23 at 7:49am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Now 60 likes on the
    blog, I would say there’s 60 more schadenfreude’s out there – lol!. The more
    likes we get, the stronger we get! – I’m not alone my friend 🙂 , and YOU think there’s ONLY 2 of

December 23 at 7:52am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Watch your back Times
    Up – Our terrorist Drew appears close to snapping, did you read his craigslist
    ad?. He may have took it down, but I have it! (copied & pasted) – lol! ;
    this is his demise….

December 23 at 7:55am · Like
· 1

  • Time
    i am not worrird about
    some one invisible that thinks i live in a box and dont relize i own more out
    right than Mr hawkaloogi could ever think of owning .he thinks i am someone
    else.the joke is on him or i should say yoke from his chicken butt.come on drew
    we are waiting quit stroking those elfs .

December 23 at 10:50am · Like

  • Phil
    Everyone knows who
    Drew Tyler is, so he can keep hiding behind his fake account; Nobody, I mean
    NOBODY cares about John Mayer enough to refute the truth here but him. He only
    had one friend at the APA, and that friend was FIRED as well, they are glad the
    both of them are gone, the sad note is…they both still effect the system
    still being here!. Since the group and website are going NO WHERE, maybe THEY
    will? – It’s just a matter of time, they can’t prove me wrong otherwise, so
    they might as well LEAVE!. This is OUR Town, not theirs to continue perverting
    justice into the ground. There’s Officers who support us, and we need to
    continue to support them until we have regained safety for ALL!.

December 23 at 9:58pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    1,000 hits per day on
    the website blog since this article broke, Thanks Drew…The TRUTH is getting
    out there, and soon it will set you free!. Now who’s ROTFLMAO?.

December 23 at 10:05pm · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    What, our delusional
    friend has no more predictions for us?. Well, here’s one for him!. He may have
    friends up and down the later of justice on the laurels of daddy, and with what
    he has done and continues to do, he is losing them. I predict Drew will either
    have to come forward and admit who he is, or have to leave here short of
    getting banned. One prediction he made that has not come true, he is still
    allowed to run his mouth here and on craigslist, because when he does it gets his
    friends downtown that unwanted attention that he can’t do without. The problem
    his friends have is, when he got his attention in the MNJ it went away and
    Mansfielders soon forgot, here…it’s there FOREVER and as a reminder for those
    who keep his friends (protectors) in office. Those friends as some of us know
    them are usually in the paper glorifying their good deeds, here…not so much,
    we share our convictions of them and the truth. A power (Free Speech) our great
    Constitution of the United States allows, something terrorists don’t like!. Now
    we know why we don’t know who the terrorists are, the Politician protects them
    with what they call “Professional Courtesy” &
    “Immunity”. It’s Christmas eve, may EVERYONE have a Merry Christmas –
    Santa will come tonight regardless of what the great Drew says. Peace on Earth
    my friends, it starts with equalizing tyrants. Drew Tyler, I’m the great
    equalizer and your fiscal cliff – (Laughing), likes will be your applause…

December 24 at 7:10am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    I doubt you own
    anything other than your cardboard box. What did you get for Christmas, a box
    of scotch tape? Or did your boytoy Phillip give you another box to live in
    since the old one got snowcovered?

December 26 at 10:19pm via ·

  • Drew
    As always I am
    ROTHFMFAO at you because your really hilarious…not to mention just plain
    stupid lol

December 26 at 10:23pm via ·

  • Drew
    Well I predict we will
    have a blizzard and lookeee we have one lmao. How can you make predictions
    Phillip, yours only come from what you read in the paper and then take credit
    for as being “something you told everyone was coming” lol. I have
    already admitted who I was and yet you continue to think I am someone else in
    your dilusion, drunken state. I can say whatever I want in my email posts and
    if you want them going to your cut and paste website, thats your choice. Nobody
    really cares anyway Phillip lol. You sure do get your girdle all knotted up
    when you get called to the front of the classs…again and again and again and
    again. I’m still waiting on the BCI agent, Sheriff’s Dept and now the Governor
    to knock on my door? Oh wait, I forgot Phillip, you lied about them too just as
    you have about everything else. People love reading what a phony you are and
    that is perhaps why you have the alleged hits you claim. But hey, if it makes

    your stupid feeble
    mind feel better thinking your making a difference, ok

December 26 at 10:28pm via ·

  • Drew
    and you must be trying
    to act normal again lmao…hey do you go to the gay bars with Phillip? He said
    he likes to go to them and I doubt he goes alone

December 26 at 10:32pm via ·

  • Drew
    I don’t know who you
    are except some low life cardboard box piece of trash who likes to threaten
    people and doesn’t have the balls to carry it out.

