Ex-deputy sentenced in student sex case – Is this really a problem?

Ex-deputy sentenced in student sex case

You will have to read the article on their site since they say it’s a copyright infringement on copying and pasting what they have for free on the internet even though I give credits where they are due?

None the less, here is what I question in all of this..

Richland County Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese said Gouge was not forthcoming when Pioneer officials confronted him about rumors of the relationship.

“You said the only contact you had ever had with her was one phone call and one text message related to a class assignment,” DeWeese said. “That was a patent falsehood.”

Hey!, IF the President of the United States can get away with this, anyone can….right??? Oh, I forgot – you people (those who work for us) have what they call Professional Courtesy & Immunity from the same laws everyone else has to follow, what was I thinking? This poor guy was simply caught up in human nature, unfortunate there’s such a law on the books. What I’m curious about is…when was this law put in place? If I remember right as a Lexington grad there was a couple Teachers who dates students back in the day (80’s), so when the change?

“He realizes he’s the one who’s totally at fault,” the defense attorney said. “This crime wouldn’t have been a crime if it had happened 79 days later (after graduation).”

Just like many Sex Offenders he and his colleagues have apprehended who have turned 18 while their boyfriend/girlfriends remain minors, it’s sad to have such a bogus law!

“In addition, Robinson said, Gouge suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from a July 2007 fatal crash in which he struck a pedestrian with his cruiser.” – So, is this the same officer who ran over and killed the drunken pedestrian when responding to another officer in a drunken brawl at Twin Lakes between teachers?

What is it that you find interesting about this? – By all means; Question Politics!


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