Ex MNJ Carl Hunnell speaks for Children Services – You have to read this!

Here’s their article…

Election: Children Services replacement levy a good choice?

What do I think about this?


“For that reason, we support passage Nov. 5 of a 1-mill, 10-year replacement levy for Children Services. The issue would generate $1.9 million annually for the agency.

“It replaces a levy that was first approved in 1984,” Executive Director Patty Harrelson said. “We’re trying to update it. It’s 30 years old.”

She said replacing the old levy is like “correcting for inflation.” The new levy will take into account the value increase in properties in Richland County, something not allowed under the old levy.

Children Services spokesman Carl Hunnell said voters can consider the replacement levy another way.

“If they were getting paid today what they were getting paid in 1984 with today’s bills … we’re just trying to update it to the current level,” he said.

The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home $35 annually. Collection of the levy at the replaced rate would not begin until January 2015.

Children Services will use money generated from the levy to leverage federal dollars, allowing it to access $1.3 million in federal dollars annually.”

What Mr. Hunnell needs to REALIZE is…Many ARE paying today’s bills with 1984 wages believe it or not! We have made cuts to OUR spending and in MANY cases have went BANKRUPT thanks to today’s INFLATION. Add in the FACT Healthcare is storming out of control I am one of many surely who WONDER where and the hell the Fed will afford the 1.3 Million he hopes to get from them? $17 TRILLION DEBT! – GET A CLUE, you are as stupid as every American who believes we can continue down this path!

What Children services needs to focus on is EDUCATION for parents so they don’t NEED these services in the first place, where’s your COMMON sense morons?

The cost of many of these Liberal left wing we can take care of you projects are more than this Country can bare! You want to change something, change the spending on other wasteful programs to free up the money from somewhere else!

Taking what seems to be so little “$35/yr.” adds up to those struggling to survive. If our paychecks were getting BIGGER this would not be a problem.

You want to FOCUS on something, you better focus on making things here in this Country!

We can NO LONGER AFFORD Bureaucrats! You want this money, TAX the importers!!!!!!

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