December 26 at 10:33pm via ·

  • Drew
    Nobody gets mad at an
    imbicile like you they only ROTFL their asses off lol…your a moron there
    isn’t any other word to describe you

December 26 at 10:34pm via ·

  • Drew
    ohhhhhhhhhh you made a
    funny did you get permission from your gay bar hopping buddy to do that?

December 26 at 10:34pm via ·

  • Drew
    Yeah I bet your real
    busy leaning on them washing machines, knowing nobody is buying them and
    watching everyone around you making money except for you. But thats ok,
    hopefully next year you application to the MNJ Christmas Program will get
    approved and you wont’ have to shop at the goodwill store lmao….loser

December 26 at 10:36pm via ·

  • Drew
    this post is
    priceless, you honestly think people give a shit about a gay bar hopping,
    washing machine slinger? that is worth ROTFLMFAO

December 26 at 10:37pm via ·

  • Drew
    Thats funny Phillip,
    you smiling at work…must be looking at the gay porn on your phone you value
    so much. No it is you who get so defensive and angry when you are again and
    again called to the front of the class and get you ass spanked time and time
    again for the fake, fraud, liar that you are. People are laughing at you, not
    with you and there is a difference Phillip, but then again you should be used
    to that because I hear you were quite the little sissy in school and got your
    panties pulled down quite a bit….but hey, thats the way things go. People can
    go to the mall all they want, bet it pisses you off that they are buying their
    applicances there and not from you. Maybe the word is being spread about the
    loser who slings washing machines and has his own cut and paste
    website….awwww, don’t get your girdle knotted again Phillip, just another day
    at the office.

December 26 at 10:42pm via ·

  • Drew
    I think you need to
    check the clock on your little phone Phillip, or didn’t they teach you to tell
    time before they let you out of jail?

December 26 at 10:43pm via ·

  • Drew
    And wooooo like I care
    how many times you or TimeStupid hits the like button lol….and you think
    everyone around you doesn’t laugh when they see you coming lmao…you are
    really a hoot Phillip…and I’m sure your not alone….at least I hear you
    don’t leave the gay bar alone rotflmfao again and again and again

December 26 at 10:45pm via ·

  • Drew
    Sorry, I don’t post on
    Craigslist Phillip, that was you remember…in fact your bosses threatened to
    fire you if you didn’t quit doing that and oh yeah, I know, you told them that
    it was freedom of speech and they couldn’t do shit for you posting there but
    hey, you caved in anyway…funny how this alleged craigslist post
    disappeared…..how many times did you hit the report button? I’m guessing you
    pounded that button like you pounded them little fellas you are taking home
    from the gay bar…rotflmfao agan and again…Oh by the way, still waiting on
    the BCI, FBI, DEA, ATF, Sheriff, Governor and now Obama to come knocking on my
    door….again you have been proven to be a fraud and a liar. These thoughts
    keep my laughing as I relax before bed each night. Nighty night Phillip, take a
    chill pill before you go to bed…remember what that woman you called mom used
    to tell you, “don’t go to bed angry Phillip.” ROTFLMFAO as always.

December 26 at 10:49pm via ·

  • Drew
    Yeah, Drew Tyler is Drew
    Tyler, not hiding behind a picture of his wife, like TimeStupid does. He
    claimes he is someone so big and bad yet he hides behind a picture of his wife.
    I have already proven you wrong, proven you to be a liar and a fraud. What else
    is there? Your worthless as a husband, a provider and man so what else do you
    have going for you other than your own cut and paste website….thats an
    accomplishment to be proud of Phillip

December 26 at 11:36pm via ·

  • Time
    drew or should i say
    chicken hawkaloogi i told you before you are getting me mixed up with some one
    else i own my house out right i dont owe a dime on it i own everything i have
    you are the one that likes to talk big on here i have called your chicken but
    out you name the place and time and oh by the way i hope those boxing lessons
    did you good your gone to need them.you are just posting on here now because
    you are a drunk and where you been watching your ugly lady cheat on you which
    time i seen two suiters leaving your crib lol lol.

