Facebook conversation regarding Independent candidacy for Commissioner in Richland County.

There is certainly a lot to LEARN about Politics in Richland County Ohio, maybe this will answer some of your questions?

Drew Tyler should love this?????


As suggested below I contacted the Secretary of State and talked to a David, here is a recording of that conversation. When I advised what I was told here by local board of elections you will hear him say their office cannot consult what to do and to seek private legal advice, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I thought this was the Secretary of States JOB to advise?

Part 1 – Call to Secretary of State 12/10/2015


I talked to Board of Elections today and they advised in great detail everything I needed once I got someone on the phone who had the answers. The only exception I forgot to ask about the Independent deal where they are saying I can’t run for 2 years being I voted Republican in the last Major Election even though I am a Registered Independent?

Sorry for the long period of silence, who ever answered had to find an answer to my first question, took nearly 5 minutes to find the deadline to file as an Independent for Commissioner? You can skip to the 5 minute mark when I ask a follow up question I am then forwarded to someone who actually knows all the answers, Bill Freytag – here is that conversation.

Part 2 Call to Richland County Board of Elections 2/25/2016

After this conversation I did call back to ask Mr Freytag about the Independent requirements, the guy who answered said he was not available but did answer my question, kinda sorta? Appears this person like the first one I spoke with did not answer my question correctly or maybe I just asked it wrong? Being this was today 2/25/16 and the deadline has passed for the Primary I would hope one who is answering these questions as being truthful and not misleading as Ms Baumgartner advises they may be doing? Oddly enough I did not hear him say Primary until playing this back, so benefit of doubt maybe just a misunderstanding again?

Part 3 Call Back to Richland County Board of Elections 2/25/2016

Below is a CONversation the MP Group on facebook had discussing the issue of Independent candidacy for the upcoming 2016 Election Year. What do you think, should running for an office be this difficult or misleading? No wonder people believe its just one big buddy system? Top to bottom its hard to get a straight answer, then you need to CONsult legal counsel?


This is gonna be good 👍
2 in the Mike Skidmore meeting are petitioning for seats. 😄 I only need 30 more signatures to run against the other guy. Connie will get a pass in the primary 👍👍

Unfortunately Connie had signatures on her petition disallowed by the Richland County Board of Elections. CALL CONNIE ON THIS!!!

Garber, known for seeking  justice for her son killed in 2014 by Richland County Sheriff’s deputies, took out a petition to run for county commissioner
Phil Sydnor  Just an FYI on Politics as usual being I am running on a Republican ticket as well against Tim Wert. I was told as an Independent I must run as a Republican and I must get Republican only signatures , Connie Goble Garber was advised differently, she was advised she could get Independent voters to sign her Petition, so I wonder what the difference is? A seat is a seat!

Phil Sydnor I am calling the BOE today for clarification being we were told 2 different things, yet running as the same?

Elsebeth Baumgartner You can run as an independent. You don’t need to file at all in the primary but file a Petition for the general election. The deadline for a Petition as an independent is March 2016 just prior to the primary election and it will require 150 signatures as opposed to 50 if you run in a primary. Any registered voter may sign a petition for an Independent candidate. Contact the Secretary of State for information as the advice you received to run in the primary is inaccurate unless you intend to run as a Republican for the seat. If that’s the case you will have to win the Republican primary first.

Phil Sydnor Not true Elsebeth Baumgartner, you have to vote either Independent , no Democrat or Republican for 2 years, or not vote for 2 years. This is right on the Candidate Petition Instructions I was given, and yes you have to clear the Primary as well to move onto the General election.

Phil Sydnor I also heard in DESPERATION they are having a one term and done Commissioner run against Connie in the Primary, just as they selected the Bellville Mayor against me knowing if I get on I would easily beat out Morgenstern. The good old buddy system lives lol!

Elsebeth Baumgartner Please Phil Sydnor..contact the Secretary of State for information on how to file as an Independant candidate for the General Election in November 2016. You do NOT have to file in a Primary if you intend to run as an Independant. If Richland County BOE is instructing you otherwise, they are violating Ohio law. On the other hand if it is your intent to run as the Republican Candidate then yes you must file for the Republican Primary and win it to be on the ballot in November.

Elsebeth Baumgartner And if you or anyone else choose to run in a primary and lose the primary, you are then precluded from running as an independent in the General election. Sounds to me like the parties are trying to trick you into running in the primary to prevent you from running as an independent.

Sean A. Vincent How can you run in a primary as an independent? There is no primary for independent candidates, is there?

Elsebeth Baumgartner Exactly, he’s being misled or misapprehends the instructions.

