Evaluation ordered for K-9 deputy, Sheriff mum on cause for paid administrative leave. – You got to love H.I.P.A., it makes giving professional courtesy so much easier to understand while on “paid” leave.

MANSFIELD — The Richland County Sheriff’s K-9 officer was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation Tuesday by Sheriff Steve Sheldon.

On May 15, Deputy (Raymond) Jeff Frazier was placed on paid administrative leave, according to sheriff’s records obtained by the News Journal. The reason for his suspension was still unknown Tuesday.

The administrative investigation is ongoing, sheriff’s Maj. Dale Fortney said.

Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon declined comment about the incident that led to the leave, citing the Health Information Portability and Affordability Act.

This is the second time Frazier has been placed on paid administrative leave since he joined the sheriff’s office in 2001. He served eight days suspension for an “ASORT incident,” according to the report.

“This is pursuant to standard operating procedures following a response to resistance incident,” Sheriff Steve Sheldon informed Frazier March 5, 2007.

When Frazier first applied for a deputy position in 2001, the department was cautioned against making him a member of the staff. According to Lt. Robert Brown’s evaluation of Frazier during the interview process in May 2001, Frazier was not truthful about problems he had with coworkers and employers at previous jobs and was “at high risk for future performance difficulty and at high risk for termination based on test results.”

“Consequently, I am unable to give him a recommendation without significant qualification,” Brown wrote. “If placed in your department, I believe that his probationary period may need to be extended by three months and that he will need to be closely supervised during that time.”

He was hired on as a road deputy the following month. In the years since, Frazier has become a decorated member of the staff.

Exempting a near two-year period (2009 to 2011) where Fraizer was temporarily laid off, his personnel file holds at least 12 awards for “outstanding” or “exceptional” performance, including Officer of the Year in 2003 and Deputy of the Year and an Intelligence Award in 2007.

He also received the Citizen’s Service Award in 2010 for helping to resuscitate a fellow officer that went into cardiac arrest during a basic SWAT course.

“The care and professional management of this severe incident resulted in the saving of the life of a 33-year-old police officer,” East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts said.

In March, Frazier became the only K-9 officer in the department, in charge of German shepherd Odin.


NO COMMENTS EITHER, People scared to say anything because he might come after them next? I hear this stems from a threat (payback if you will) , and abuse of power. Thank God for him that there’s a thing around here as professional courtesy & immunity!

and now having him undergo a  psychological evaluation he is afforded the  Health Information Portability and Affordability Act. Not sure if this will ever be news, so all we can hope is what ever happened is brought to out attention by whom ever took the necessary steps to make this happen. It’s not against the law to speak out about public servants when they have their tools to cover up. Everyone took notice when we exposed the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, who by the way got this same courtesy, never got his job back, and to this day has not paid back his paid administrative leave when he was let go! – An 80k/yr salary that was paid 4-6 months while investigated for his abuse of power.

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Written by
Kaitlin Durbin and Lou Whitmire
News Journal

Deputy Jeff Frazier with Odin, a German shepherd mix. / Daniel Melograna/News Journal

Courtesy of News Journal for reference to beware if you ever are confronted by this man if he remains on the force, always good to know and have folks serving us that you can’t quite trust????? Surely seems like an upstanding guy if you read the article, how ever you always have to keep in mind the concerns of anyone we don’t really know in need of a psych evaluation. We have already seen the excuses up north in Cleveland for those with P.T.S.D. who snap under fire. Hopeful the word gets out and someone comes here that’s involved. Personally don’t know why we have a story like this if serious accusations where not the driver!, if this was anyone else (private citizen) they would be guilty as charged until proven innocent in court.

Interesting article indeed, can’t wait for the follow up?

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