December 27 at 12:02am · Like

  • Time
    not even your payed
    cop buddies will mess with me as i am getting ready to blow the whisle on a
    couple more its all part of the attention you have inflicted on your self

December 27 at 12:06am · Unlike
· 1

  • Phil
    What I think is funny,
    if Drew Tyler is Drew Tyler, then it makes sense why Drew Tyler uses no picture
    of who he/she is, and why they have no friends. Nobody has friends who are so
    full of themselves that they lie about everything that comes from their mouth.
    That’s why it will be more fun exposing this liar to his so-called friends than
    going though the trouble sueing them in Court for it, hell EVERYONE who
    frequents this group knows how long that could take in our corrupt piece of
    crap no justice plea deal court system which fruits we are bearing today (all
    the crime). We have a criminal hear (Drew Tyler) who thinks he/she can get away
    with their crap, for now that is true, but we ALL know…time is on OUR side,
    sooner than later we’ll catch up to you. Just think, today could be that day,
    next week, or next month, but we’ll get you, or since your precise in who will
    get you, should I say…(they will) – lol!. Like I said, now that we know who
    you are…your ONLY BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT was getting fired by the State APA by
    which you still have not explained, how does one accomplish such a feat?, I
    don’t believe this has ever happened before, but now your old boss and now you
    have both done it – lol!. Now you think because you got a pass on the first
    lawsuit that you will get one again, well lets see how much above the law power
    the County has since your leader admits they don’t have to adhere to the same
    laws that State and Federal employees have to. This will be interesting to say
    the least!.

December 27 at 7:11am · Like
· 1

  • Phil
    Drew Mayer, you left
    me no choice but to answer your comments individually on the blog. Maybe you
    can go there to see them?, or will you say your e-mail won’t post there like it
    does here in the MP group? – lol!. It would be nice if you could post there,
    you would reach a broader audience if you did – LOOK, there’s 80 likes
    now…that means there are 80 likes for the exposure we are giving you!, and
    you do like attention, don’t ya Drew Mayer?. In case you’re NEW to this blog,
    the link is above in a prior comment, if you can’t find let me know, I will
    post it again, and again, and again until you have the ATTENTION you so desire
    – lol!, we ALL know you must have it, it makes for a great conversation piece
    at the Fox – lol!

December 27 at 8:30am · Edited · Like · 1

  • Phil
    I can’t wait until you
    prove I’m the delusioned whack job like yourself, can’t wait to join you on
    SSI, but for now I will continue working hard ans exposing you and your friends
    for who you are. A bunch of limp dick beer swilling pill popping, snow snorting
    punks. Have a nice day, off to sling those washing machines – lol!.

December 27 at 9:01am · Like
· 1

  • Time
    since chicken
    hawkaloogi wants to stalk us and the laws dont want to do anything maybe we can
    do it better since we know who thay are.if i have to i will use some of that
    duct tape and strap him to a tree for the other stalkers to see .so they know
    what they get and we dont care if its a corrupt cop or who it is me and my
    friends have already started setting traps .we will be making our own laws up
    as we go along just like the corrutors do.

December 27 at 11:03am · Like

  • Phil
    I was given a link
    from a friend who likes to google, appears there is a real Drew Tyler from Westerville, how ever there’s a
    problem?. Our Drew admitted to his wifes death that stemmed from his having an
    affair while she was ill. Keep trying my friends, he has a way of keeping you
    off track, for he has cleaned his tracks if there ever were any – lol!. Like I
    said…until Drew shows me his license or passport, they are nothing but a hide
    behind phony scrren name that I will continue to refute and embarrass those
    they defend. Some Attorney – lol!