Phil Sydnor

The deal is…I last voted Republican in the last Primary and General elections, hence the BOE depicts I have chosen a side. Meaning IF I am to run I am to run as the party of last choice BY LAW. If I want to run as an Independent I must not vote for two consecutive elections to re-declare Independent status. This is what they tell me, how ever there are laws I need to read and understand prior to declaring Independent or I could face felony charges for not comprehending the laws. I don’t believe they are misleading me, you do, how ever you are not an Attorney I would trust. I am going to take your advice and skip on this primary and try what you said, but be prepared if I come back to advise I am out of the game for two years. I am ok with that cause really I would rather run Independently than run Republican anyways. I feel I have driven more to get involved, so lets watch even if I am out this go around, Ms Johns in 2018 would be an easier go in a Governors race anyways. I think Connie will give them hell, while I continue to blog on the candidates thru 2016. Surely I have much more to learn if I want to win anyways, none the less still believe I am better than 2 of the 3 monkeys we have now. Thanks – like emoticon – stay tuned, lots coming I am sure!

Phil Sydnor Aaaah, thank you Elsebeth Baumgartner, as you see I am dependent on those in the know. Here is what they told me…since I have voted Republican last, I must run as a Republican. You are saying this is false, and I can run as an Independent, this is how I am registered and the only reason I have not voted Independent because until now there hasn’t been any. Not sure if they are being tricky or just taking advantage of my ignorance. What I want to do is show the sheep what they are doing.

Elsebeth Baumgartner If they told you that you must run as a Republican they are misleading you. You may run in the Republican primary because you are listed as a Republican but you do not have to run as a Republican. You have the option to run as an Independent in the General Election. If you want to ensure you’re on the ballot in November DO NOT file in the Republican Primary but wait and file in the General election as an independent.

Phil Sydnor Thanks Elsebeth Baumgartner, I rather run in 2016 as an Independent, curious why they didn’t explain this? I did not really want to run as a Republican. Good information, I will call Secretary of State tomorrow

Phil Sydnor I wondered why my Republican counterpart said I should not give up when I advised I would not vote so I could do it in 2018 against Ms John, hmmm?

Phil Sydnor Talked to the Secretary of State today Elsebeth Baumgartner and it appears the BOE assessment is correct by law. Unless you are an Attorney to advise otherwise the only way I can bypass the primary is if I were running for President or VP of the United States. The issue or thing I’m confused about is how they can decide I have to run as a Republican? The laws are confusing on this, and there’s much to read cause I have been doing it all morning. I have to either prove loyalty to a party which I can’t and the only way it appears to prove Independence is to not vote for 2 years. If you have laws that suggest you are right can you cite them here? I will continue my research on this matter later, surely don’t want to commit a felony unknowingly.

Elsebeth Baumgartner There is nothing in Ohio law that forces a person to run in a primary if one wants to run as an independent in the General election. Primaries are for party candidates only.

Here’s Ohio law on filing a Petition as an independent for any office in Ohio. The deadline is the day before the primary election. Seehttp://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3513.257

Each person desiring to become an independent candidate for an office for which candidates may be nominated at a primary election, except persons desiring to become independent joint candidates for the offices of governor and lieutenant governor and for the offices of president and vice-president of…
Phil Sydnor Can you tell me where I can find this information? I talked to the advisor for secretary of state who by the way can’t advise, only point in the direction of laws I am currently reading through and so far have not found how you can declare candidacy for General election without going through the primary unless you are running for pres or vp.
What I need is someone who knows simply how you go straight to the General election? There may be an out, just haven’t found it yet? Once again he couldn’t answer the same questions here, just advised I seek legal Council for what I was asking. Fair enough?

Elsebeth Baumgartner You just go into the BOE and tell them you want a Petition for County Commissioner as an independent in the General election. I wouldn’t even ask for it until after the primary filing deadline. You cite the law above. Whatever you do don’t file anything in the Primary.

Phil Sydnor Elsebeth Baumgartner – this is where they advised I seek legal counsel being I have voted Republican in the last two elections. The secretary of state rep said this is where you have to be careful legally when petitioning for the ballot. I will check back after the primary like you said, even though I know what they are going to say…I have to wait and not vote 2 years to re-declare Independent status to run as an Independent.

Elsebeth Baumgartner The Secretary of State has a Candidates guide for 2016. I suggest you download it and read it.
In my county a long time Democrat ran as an Independent for Common Pleas Judge after his party backed a friend of the party Chairman over him even though he was the Incumbent. He won in a landslide. So I know you can run as an Independent.

Phil Sydnor Yes, done that. I have page 5,6,14 and all the Ohio Revised code. I am going to contact an Ohio Independent Party group to advise further on this. Like I said, the worst thing that can happen if I wait until primary deadline expires is I will have to wait until 2018. There is nothing in the 2016 guide that is clear on running, just says I must have min 25 signatures 1/2 of what’s needed before the Primary ending date. I won’t have those now because I have Republicans. How ever I think you are right about the General election, the issue is I need a substantial number of signatures for that, but not bad. It says 1% of the total voters from the last major election. 10,000 voters would mean I need 100 signatures, all of which would have to be independent voters. If I take 2 years off and reset I can get anyone to sign an Independent petition. I will do my homework, its time to let them know we know the game. This is gonna be a real eye opening experience for many. Stay tuned

Elsebeth Baumgartner Any registered voter in the jurisduction (county) regardless of party affiliation may sign an Independent ‘ s petition for the ballot.