Friday at 7:37am · Like
· 1

  • Time
    we know who it is they
    been stalking .we are getting ready to take care of it soon

Friday at 9:14am · Like

  • Drew
    Well Phillip, since I
    don’t and never worked for the APA I guess you will have to get answers from
    someone there who does. You claim I am a criminal? Hmmmm interesting seeing how
    you are the one who was arrested for beating a woman. That sounds like a
    criminal to me lmao. I can tell from this post that your girdle is twisted
    again and its absolutely awesome that you have your spats lmao. You are the one
    who spouted off about the criminal justice system coming for me and now that
    you have been exposed again for the fraud and liar that you are, now you claim
    they are a piece of crap. I don’t think I can get away with anything because
    there is nothing to get away with. Unlike you, I don’t have to worry about
    lawyers and judges and the such because I am a law abiding citizen, unlike you.
    Let me ask you this, how did the handcuffs feel? Oh wait, I bet at the gay bar
    your used to them ROTFLMFAO agian and again

Friday at 11:02am via ·

  • Drew
    Ohhhhhhhhh I think I
    hit a nerve lmao

Friday at 11:06am via ·

  • Drew
    Show you a license and
    passport, yeah sure like you think you are entitled to see anything from
    anyone? You really are full of yourself Phillip, but guess what, your not in
    control, I am lmao. You are such a sucker and you can claim I hide behind a
    screen name all you want, the fact is I am here and daily I am spanking your
    woman beating ass and everyone is seeing it lmfao

Friday at 11:10am via ·

Friday at 11:11am via ·

  • Drew
    I guess it can’t cost
    much to own a card board box and buy a couple of rolls of duct tape, your still
    a Phillip wannabeloserboy who goes to gay bars with him lmao

Friday at 11:11am via ·

  • Drew
    You like to blow I am
    sure, and Phil can attest to that right? lmao

Friday at 11:12am via ·

  • Time
    your getting mad and
    loosing control chicken four more found out who and where you are and like i
    told you watch your back after the first some one is coming to get you i heard
    you were going to end up as concrete in a bridge some where neer columbus.good
    luck chicken hawkaloogi.lol lol lol

Friday at 11:15am · Like

  • Time
    i heard your boy
    friend was harry that owned that gay bar on forth and trimble chicken

Friday at 11:16am · Like

  • Time
    as i told you idiat i
    own my house .unlike your self you own nothing not even your wheels .ha ha ha .

Friday at 11:18am · Like

  • Time
    hey chicken hawkaloogi
    drew i heard martin yant would like to speak with you

Friday at 11:21am · Like

  • Drew
    your posts are just
    too stupid lmao….make your own laws and set your traps thats funny as fuck.
    You never cease to show what a real moron you are

Friday at 1:53pm via ·

  • Time
    whats the matter
    chicken drew running scared you should when i am the one thats been smiling at
    you when you get your panties in a bunch .your just afraid to face me or
    anybody else for that matter .your posts are the ones that are stupid giving your
    self up to the ones that know you .they are cracking up at you i get phone
    calls all the time telling me that you never grew up and never will .how do you
    like sharing your woman .you are so stupid.rotflmao again and again.

Friday at 5:27pm · Like

  • Time
    go have a few more
    drinks and get your courage up a little bit more and come see me peaches.

Friday at 5:28pm · Like

  • Time
    i cant beleive you
    daddy let you back on here

Friday at 6:14pm · Like

  • Drew
    If there are
    “likes” on your page, whoopppeeee lmao, nobody cares about your
    stupid cut and paste site anyway. You have done nothing to promote
    Mansfield/Richland County and sure you haven’t cleaned it up as you say. You
    are a rotten apple at the bottom of a toilet and nobody cares what you think.
    As far as a broader audience goes, that Phillip is what you seek, attention.

Friday at 6:18pm via ·

  • Phil
    You know folks like
    the website, that’s why you are obsessed with coming here every chance you have
    to make up crap like your friends news paper, here we change that – lol!, 2 can
    play that game and the SAME laws apply. The ONLY way you can change this…See

Saturday at 7:30am · Like
· 1

  • Drew
    if anyone knows
    anything about the gay bars in Mansfield, its you and your boytoy Phillip

Saturday at 2:48pm via ·

  • Drew
    your right, Im still
    paying on my mortgage and which set of wheels? Unlike you I have more than one
    set and the rims alone cost more than your cardboard box and beat up ole pickup
    truck….is that what they mean by “mobile home” lmao…you never
    cease to amaze me how stupid you are

Saturday at 2:50pm via ·

  • Drew
    anytime he would lilke
    to speak to me that is fine, still waiting for your boyfriends FBI, BCI,
    Sheriff’s, Attorney General and now Obama people to knock on my door….what a
    bunch of losers you are…if 2 is a bunch lmao

Saturday at 2:51pm via ·

  • Drew
    wow, you actually
    wrote more than 2 words and spelled a couple correctly, is that because your
    boyfriend Phil is sitting there with you lmao. I’m not running scared, I am
    sitting here watching you and Phillip run in circles trying to figure out which
    one of you is posting next. How can anyone be afraid to face you or your
    boyfriend, when you can’t even be taken seriously. You get phone calls? wow,
    are you even intelligent enough to use a phone? Oh wait, your probably running
    a tin can with a line to another tin can into Phils house, now thats rotflmfao
    are a moron again and again.

Saturday at 2:54pm via ·

  • Drew
    Peaches? Is that what
    you call the lil guys you pick up in the alley at the gay bar lmao…geeze

Saturday at 2:54pm via ·

  • Drew
    Uhhhh again and again
    you have to be reminded, that I am posting on my email not your cut and paste
    website Phillip, but with your 8th grade education, I can understand why you
    have to be told time and time again. And what is your broader audience Phillip?
    You planning on starting your own TV show, hey I can see it now, the Phillip
    and TimeStupid hour lmao. You have always looked for personal attention and
    when you get it you go crying to everyone but Santa Clause, well guess what,
    I’m still here. You haven’t made me go away and you never will. Your a peon and
    a nobody and never will be. I can tell your posts are getting more irrational
    and your getting madder and madder at each post because face it, you are not in
    control of shit rotflmfao

Saturday at 2:59pm via ·

  • Drew
    Hey, at least I know
    who my daddy is………..bwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

Saturday at 3:34pm via ·

  • Drew
    Oh first it was this
    weekend, now its after the first? ok and by the way, stupid, some one is
    actually one word, someone, and neer is spelled near. Wow, with your spelling I
    am surprised you can sign your welfare check…but oh wait, they only require
    an X. What a dumbass lol

Saturday at 3:40pm via ·

  • Time
    wow chicken hawkaloogi
    must have got mad because his daddy paddled his little but and desided to
    drinik a 12 pack this time he has a little more courage .still not enough to
    face me he never will he hides behind his dress that he hid behind in school .

Saturday at 7:11pm · Like

  • Time
    yes thats right
    chicken i know all about you in school gayrod you are just mad that i own my
    home plus 45 acers two truck a car a boat and two campers ,you dont even know

Saturday at 7:13pm · Like

  • Time
    you will never get
    smart enough to figure out that you are mixing me up with someone else you know
    maybe its your womans boyfriend lol lol .

Saturday at 7:15pm · Like

  • Time
    you are a pathedic
    looser who used to dress up in womens dresses and use make up and now you are
    trying to impress phill .he has a woman that he can keep .you on the other hand
    .you cant keep one .

Saturday at 7:18pm · Like

  • Time
    i hope phill does get
    in to tv and has a comedy hour we will be sure to call our head clown CHICKEN
    HAWKALOOGI DREW.lol lol lol lol

Saturday at 7:20pm · Like

  • Time
    your boy friend ray
    and harry said they would me your gay ass at the usual place you better hurry
    free beer they said you always was a easy drunken lush .

Saturday at 7:23pm · Like

  • Time
    you know the place the
    wagon wheel

Saturday at 7:24pm · Like

  • Time
    where all you gay
    knock offs hang out.