Phil Sydnor That I know, the difficult part is proving loyalty as an Independent. We are called flip floppers, but who can blame them when both parties are shameful?

Tadeusz Chudy Elsebeth Baumgartner I remember reading about that election. I will see if I can find some past information about it and post the links.

Phil Sydnor Good stuff, the claims are stacking the deck for one party or another. I don’t see the issue when its the voters who SHOULD decide these elections. What these democratic republican parties and their SPECIAL INTERESTS want are NO OTHER CHOICES that could potentially DESTROY these good old boy systems.
The sheep including myself are starting to see the politics as usual. Thanks, this proves its not just me seeing these CONS.

Sean A. Vincent I ran as an independent candidate for city council about 10 years ago. I switched my party affiliation at that time, at least I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. I was under the impression the only reason the board of elections cares about party affiliation is for primaries, so voters can only vote in their selected party’s primary.
Some states allow voters to vote in both republican and democrat primaries. In recent years there have been scandals where the democrats flood the republican primaries with votes for the long shot or whack-job candidate in order to win crossover votes for their candidate.

Phil Sydnor 2 months later and here we are friends. Anyone find it interesting after they heard I was going to run as a Republican in the Primary vs their Morgenstern I was a sure win that they added Bellville Mayer Darrell Banks to the mix? Funny how when I did not turn in the Republican petition we are only seeing Wert for Commissioner signs? Oddly enough, where are the Morgenstern and Banks signs? Too funny these people are!

Randy S Valance I would report the BOE to the Secretary of State. They are neither exempt or above the LAW!!


Randy S Valance It’s in no way a trick, it’s a deceitful LIE!

Randy S Valance It would be inconceivable to me that the Secretary of State would condone such nonsense. If that person does, I would immediately petition a Federal Judge of competent jurisdiction to put an immediate halt to deceptive activity!
Seems to me that another apple has a rotten core to it? Toss the the whole bushel out, before this contamination makes us ill!!

Randy S Valance A Federal, Preliminary Injunction may suffice? If a 42 USC 1983, 1985 is filed.
Let’s see, how that works out for em?

Randy S Valance So ill of these manipulated lies to sway the voting process. Seems to me that it’s been going on every year when it’s time to elect.
A Federal Judge once said…

Randy S Valance Drawing political boundaries to give a party a numeric advantage over an opposing party? Is that what we have here?
Sounds as if someone is dipping into the pot of gerrymandering?
Hope I’m wrong…

Randy S Valance Federal Courts have been known to redirect the States legislative voting practices…

Randy S Valance Not only that deceptive person is violating State law, but Federal law as well and is subject to both. And, double jeapordy does not lue in a situation like that. If that is true, Phil Sydnor, take it to em!

Randy S Valance These people in the BOE are not only educated in both State and Federal voting rights, they are trained in the correct and normal running of that office. Ignorance of these laws is no excuse…Wherefore, it’s deceptive and illegal!

Randy S Valance Any false statement made to deliberate intent to deceive an intentional untruth, AKA, a falsehood or false impression.
That person has a lie in his or her throat, originating from a deceitful heart and that person should be terminated and removed. If his/her supervisor does not do so, then that person condones such activity and should be lead out the front door, so everyone can see what happens when you attempt to deceive others.
But watch, they won’t do nothing, but lie and deceive their supervisors and up the chain or corruption we go.

Randy S Valance It just amazes me how these people are placed in trusted positions, are acting like little “children,” pushing their parents (The Public & the Authorities), just to see how far they can push, until suddenly their brithches come down to receive the lashing of a switch!
Grow up people, before it’s to late…

Phil SydnorHere is the problem Randy, they absolutely are protected here being a voting station they are protected by law, so how can you prove he said she said when we know they will deny it? These people as I have seen do not like going on the record, top to bottom. The things that have been opening up the public’s eyes are the video’s we have been sharing here, something you can’t do at the BOE without charges. They are very sneaky with their answers IF you are not specific with your questions, but so am I at catching them in lies like I have their mouthpiece Drew Tyler. The single most important reason Drew will never reveal who they are or anyone in law enforcement getting them for what they do technically is not breaking the law, and I personally don’t care about their falsehoods knowing many who know me know none of the crap is true. I can care less what the punk says about me, but to resort to attacking my wife, daughter, and father is enough for me to rip this creeps head off.

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It’s also sad Connie Garber was ill informed by the Board of Elections about signatures first said didn’t count, then after she gets home they found they did count? Since she couldn’t make the time deadline they disallowed? After calling the Secretary of State they said being it was their mistake they could have voted and allowed. Anyone else running into this kind of confusion at the Richland Board of Elections? It appears I need to call this Bill Freytag again just to make sure before I give up and focus on the next campaign. If I can’t the system got me for not knowing, no big deal! This just means the County will be under a microscope for another 2 years by watchful eyes looking to improve our community!

Thanks for taking a look, IF anything others wanting to pursue the endeavor of working for the good people of this County they just learned how you don’t do it on your own. Let alone the money some say you will need to seek this office?

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