Saturday at 7:25pm · Like

  • Drew
    wow, is that the best
    you got loser lmao

Yesterday at 6:41am via ·

  • Drew
    you don’t know
    anything stupid lmao…your such a fake just like your boyfriend Phillip. You
    only own things like this in your fantasy dreams lol. People actually have to
    work to own things like this…something you obviously know nothing about…as
    always you leave me ROTFLMFAO

Yesterday at 6:42am via ·

  • Drew
    I’m not mixing you up
    with anyone…your the moron that was on the show dateline…you know…the one
    where they search for predators lmao…awwww, whoops now your secret is out
    lmao…lemme guess, your gonna sue me too bwaahahahahahahhaa

Yesterday at 6:43am via ·

  • Drew
    No loser your the one
    trying to impress Phillip….your his boyfriend and everyone knows it. If it
    wasn’t for him and donating that cardboard box, you would be homeless lmao. If
    and I say that with a grain of salt, he has a so called woman he can keep must
    not speak much for her either when she stays with a guy who beats her while he
    is drunk….or wait, was she the drunk…your such good friends (and we all
    know what kind :)) you can set the record straight. How did your court hearing

Yesterday at 6:46am via ·

  • Drew
    wow, did you stay up
    all night thinking that one up? I bet you did stupid lol

Yesterday at 6:47am via ·

  • Drew
    awwwww are you upset
    that you have been outed? Its ok, everyone knew this day was coming.

Yesterday at 6:47am via ·

  • Drew
    Is this another gay
    hangout? Wow, you sure know them all…bet they got a picture of your dogface
    on the wall lol…do you do it in the restrooms with them “doggy
    style” lmao…whew I’m on a roll lmao your such a stupid ass

Yesterday at 6:48am via ·

  • Drew
    Yup, I figured you
    would answer as such because you really know the spots don’t you stupid…does
    it bother you when I call you stupid? I can tell it does but if the shoe fits,
    then tuff shit. By the way, I’m waiting, still, on the guys who are gonna beat
    my ass and make me part of a bridge in Columbus….what a dumb ass you are
    lmao. your such a phony and everyone knows it….bwaahahahahahahaha loser

Yesterday at 6:50am via ·

  • Phil
    Drew, aka John Mayer
    not sleeping well?. I see for not having the time I have to comment, you sure
    are finding it now, wow!, and you are redundant too – lol!. If you go through
    the first 200 comments you will find the answers to the many questions you just
    asked again, again, and again – lol!. You will have more time on your hands
    soon, the CAC Lawsuit will eventually find you out of work there, and when they
    catch you peeping on the girls in the 2 way mirrors at the mall you will lose
    your super mall cop status as well. You can keep saying I beat my wife, the
    2001 record of domestic violence does not indicate this, and it’s not because I
    hired a hotshot lawyer to make it this way, that’s a laugh-er because there ARE
    NO hotshot lawyers in Mansfield, I mean NONE that we know of yet, but there is
    one working on changing this!. He’s the one representing against the CAC in
    which you and others are finding, it’s NOT about the money, it’s about EXPOSING
    those here like those in Cuyahoga County. This means you will also be exposed
    as well.

23 hours ago · Like · 1

23 hours ago · Like · 1

  • Phil
    Times Up, you can
    forget this simpleton, he/she has NO FRIENDS who will back him here, they
    rather hide behind the scenes where THEY THINK they will never get exposed,
    even taunting in a way thinking when I have the time to call the AG’s office
    they will do nothing, we’ll see about that, and IF they don’t, BIG DEAL, I will
    continue this group and the site until something does. God works in mysterious
    ways. Once again…God is not Judge DeWeese and his perverted friends of

23 hours ago · Like · 1

  • Phil
    We can see who’s mad
    Drew, your potty mouth proves it!. No professional in their right mind would
    post under their real name this kind of drivel. Your ex and her friend CLEARLY
    see through your facade, it hurts you dearly to know WE are the ones getting to
    you, so quit spinning it that your crap is getting to us, we didn’t lose a
    State job – YOU did!, and so did that punk who covered your behind, that takes brilliance!.

23 hours ago · Like · 1

  • Phil
    Drew Tyler aka John
    Mayer; I’m not a criminal, because I have friends…Prosecutor brother James
    Mayer, Law Director buddy John Spon, Judge James DeWeese, and the list goes on
    and on and on. Funny thing though, none of them will come to your aid here, so
    I guess when you say everybody, you really mean everybody YOU assume?. Still
    waiting for you to prove you have done anything here, the group is not shut
    down, and the site is still up, hmmm? – MUST BE TRUE – LOL!. What you mean when
    you say I can’t do anything is, YOU can’t do anything about this, and why you
    created this fictitious liar to spin for ya!. Sorry bud, those who are here
    reading this are not those you hang with in the bars you frequent. I hope they
    are watching for your rusty blue ciera, the one you say rims cost more than my
    friends box – lol!. I see you are STILL dreaming that you would win your 2
    million dollar lawsuit against the State for wrongful termination, hows that
    working for you when it was tossed out MONTHS AGO?.

23 hours ago · Like · 1

  • Time
    dont worry phill i
    dont let a ghost bother me when he knows nothing about me if fact he is making
    me laugh my butt of i know who he is and i tried to warn him of the danger he
    was heading for .there are people watching on this group that will be coming
    for him .and we also know that the law directers has people watching as well
    but they cant do anything because they will be digging out of trouble their
    selfs soon.

21 hours ago · Like

  • Time
    i know i own more than
    chicken drew.and his words are meaningless.he thinks i am one of his friends or
    something that lives in a box .i tried to set him strait but hey he must be
    dumber than i gave him credit for being .even his cop buddies said he was
    loosing it and running out of things to say to phill so he wanted to bash his
    friend that is suposed to live in a box.its funny he thinks its me he goes
    around stalking people and little girls .

21 hours ago · Like

  • Time
    martin yant is wanting
    to talk to chicken drew maybe since he knows so much maybe he can help make
    book three or better yet be the star hawkaloogi .the safty directers office
    hasnt faired so well up till now have they i also herd that chicken drew was
    dealing drugs with the worst of them i hope its not true but then that would
    explain why he hangs out at the wagon wheel thats where the bar tenders cliff
    and the owner do their buisness selling drugs and setting up hookers and they
    dont care who they trust they are pertected by the messer brothers and

21 hours ago · Like

  • Time
    by the way chicken
    drew your friend with the court issue you speak is getting rid of that and
    turning it into a four milion dollar law suit and i have a few words for him to
    send him around i some proofe he can add to his collection of 30 years on
    corruption lol lol

21 hours ago · Like

here before pasting to group since site hangs?????? – facebook post to follow…

it’s the eve of New Year 2013, will this be the last we hear from this
fictitious facebook account that was sent here to refute our perspectives on
Mansfield?. Drew Tyler, self proclaimed ruler and controller of the internet
has once again had his/her butt handed to them on what supposedly does not
effect them, but for some reason feels the need to deflect, distract, and deceive
those who come here to get entertained on what once again proves will never
change here in Mansfield (Corruption). For someone who is not involved in this
corruption I find it hard to believe they would spend so much time here with
their deception of what and who they want you to believe. What Drew wants the
readers here to believe is that I am a criminal, a woman beater, a liar and a
fraud. Lets also add how they also add in I am gay, a drunk, and maybe a drug
user by depicting a straw one can only assume this means cocaine?. These are
SERIOUS allegations with malice intent to defame my character which has led to
folks inquiring and threatening my employer via phone and e-mails, we also had
one death threat that he/she thinks is funny and was concocted by nobody but
myself or someone I know. This sick pervert thinks he/she will get away with
this, and they might just as well do that knowing they have probably done it
before. These are crazy times, and we have many crazies out there in which I
will assure your complete safety here, why some are no longer commenting
because they know how perverted some are in our midst

I know they are watching as I type when my
browser hangs from their keeping up with my typing with the hope I will have to
start over like many times I have, very tiring, but I am persistent as you see
here. I will be sending these transcripts to the Ohio Attorney Generals office
for review, and yes Drew I realize these groups you laugh at will do nothing,
and that would only be because you are one of them?. I can only guess since you
can’t and won’t prove who you are, so yes there have been many darts thrown to
out who you are. You claim you have outted us (if this was a word) – lol!, just
curious since there’s ONLY 2 of us who you have outted us to? – you are an
idiot, and you prove it everytime you leave a trail of mistakes like you have
here, all folks have to do is read your crap to see it!.

make claims that I copy and paste your e-mails here, funny…if this was true
then your comments would be posted under MY name, not yours. You speak of
intelligence, but time and time again you are no smarter than any one of us who
see through your intent. Your intent is to distract like I said from the
issues, the issues being OUR perspectives of the PAID articles in the MNJ that
get refuted and laughed at here, I guess that’s because we are getting more
attention for sharing the truth or our perspectives that are CENSORED on their
site, which does not happen here and why I have let you speak so folks can see
what we are dealing with BEFORE I cut you loose. You say I’m not in control
here, and there’s NOTHING I can do to stop you from speaking in this group,
well…once again YOU are greatly mistaken. This is a PRIVATE Group which you
have asked to join, which “I” allowed because I wanted you to speak, share your
crap, and like years gone by, you have shared NOTHING but your arrogance, spin,
all the while none of which is shared here pertains to you. You have proven to
me that you are not who you say you are; “Drew Tyler is not Drew Tyler” as you
have claimed, you are actually a paid crony to those and the things this page
speaks out on which are local issues and concerns. Funny how all of a sudden a
newly made up facebook comes out of Westerville to Mansfield to speak out, now
that’s ROTFLMAO, don’t you think?.

you “Drew Tyler” look at PROVING WHO YOU ARE AS A THREAT, one can only think or
believe you are one of the MANY who get outted as you say here!. Say it’s not
so Drew, you supposedly have proven who I am “sort of”, with your spin, lies,
and deception there’s reason why you will not come forward, it would mean BIG
TROUBLE for you and your Political friends you claim to not know, but defend –

group speaks out on taxes and how those we have mentioned here are wasting
them, IF you were a tax payer you would be as concerned as the many who
frequent these pages for answers. I think it’s funny how you say I’m a
criminal, and yet you have not proved any of your claims. We ALL know that
criminals are not allowed on the internet, yet you have not accomplished to get
facebook to ban this group or to shut down my website or blogs. Do a google
search my friend, type in Mansfielders Perspective, what do you see?. That’s
right! – the TRUTH and Perspectives that you can’t seem to silence, but yet to
deceive folks into believing I’m a criminal with the hope folks will not shop
where I work. That’s why you were happy to find out that Montana Law is not law
here, or you would be in the headlines getting your ass sued to oblivion. You
made the claim that since I have made myself public with this website that it
opens me to the same as those who publically work for us, farthest from the
truth my friend, there’s a HUGE difference that’s clearly spelled out in the
Constitution of the United States, so let’s see how far you want to take the
attention you are giving this fake account. If like you said that NOBODY in Law
enforcement will take me serious, then we shall see as this group and my
website continues to grow. If these agencies don’t do anything, we will see
their mouthpiece “Drew Tyler” become silenced like those who ever were by local
media. I can do that don’t ya know? – All I have to do is boot you from this
group, then the only place your so-called e-mails will be seen are in your sent
box – lol!. I am in control here, and like I have done since your bud lost his
job 4 years ago, we will continue on without you as a distraction and get back
to refuting your news, or shall we say not so news?.

know this will anger you like you say you anger us, it shows in your demeanor
and childlike responses. I know this is a lot for you to ponder over after
having a few beers, so please…try to be clear and concise, your psycho babble
can be somewhat of a turn off with it’s redundancy and irrelevance to the
group. Like I said, if the above mentioned agencies laugh at this serious
matter, they will soon find their mouthpiece “Drew Tyler” cut off, then you’ll
have to create a NEW user and start over, next time keeping it real, with real
friends, and maybe a few “likes” to show your followings approval. 2013 will
not be the same without the great Drew aka Cyber stalker of deception known to
us as the John Mayer of the internet – lol!

2013 bring you a NEW beginning since once again you did not prevail in
restoring the family’s integrity, once again I leave you with hope that you
will eventually go away leaving your family out of the internet limelight. I
wish you the best in your NEW endeavor of security as a mall cop, as you know
your part time status at the CAC will be changing next!

Regards to Drew Tyler, aka speaker of deception, your GAME has come to a close
here. You want attention, write a letter to the Editor, and maybe we’ll share
it here after we shut you down and move on with what’s NEW in 2013.

my last prediction since you like them so well to show who’s in control here,
so you better act fast and add your last or one of your last statements. After
I share this with the AG and there’s nothing, you will be the same unless you
can prove to “the people” here who you really are my fictitious friend.

New Year to all, and to all a safe night!





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